Stages of relationship development

Human relations are complex, especially if they are a relationship between a man and a woman. Psychologists distinguish three stages of the existence of such a relationship. It is believed that such a classification is applicable to any relationship in which Her Majesty's Love intervenes!

Stage One: Romance

Usually, the beginning of a relationship between a man and a woman is reminiscent of a romantic series. Between two people there is sympathy, which can bring much joy to both and develop into something more, or it is moral to “destroy” one of the participants in the relationship. With a favorable outcome, all this is like a real fairy tale. The lovers cannot live without the day or the hour and the minute without thinking about each other. Each meeting is so beautiful that it is breathtaking. Dating every time brings new and new shades into the life of both.

During this period, everything just breathes feelings and romance. Lovers give a feeling of happiness not only to themselves, but also to those around them, infecting everyone with pleasant emotions and the desire to make their lives just as beautiful and joyful! It is in this period of relationships that artists, composers, and poets usually find inspiration. And many people become them, even if they previously had nothing to do with art. For these feelings there are no boundaries, time and obstacles.

Each of the lovers simply doesn’t feel much in his partner, believing that this person is the most intelligent, good and kind in the world. At this point, the brain is unable to perform logical operations. It seems to be turned off. Well, what kind of logic, global problems, study, work, when all thoughts are only about the object of love! According to psychologists, the duration of this period does not fit into a certain framework and can vary from a few weeks to six months.

Exactly During this period, decisions on marriage and family formation are made with ease. It seems to people that they should be together forever, that only when they are fully united they will achieve happiness, that they will always, every day of their life, fly in the clouds of love, giving each other love and support. By the way, according to statistics most happy marriages are made at this stage of the relationship. Perhaps this is because the mind at this moment is free from prejudice, from imposed opinions and often silly advice.

Stage Two: Friendship

If you still do not legitimize their relationship in the first stage, you have a chance to know all the delights of the second. During this period, an overly romantic veil of your relationship begins to evaporate. Now you can see each other as you really are. Here, of course, is not without difficulties. Sometimes it is morally very hard to experience the contradiction between what kind of person you really are and how you have seen him for a long time. It often happens that the difference is very sharp, people begin to understand that this is absolutely not what they need. The pair may break up. But there is a plus even in this. You can now understand that you are lucky not to make a mistake. You did not connect your life with a person who turned out to be completely unnecessary to you. You got the opportunity to go ahead and look for someone you will be really happy with!

And if everything is fine in your pair, then you are very lucky. Now your Relationship will become stronger and more trusting. In addition to love, you will gain something more - friendship. Not every couple can boast of a true friendship. At this stage you get a chance to create a very strong, healthy, full-fledged family in which peace will reign, and all decisions will be made together.

Stage Three: Crisis

In that case, if the relationship has not yet developed into a family, you enter the next stage. Frankly say not the best option to bring the relationship to this stage. This is exactly the period when stability in your relationship starts to decline. You may still experience the experiences of the first period, but they are becoming increasingly rare and not so bright anymore. It seems to you that you are still in the second stage, that you are doing well, calmly and steadily, but, most likely, everything is not so smooth.

Your emotions are no longer saturated with bright colors, relationships seem monotonous, and the features that irritate you in a partner become more than positive. And at some point you realize that instead of looking forward to the meeting, you come up with excuses to once again not go on a date. Your love seems to be still there, but it has become something else, completely unrecognizable. it critical period. Sooner or later you will have to think about whether you need such a relationship at all. A happy marriage you already probably will not work. You should discuss your future relationship with your partner. Perhaps you somehow manage to still put everything in order.

Whatever your relationship, at whatever stage you are, remember that the most important thing is your feeling, your love! When she is between you, she is not afraid of any obstacles! Try to become as close as possible to each other, more often surprise your loved ones, bring new colors to life and be happy!

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