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Many people who are faced with the search for a new job, choose the appropriate vacancies on various sites. To interest the employer and achieve 100% success, you should correctly and concisely resume. What are the necessary skills and abilities for resume? Examples for the most common professions can be found in our article.

What is necessary to write in the key skills in the resume?

What you need to write in the key skills in the resume

Before we consider examples of resumes for the most popular and sought-after professions today, let's take a closer look at the key aspects and basic mistakes that we make when writing such a document.

Summary is a document that displays a brief description of the person. It should be painted not only professional, but also moral qualities. Having read a resume, an employer should get a complete picture of you as an indispensable employee. Recently, the global network has played a key role in job search. In search of vacancies, we review a lot of specialized sites. If you paid attention, then each of them has the option "Send resume".

Before you begin to prepare a resume, imagine that you are at the employer's site. Proceeding from this, try to indicate only the information that will interest the boss and help him understand that there are no candidates for the vacant position better than you.

Do not forget that the summary should be concise, but at the same time informative. This document should tell interested people about your professional skills, skills, work experience, etc.

When drafting a resume, consider a number of aspects:

  • only reliable information should be displayed in the resume;
  • formulate skills and abilities in strict accordance with the vacancy;
  • clearly establish the boundary "supervisor-subordinate";
  • more is not always better, so list only those skills that you actually own and can put them into practice.

Resume Skills and Skills: Examples

As you have already understood, skills and professional skills for an employer mean a set of theoretical knowledge and practical experience that will help you to fulfill your duties without difficulty and in good faith. When writing a resume, try to take into account the nature of the vacancy. For example, if you want to work as a kindergarten teacher, first of all, you need to specify specific skills, in particular:

  • knowledge of preschool programs;
  • the ability to get along with children of different age categories;
  • introduction of various forms of education, etc.

Many of us in the preparation of resumes make mistakes that delay the employment process. Let's look at the most common ones:

  • Note in the section "Skills and professional skills" of personal qualities. This is the most common mistake. Many of us confuse these concepts and, instead of practical experience, describe our character traits. It is not necessary in this column to write about their determination, responsiveness and gentleness. If you write that you are able to resolve conflicts and find an approach to people, then this will already be regarded as professional quality.
  • Specifying general information. Skills and skills can carry general information only if you are applying for a leadership position. In other cases, each skill should be specifically indicated, but at the same time keep it concise.
  • Communication skills are a collective concept. If the job you are applying for is related to constant communication, including in foreign languages, then you should describe in detail each skill that characterizes your communication skills.

Executive examples

leadership and key management skills

If you are applying for a vacant manager position, then the resume should reflect your leadership qualities and key management skills. It should be as concise as possible. Do not forget that an important role in the preparation of a resume is the expected salary. Specify only the actual amount that corresponds to the volume of work performed. Otherwise, you may never become a company manager or a head of a department.

In order for the resume to provide the employer with a clear picture of you as a promising leader, it is best to include such skills as:

  • work in a managerial position for 8 years (including 5 years as a branch director);
  • experience in managing a large team over 5 years;
  • PC knowledge and proficiency with specific software modules;
  • the ability to develop strategic and long-term plans for the development of the enterprise;
  • the ability to resolve in a team any disputes;
  • experience in negotiating with counterparties;
  • the ability to delegate authority.

If you have worked for a long time at the position of deputy director (manager), then the resume should reflect your work experience in replacing the manager.

Key Salesman Skills

Key Salesman Skills

Recently, the specialization of the seller-consultant has gained immense popularity. Regardless of which firm, specialty store or dealership you get a job in, the list of your professional key skills and abilities should characterize you at its best. In the summary of the sales assistant should indicate such information as:

  • Experience in sales for 7 years. If you have already worked in a position that the employer offers, this is definitely worth mentioning.
  • Communication skills with customers.
  • A creative approach to the implementation of their powers.
  • The ability to interest a potential buyer.
  • Business communication skills with counterparties at the conclusion of lucrative deals.
  • Organization of exhibitions and their holding.
  • Making presentations or promotions aimed exclusively at the target audience.
  • The ability to calculate the required volume of goods for a specific time period, taking into account all the losses and possible risks, etc.

When studying such a resume, an employer should have the impression that you are ideally suited for this position. Do not forget that the main focus should be on your professional experience and acquired skills in the field of sales.

What data should be indicated to the sales manager?

Manager in the trade sector is always inextricably linked with people. First of all, it should not only be sociable, but also be able to find an individual approach to potential buyers. In the resume for the position of sales manager you need to display the following informative data and key skills:

  • Experience in a similar position.
  • Full knowledge of a particular area. For example, in order to work as a manager in a dealership that sells cars, an employee must be aware of the configuration of each car, know its technical characteristics, etc.
  • Maintain customer base.
  • Ability to work in claims directions.

Key resume skills: examples for an accountant

Key resume skills: examples for an accountant

Not less demanded and responsible is the profession of an accountant. Each manager strives to find an experienced and qualified specialist, since it is the accountant who determines the economic development of the company. In addition, an accountant is considered a responsible person for the safety of tangible assets, so a person applying for this position must be prudent, pragmatic and scrupulous.

In the summary for the occupation of an accounting vacant position should display the following skills:

  • experience in previous positions;
  • the ability to make accounting entries, documentation;
  • skills in the implementation of optimization plans, as well as the rational use of costs;
  • ability to work with profitable directions;
  • possession of computer software modules required in accounting activities, in particular, 1C, etc.

As you can see, the resume is a very important document, which becomes the first brick in building the foundation of your future professional activity. Specify only true and interesting skills of the employer. In this case, you will often be invited to an interview. Good luck!

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