The crown of celibacy. how to remove the crown of celibacy

When a woman does not develop a relationship with the opposite sex, then someone will definitely exclaim - "Yes, you are the crown of celibacy." But what is this crown of celibacy in general? Usually they are considered the result of the action of black magic, or this “flaw” is inherited. Does it often occur or is it an artificial problem?

If we consider it from a psychological point of view, the crown of celibacy comes from the head. The problem is, first of all, in yourself - this is your wrong behavior, complexes, expectations, and high or low self-esteem. As a result, your life proceeds according to the same scenario, the suitors are not, and if they are, then disappear somewhere, but at the same time the woman does not want to look for the cause in herself, but dumps everything on the crown of celibacy. What usually lies behind this problem?

Too many demands and claims for men

From childhood you cherish the dream of becoming the wife of a millionaire, or at least the director of a large company, and do not even allow other men to come to you. One of your fans turned out to be a bad car, another has a small salary, and the third one dresses in a rather simple way. As a result, all your girlfriends have found their modest female happiness with men who may not aspire to the golden heights, but give them their love and men's protection. No, we are not talking about grabbing the first man and dragging him to the registry office, but you cannot dismiss all at once, look at your surroundings, there are sure to be worthy candidates among them.

Do not judge a man by money: even the richest man can go broke in one moment, but judge by how he relates to work, whether he has his own goals and what he aspires to. Another good way is to look at his surroundings, a man who wants to become rich and successful will surround himself with the same people.

Well, in the end, pay attention to yourself, and do you consider yourself a worthy wife of a successful man? Assess yourself really, without attributing any extra qualities, and decide in what points you need to work on yourself.

Low self-esteem and complexes

This is another reason as a result of which bad relationships with the opposite sex can develop. If a girl is inspired since childhood that she is ugly, stupid, and who will take her in such a marriage, it will be postponed in her subconscious. It also happens that being in a relationship, a woman endured constant reproaches from her fiancé, accusations of her shortcomings and after their separation she is afraid of starting a new relationship, thinking that no man will look at her.

The crown of celibacy in terms of magic

Let's still consider the crown of celibacy from another point of view. Mages consider the crown of celibacy to be a kind of energy field that absorbs a woman and does not allow her to build normal, full-fledged relationships. Some mistakenly confuse the crown of celibacy with damage or the evil eye, but this is not so. The crown of celibacy is a strong and purposeful action against you, and you can jinx it with a careless word during a quarrel, without performing any magical actions. In order to check whether there is a crown of celibacy on you, one magic ritual should be performed: at 12 o'clock in the night on Friday put a bowl of water near the head of the bed. There add 6 drops of holy water and 9 red rose petals. Leave the water in the same place and go to bed. In the morning, look at the petals, if they all drowned, then you really have a crown of celibacy.

How to get rid of the crown of celibacy?

If you have firmly decided that you are cursed in the form of a crown of celibacy, and until you remove it, then you will not see a normal man, then remove it yourself. This action is considered to be very strong and takes a lot of time, but it acts, how best not to ask such a question, perhaps it’s just a psychological effect, and maybe a higher power can be involved here. As you get rid of the crown of celibacy, you will feel much better, and by the end of the treatment, the sadness will completely disappear, and you will meet a person with whom you can relate your destiny.

  • It is best to begin this action on one of the great feasts of the Church, which are called the Twelve. These include holidays - Christmas, Baptism, the Presentation of the Lord, Blessing of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Easter, Ascension, Trinity, Transfiguration, Assumption of the Mother of God, Christmas of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Exaltation of the Cross of the Lord, Introduction to the temple of the Blessed Virgin Mary. On the eve of one of these holidays, go to church for worship, and on the feast itself you need to defend the Liturgy and take the communion. Leave a note on the commemoration of all your deceased relatives and acquaintances. Do not miss anyone, write down everyone you know.
  • After this, order in church a forty minutes about your health. Get 12 candles in the church and place them near the following icons - the Image of the Lord and Our Savior Jesus Christ, the Trinity, to the Crucifixion (about the commemoration of the dead), the Holy Name with your name, Archangel Michael, Saint Seraphim of Sarov, Saint Nicholas, Saint Paraskeva Friday, Saints Guria, Aviv and Simon and Saint Blessed Xenia of Petersburg. You can also worship any saint to whom you will feel a special attraction.
  • After that, go home and take three small sips of holy water and have a bite to eat with a piece of prosphora. Before taking water and food, turn to God. Drink water every morning before meals for three sips. Then in the evening you can start programming water. Water is better to take purified or thawed. You will need two glasses of water, the first will be designed to relieve anguish, read the prayer "The Virgin Virgin" over it 40 times. Water from the second glass is designed to remove the crown of celibacy. Three times read over the second glass, "King of Heaven" and "Our Father."
  • Then you should complete one very important point - refer to the apostle Simon the Zealot, who was one of the legends of the bridegroom at the wedding in Cana of Galilee, where Jesus himself was present. Handling is not necessarily high words, but recognition must come from the heart. Tell this saint about your problem, ask him for help and he will surely hear you. Then read over the water a prayer specifically for Simon the Zealot. Prepare water from the first glass in such a way every evening, use half of the glass before bedtime, and the other half in the morning.
  • Water to get rid of the crown of celibacy should be drunk on the first day, and then you need to prepare it for every Sunday and the Twelve Great Feasts. But she should not be drunk, but should only moisten her lips, the region of her heart and eyes. Spray the things you’ll wear next week with the remaining water, so every day you have to wear one of these things and regularly contact Simon the Zealot and ask him for help. For all church holidays, go to church, donate money to beggars, rebuild temples, or simply ask a priest how you can help the church not necessarily financially. Usually, even the most complex crown of celibacy is removed in this way during the year, a maximum of one and a half.

Before embarking on magical rites or going to the village to the healers who will save you from the crown of celibacy, Try to understand yourself first: maybe you are just afraid to build relationships or you choose in advance men with whom you don’t add up. And is it a crown of celibacy at all, or is it just an excuse for its inaction and unwillingness to change something?

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