Stages of massage for babies

Baby massage is required. But how to properly massage the baby, in what sequence and form? The proposed tips will be useful to each novice mother-masseuse.

Stage 1. Stroking

The baby is lying on its back, and the mother communicates with him, smiles and rubs the skin of the arms, legs and tummy with stroking movements. Feet should be ironed from the bottom up, from the fingers. Hands also stroke from the fingers to the armpits. We stroke the tummy in a circular motion clockwise. The chest is also ironed in a circular motion. Then you need to turn the child and perform stroking on the back and buttocks. Strokes are done inside and back of the palm with medium pressing force. Stroking soothe the baby, prepare the skin for further action, provide blood flow.

Stage 2 Trituration

Rubbing, by and large, is simply more intense stroking. But the child should not be rubbed with the whole palm, but only with the fingertips. Rubbing gives tone to muscles, strengthens ligaments and tendons, improves blood circulation and has a positive effect on the nervous system.

Stage 3 Kneading

All stages go on increasing intensity. When kneading, the movements become stronger, more energetic, but gentle. You should feel your baby, but do not make the massage limp. When kneading, we lightly pinch the skin of the child with three fingers, grabbing a large area of ​​skin. For those who have never, ever encountered a massage (if there are any), it’s better to see once how a professional does it. In addition to tingling all the muscles on the body of the baby, you need to gently wrinkle your palms properly, pressing down hard. But, again, I remind you - for each child the degree of intensity is individual.

4 stage. Vibration

At this stage, you have to beat your baby. Do not be scared, not much! Only with your fingers. Babies are older, from 4-5 months, you can do a vibrating massage with the edge of the palm, but very carefully. And it is better to consult with a professional children's masseuse. During the first massages, we perform this stage with the relaxed fingers of both palms, as if tapping the baby, all over the body. Vibration during massage affects the body much deeper - it has a beneficial effect on the respiratory tract, internal organs, and also has a slight analgesic effect.

Some elements of the massage are very useful for various physical problems of your baby. When a child is sick, coughing, or has an upset stomach, we stroke his tummy or tap on the back with his fingertips. So without a massage anywhere. This, as for the main four stages. But the older the baby, the more we add elements to our massage. From 4-5 months you can start light gymnastics, sipping. Tips for moms, read the article Massage for the little ones.

The main thing is to closely monitor the development of your baby and listen to the observations of specialists. Then you yourself will eventually begin to understand what, first of all, your child needs and what to pay more attention to. Therefore, study your child as a fascinating science, follow all its movements, analyze all actions and enjoy this pleasant activity. After all, the greatest miracle in the world is your little real person.

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