The child in the car - the basic rules of protection

The appearance of a car in a family can be caused by various factors: credit programs, new products in the automotive industry, and an improvement in social status. And if adults decide for themselves how to protect themselves on the road, then children very rarely have the opportunity to influence the situation.

There are several rules to follow when a child is in the car:

  1. Use a special car seat according to the age of the child. In order to save, you can purchase a "transformer" that suits both two-year-olds and schoolchildren 10-12 years old. The child car seat was not invented to lure the “extra” money from the parents. Numerous checks and crash tests speak about their build quality, and the statistics of road accidents - about the effectiveness of the accident. Even if at first the child may be indignant at fixing the body with safety belts, then in the future it will get used and will behave more calmly.
  2. Use seat belts. Personal example, as well as possible, affects children. And if the parents allow themselves not to be fastened, then how can we make the child do this? Get into the habit of using a seat belt regardless of whether the children are inside the cabin or not. Ideally, you should insist on its use by all passengers inside the cabin. Any expression ("I trust you as a driver") can be easily stopped with accessible arguments ("I also trust myself, but I do not trust other drivers").
  3. Lock the doors before the car starts to move off. Every child is assiduous in his own way. Some time after the start, the fidget may well be interested in interesting buttons, levers and knobs inside the cabin. And it may be very inappropriate to open the car door in the middle of the road somewhere at the time of making a turn or when overtaking another vehicle.
  4. Control the speed of movement. Is it important to go more than a hundred kilometers per hour along the highway running through the village? Even if the driver feels confident enough, any unexpected situation can cost the lives of several people. Suddenly jumped animal under the wheels, undisciplined pedestrians, a broken wheel and many other unforeseen situations are much easier experienced at lower speeds of movement. There is a remarkable expression: "Better 40 minutes later than 40 years earlier!".
  5. In no case can not leave the child alone in the car without the supervision of parents! Even wearing a seatbelt. There have been many cases in life when a preschooler freed himself from a fastener, tried to “drive” a vehicle by imitating the movements of adults. The machine, not fixed handbrake, began its movement on a sloping road. There is also a small chance of the car being stolen by one of the perpetrators. In this case, double stress (from the missing child and the vehicle) can have serious consequences on the heart system, even in the case of prompt detection of loss by the forces of law and order.
  6. Do not leave your keys in the ignition, even if you have moved to put the bag in the trunk. This may have various unexpected consequences (from a self-driven car to a carjack directly in front of astonished witnesses).

These are only the basic rules that are recommended to follow the parents of children of different ages. But most of the advice is desirable to apply, regardless of whether there is any children in the family. Sometimes the negligence of one driver costs the life of a small child in another car.

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