Status about the relationship. original examples

What is the easiest way to express your thoughts on a page on any of the social networks? Of course, inventing or finding an interesting status that best reflects the internal state. Especially often the need for this arises because of overwhelming emotions, donated by another person.

Relationship status: friendly, romantic, family

The main difficulty in finding the right status is the usual limit on the number of characters for the text that can be inserted into a string. Each social network has its own requirements: somewhere it must be a very short phrase, and somewhere its length is commensurate with that allowed for Twitter. And it is not always possible to put together your thoughts so briefly and succinctly. Why it is necessary to resort to search sites and ready collections.

Status about the relationship. Examples of original, ironic, philosophical statuses

For this reason, first I would like to offer a selection of life-affirming statuses about the relations of friendship, family and romantic, allowing you to express everything concisely and clearly, but to fully share the whole range of emotions with others.

  • "Parents are not always pleased with their decisions. But always remain parents"
  • "If you want peace and quiet in the house - you need to spend wi-fi in it and give everyone a computer"
  • "In an ideal family, the role of the beautiful is given to mom, and the role of intelligent and hardworking is given to dad"
  • "Not doomed to loneliness - betrothed"
  • "The only obstacle to friendship is not distance, but lack of trust. The rest is up to her."
  • "The ability to speak without thinking appears only in the circle of loved ones"
  • "On the Other Side of Marriage - War in the Light of Day and Truce in the Night"

Someone may think - why even publish such a record? However, the role of status in the social network is underestimated. This is not only a way to attract attention, but also an opportunity to organize a meeting, find a friend and just share your emotions with others, which are not always negative. And from a portion of warm words from another person, even if addressed not to a specific person, a smile often appears. Someone else's charge of energy at the right moments can work wonders.

About former: status for social networks

Former young people, relations with whom, for certain reasons, have cracked, often deserve special mention in the status that instructs them on a long journey without the right to return. You can also mention the reason for this gap, but to do it delicately. And choppy.

  • "In divorce and parting, only his legitimate horns leave a man"
  • "In some men, marital debt is fulfilled only in relation to the brain of their wife"
  • "If there was human trafficking, you would not have bought it for a pittance."
  • "21st century: fell in love with clothes, went out of mind"
  • "Men's logic - UFO, but does not fly"
  • "The logic of today: you break up with a man - a fool, a man threw a woman - a handsome man!"
  • "We had a fairy tale for adults: with the transformation from a boy to a girl. And for same-sex love in another box office"
  • "You need to look at a man like an advertisement: filter out 90% of his words"

Status about the relationship. Examples of original, ironic, philosophical statuses

  • "From all kinds of extreme sports, he chose to betray. The world of his memory"
  • "Loneliness is more pleasant than a fake" only "one who does not remember your name"
  • "It's easier to change a man than change a man"
  • "Love turned out to be ungrateful, and the prince - disguised horse"

Any allegories and comparisons in such statuses work best. And with a lack of imagination and literary gift, you can always use someone else's experience. Great women talked a lot about men: Faina Ranevskaya alone said about the advantage of loneliness so that nothing could be added to this.

Statuses about betrayal: examples

Negative emotions, too, is worth splashing out. A knife in the back of a loved one - the most unpleasant event. One does not want to talk openly about such a thing, but it is not always possible to remain silent. Therefore it is worth choosing the most discreet, not flashy status statement.

  • "Female forgiveness - a sophisticated revenge just invented"
  • "The branchiness of the horns of a husband depends on the size of the dignity of a lover"
  • "Noodles are removed from the ears, checked for edibility and thrown away. Pink glasses are replaced with black ones"
  • "I thank my friend for getting rid of this goat with her tenacious handles"
  • "Any betrayal deserves reasoning: he could not restrain himself, I could not resist"
  • "Glued fragments of the original beauty will not return"
  • "Understand. Forgive. Avenge"
  • "Physical shock is not terrible - moral treason will kill overnight"
  • "From devotee to devotee 1 letter and 1 stab in the back"
  • "Trust is a paper sheet that is crumpled by treachery and no longer looks the same"
  • "Sincerity is too expensive a quality for everyone to have. Loyalty is priceless."

Friends will respond to this status with a helping hand. And someone, perhaps, will think about the complexity of human relationships and the “tares” that come across among pure grains.

Status about fun relationships: about friendship and love

Status about the relationship. Examples of original, ironic, philosophical statuses

You can talk about loved ones and, of course, you need. And it is worth doing it not only seriously, but with a bit of a joke. Only emphasizing their bright or typical sides, it is advisable not to get carried away: from a benevolent joke to an offensive is not so great a distance.

  • "You can forgive your friends for everything, except for the assassination attempt on a chocolate bar"
  • "An ideal woman has a translator's talent for a drunken husband and a newborn child."
  • "The hindrance on the right" - the wife who decided to learn to drive "
  • "Of all the means for cleaning dishes, the woman is recognized as the best"
  • "Love films were shot in another reality: there wives are reacting differently to men's booze"
  • "It's time for the cockroaches to learn from my husband: I go to the kitchen, press the switch, the spouse starts to run nervously"
  • "The husband is the same fur coat: beautiful, but the sea is clearly superfluous"
  • "The wife rolls up the banks and tantrum, the husband takes out the garbage and the brain"
  • "I fell in love. I sit and wait - in a few minutes I have to let go"

Where else can you find beautiful, interesting statuses about relationships with meaning that your friends and acquaintances will like? In fact, their sources are many. Women can turn their attention to a number of films that have already become new classics, which are easily broken down into quotations. How many witty or romantic characters were uttered by the TV series "Sex and the City" or "Gossip Girl"! How many phrases from the books "Gone With the Wind" or "Pride and Prejudice" are possible to choose!

Connoisseurs of caustic, but profound sayings are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the work of Max Fry. Such quotes for someone will be simple excerpts from books or films, and a knowledgeable person will be allowed to express all their thoughts as accurately as possible. Therefore, they are often given preference over regular Internet collections.

When selecting your page for the status of a relationship or any other orientation, remember that no matter how strong the negative emotions are, you are overwhelmed, it’s not worth it to switch to specific personalities. Virtual space also implies certain norms of etiquette and morality, which should not be overstepped.

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