Status about friendship. selection of statuses of friendship

Recently in social networks it has become fashionable to write statuses on your page. Status is a capacious word or expression on a particular topic. Its value is always determined by the mood and emotional state of a person. In status, you can conclude your experiences and joy, expressing a deep meaning.

There are statuses prolyubov, loss, animals, family, etc. To show your friends what you think of them, you can write a statement about friendship on your page. Whatever these words are, they will always tell you that you do not forget about your friends and will not let them forget about you.

Statuses about a friend: the best selection

Friendship statuses

  • "For women's tears, a pillow is needed, for women's holidays - flowers, but for me, a girlfriend is needed, as cool as you are!"
  • "The best friend is a man who doesn't need to tell anything, she sees in your eyes what you've done"
  • "The best friend is the one with whom you dream that you will have a big house for 2 families, great husbands, 5 children and a lot of little dogs ..."
  • "Correspondence with my best friend - dirt on my whole life ..."
  • "Friendship is not 538 friends on the site, but one girlfriend in life who you won't send in FIG, because you have to go there with her, so as not to worry."
  • "Women's friendship exists as long as women's interests do not overlap."
  • "The best friend is the one who rejoices at your victories. The one who will postpone all affairs for you. The one who will tell you absolutely everything. who will be jealous of other girls. "
  • "The best friend is an information bureau, a psychological center and a distillery."
  • "I need one, only one friend, but who can get along with all the shades of my unstable mood."
  • "The best friend is the person who will express in your eyes everything that infuriates you, and will tell everyone that you are the most wonderful person on Earth!"
  • "We are like black and white chocolate - we are sweet, but with bitterness. Like missing pieces of one whole. We are simply best friends!"
  • "The best friend is like a husband, the only and beloved one. This is the one with whom conversations do not get bored. This is the one whose pain is like your own. This is the one who can cheer you up when you want to cry."
  • "Losing a girlfriend is worse than losing a boyfriend. Because there can be many guys, and the best girlfriend is the one with whom she has been with her whole life."

Friendship statuses: expressions with meaning

Friendship statuses

  • "It’s not so difficult to die for a friend as to find a friend who would be worth dying for him."
  • "Friendship is one of the greatest joys of life; one of the greatest joys of friendship is having someone you can trust in the secret."
  • "True friendship is possible only between equals. Otherwise, either patronage or manipulation."
  • "A friend is not just a person who tells you" you are dear to me "at the moment when you are fine, but the one who sits next to you when life loses all meaning."
  • "Scream - anyone will hear, whisper - the nearest one will hear, but only a true friend will hear you when you are silent."
  • "A friend is not only the one who goes to the fire for you, but also the one who will be able to understand and forgive in a difficult and awkward moment!"
  • "The best friend is the one with whom you can sit on the porch, do not utter a word, and then leave with the feeling that this was the best conversation that has ever been in your life."
  • "Friendship should be a solid thing, able to survive all the temperature changes and all the aftershocks of that bumpy road along which decent and decent people make their life journey."
  • "Friendship is around the clock, even though the fire, even the harvest. This feeling is foolish - get dressed, come ..."
  • "The greatest feat of friendship is not to show a friend our shortcomings, but to open his own eyes to him."
  • "True friendship multiplies joy by two, and divides sadness in half."

Friendship is the greatest value that is available to humanity. She does not require evidence. Friendship statuses can express your feelings to your friends, show how you feel about them. Therefore, treat their selection with all seriousness. Remember that reckless phrase is easy to offend a loved one.

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