The benefit is a one-time childbirth

Our state provides support to every family in which there are children. The financial program allows not only to help parents, but also to increase the birth rate. Regardless of social status, employment, the level of total income and the number of family members, each unit of society is entitled to a one-time allowance at birth.

How to get a one-time allowance at the birth of a child?

How to get a one-time allowance at the birth of a child?

Not all citizens of our country are well aware of the legal subtleties and peculiarities of bureaucratic procedures. But how to make payment of one-time benefits for the birth of a child should know all the people who plan children.

This procedure is clearly regulated by federal law and a number of by-laws. Cash assistance can be paid to one of the parents or to persons to whom the children have been brought up. The amount of such benefits depends solely on the region of residence. For example, in the Far North, aid exceeds payments in other parts of our vast country.

In addition, each year the size of the lump-sum benefit for the birth of a child varies according to the inflation index. For comparison: in 2011, at the birth of a baby, one-time assistance was paid in the amount of 11,700 rubles, and after the indexation was carried out in 2015, the amount of such benefits amounted to 14,497 rubles.

Material support in case of the appearance of a first-born child may be issued at the place of employment of the parents. In cases where both father and mother are unemployed, for example, students, you can apply for one-time assistance in a social service. The same rules apply to guardians and trustees. In cases where the parents of the firstborn are in official divorce, only those with whom the child actually lives have the right to receive state assistance.

If one of the parents has a permanent job or is in military service, the payment is made to him. If it is impossible to transfer money to the account of the company, you should contact the social insurance service.

In order to receive such financial assistance from the state, the necessary documentary acts must be submitted to the appropriate authority within six months from the moment the first child was born. Or mom, or dad must provide a number of documents, in particular:

  • certificate confirming the birth of the baby in the prescribed form F24;
  • documents confirming the identity of the person concerned (in particular, passport data);
  • certificate issued in the registry office about the birth of a baby.

A certificate must be issued at the place of employment or by the social authority, which displays information that previously the parents did not draw up such a payment and did not receive money for this particular child.

At the same time, when a baby is born, parents have a full right to receive a subsidy, that is, corresponding monthly cash payments, the amount of which is set depending on the level of income of family members.

In some cases, for processing one-time cash assistance from the state may require the provision of additional certificates and acts. If the mother and father terminated their marriage in a court of law, then a decision and a certificate issued on this basis must be submitted to the relevant authority. If parents are on the pension account, they must confirm this by submitting a copy of the certificate or other documentary act.

It is imperative to confirm the fact that the firstborn lives with his parents or people replacing them. A certificate issued by the official place of employment should also be submitted to the social insurance authorities. If the parents have changed the place of employment, it is imperative to submit a documentary evidence of the previous work activity.

If the baby has been adopted or placed under guardianship, then this fact must be confirmed by the corresponding documentary acts. Otherwise, a one-time cash payment is not made.

Terms of payment established by law

The timing of the payment of a lump-sum allowance at the birth of a child

As already reported, in accordance with the procedure established by legislative acts, one of the parents or people performing their duties must apply to social insurance or at the place of employment within six months from the moment the first child was born. A qualified employee of a departmental body will advise you and tell you what documentary acts you need to collect and submit. In the presence of all documents and grounds for one-time monetary assistance, its accrual is carried out within 10 calendar days from the date of the application.

In practice, there are cases when the charge of a one-time cash allowance at the birth of the first-born child is denied. A negative result may be caused by various reasons and factors, including the incompleteness of the submitted documentary acts. In such a case, the authorized persons must, within a period of 5 calendar days, notify the interested persons of their decision with the justification for such a position. Documents submitted are subject to mandatory return.

If one-time financial assistance will be paid at the place of employment, such payment should be expected within 10 calendar days. If the parents do not work, and the social insurance agencies will pay the one-time financial assistance, the funds will come to the account after the 26th day of the month following the day all documents are submitted and the charges are paid. Please note that such financial assistance is not taxable.

How to issue financial assistance at the birth of the second baby?

Lump-sum allowance at the birth of the second child

The procedure for issuing state aid in the event of the appearance of the second baby in the family is similar to the procedure for calculating financial payments for the firstborn. When there are twins or triplets in the family, the accrual is made for each baby individually. In this case, the amount of cash assistance does not change, it is the same for all.

Mom or dad, as well as people performing their duties, to be eligible for a lump-sum allowance at the birth of 2 children, must be submitted to the social insurance unit or at the place of employment the same package of documentary acts as in the case of birth of the first child. Cash assistance is also needed within six calendar months.

If, for any reason, it is not possible to submit documentary acts within the prescribed period, the social insurance authorities may extend this period, but only in exceptional cases.

The interested person must open a settlement account in the Sberbank branch and provide details of the place of employment or in the social insurance division. To a separate bank account and payment will be made within ten calendar days. Unemployed parents receive a one-time payment of state aid after the 26th day following the calendar month in which the documents were submitted.

Also, persons who have taken up a child with a disability are also entitled to receive one-time assistance. If children adopted by a specific family are blood relatives, the one-time help can reach 100,000 rubles for each baby. It is allowed to pay one-time state benefits when taking a child under guardianship that has reached the age of seven.

The amount of allowance for each child in the family of military personnel exceeds payments to civilians. So, in 2015, conscription military personnel received one-time assistance for each baby in the amount of 22,849.97 rubles.

In order to arrange one-time financial assistance in a timely manner and not to subject yourself to bureaucratic red tape, parents expecting a baby should better learn in advance how to provide such financial payments and prepare documentary acts. Also, experts advise to study and regional legislation, because in addition to one-time assistance, when the firstborn appears, parents are entitled to monthly payments.

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