Sms wishes good night to your beloved. warm and tender

How often we want to hear beautiful and kind words before bedtime. In childhood, our parents always wished us good dreams and, putting us to bed, we kissed them. Times have changed, we have grown up and kisses for the night and beautiful words, after which, beautiful dreams are provided, we are no longer waiting for our parents, but for our beloved or loved ones. If you have a boyfriend, please him with a nice and warm SMS for the night.

Sms good night wishes: short options

Wishes by SMS do not have to be in verses. Sometimes, in prose even more sensual and tender texts are obtained. Just try to invest all your emotions and please your loved one.

For example, you can first talk about how you love him, that you miss him nearby, and end up with a wish, respectively. You can do everything and vice versa.

  • "My love, this night we, unfortunately, are not near. I hope you feel the same way as I am. I feel warm at the thought of you. I hug and gently kiss you in my dreams. Good night!"
  • "Good dreams, my gentle and tender. I do not want to fall asleep without you. I hope that in the dream we will be near"
  • "My most beloved person! May you have the sweetest dreams. I hope I will be there too. Kisses. Good night"
  • "How do you want to gently kiss you, lay your head on your shoulder and sleep peacefully. Unfortunately, now it is impossible. But I will still fall asleep thinking about you. You are the best, I love you. Good dreams"

SMS wishes good night to your beloved

However, if your couple is particularly romantic, you can use rhymed lines.

You sleep alone in bed again

But with you, my love.

I say, tenderness is not melting:

"Good night.

Love you"

Night will come and silence

When you fall asleep peacefully.

My soul will come to you

And kiss gently-gently.

I fall asleep with you,

I fall asleep quietly near.

Just close and without words.

Gently, gently hug.

Goodnight! Sweet Dreams!

Now, probably, you sleep,

The moon shines through the window.

Good night, my baby,

The only one in the world!

SMS wishes good night to your beloved

However, in this matter of fantasy there is no limit. It all depends on your relationship. Many couples have a negative attitude to various romantic poems. Therefore, you can express your thoughts as briefly and accurately as possible, while leaving a pleasant subtext.

  • "Today was a difficult day. You must be very tired. I wish you a good sleep in your warm and comfortable bed. I want to see you. Good night."
  • "Thank you for today. You deserve a wonderful rest, full of interesting and vivid dreams. Kiss. ​​Good night."
  • "It’s great that you have appeared in my everyday life! You are having days with fun and easy, and each of them is worthy to become the best in life. I embrace you very much. Enjoyable dreams"
  • "Surely, every night you see yourself as a super-hero who gets me out of trouble. Otherwise, how do you always do it with such success? Good dreams, my hero!"

Good night wishes: samples

It so happens that lovers leave for a long time. Of course, they always miss each other. However, it is at night and in the evening that feeling becomes aggravated. And then it would be so desirable to somehow fill the emptiness in the heart and soul. Themselves pop up in my head best wishes for a good night.

SMS wishes good night to your beloved

Sleep, my love.

Take a break from business.

You close your eyes

Sleep to fly.

Sleep, my dear,

Strongly do not grieve.

I send you, dear,

Gentle kiss.

It's dark outside, in the crib you're lying ...

Maybe you dream, maybe you sleep sweetly ...

I wish you beautiful dreams!

You are the meaning of my life! I give you love.

I look at the night in the sky,

In it, of course, I see you.

You sleep soundly for a long time.

And I look in the night sky loving.

Your arms, dear, warmer blankets.

I want, not it, but your smile covered you.

Your shoulder is softer than a pillow, dear.

Goodnight! Want to be with you!

Many people think that, without possessing at least some penchant for poetry, it is simply impossible to write a worthy message to your loved one. Girls often think that their sms wishes good night don't like a guy, that he would not appreciate it. In fact, any kind and tender words of yours will be pleasing to the beloved, no matter what form they are clothed with. The main thing is try to write from the heart and with love.

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