Signs of male betrayal

Do you doubt your boyfriend's loyalty? You have every right to do so, no matter how he swears to you in love and loyalty, and no matter how beautiful and intelligent you are, treason no one can insure. Read this article to determine how correct your chosen one is. But first you need to figure out if you really need this information. Perhaps, having learned about the fact of treason, you will not be ready to make a decision about breaking up, but it will poison you all your life. If this is fundamental to you, then you will have to be wary and attentive to get to the bottom of the whole truth. Although my advice is that you shouldn’t chop everything off, for men, physical betrayal is not something scary, he can usually change with anyone, but he prefers to love one. So read signs of male infidelity.

1) He watches his phone too much

Your man never leaves the phone in a prominent place, he often receives messages or calls are made at the most inopportune moment, as he claims on work. And it does not matter that the call can be even in the evening, and he moves away from you to talk. On your claim, why you can not talk with you, he says he does not want to strain you with their working affairs. Of course, he may have a really hard job, but you still need to think about it.

2) New phrases and expressions appear in his conversations.

When we begin to communicate closely with a person, without noticing it, we copy his style of communication, mixing it with our own. If you have noticed this with a loved one, then the very reason to find out, maybe someone from his entourage has a similar manner of speaking, some of them get mistresses among colleagues or from a common company. Even more unpleasant situation, if you call someone else's name. This is indeed a very serious call, but knowing the name of your rival, it will be much easier for you to find out who she is.

3) Too much work

He always has some late meetings and unforeseen situations at work. Or he claims that he was offered an increase in his career, so he should work tirelessly, except that his promotion has been going on for several months. When you try to call him in the evening, he responds dryly that he is busy or does not pick up the phone at all. But maybe your man is a workaholic and wants to achieve professional growth, and you just do not believe him? Then, try to carefully talk with his colleagues and find out about the situation at work.

4) A lot of time was given to appearance

Of course, if your chosen one was previously in love with his reflection and could watch himself in the mirror for hours, then there is nothing surprising. But if he began to stifle more than usual, carefully select a wardrobe, make sure that the socks are not torn, ideally shave and even style his hair, then this should alert him.

5) Friends you don't know anything about

He can get together to meet with classmate Vasya or friend Petya, but you have never heard of them. Or abruptly comes his old childhood friend, with whom he needs to meet in private, or in general he needs to go on an urgent business trip for a few days.

6) Is confused in the testimony

You ask a guy about something - he says one thing, you ask about the same thing after a while, says something completely different. Because when we lie, it is difficult to say the same thing all the time, at some point it will surely pierce. Surely you had such a situation when you had to deceive someone, the speech in such cases often becomes incoherent, the pauses become longer or in general the person prefers to avoid answering.

7) Unfounded jealousy

He has become more suspicious of you, checks your phone, becomes psyched if you stay somewhere when men call you on the phone. If your man is not a pathological jealous man, then most likely he is simply afraid that you will do the same to him. It is very easy to explain on a psychological level, we try on everyone’s own behavior.

8) Unexpected surprises

Statistics show that more than 90% of men in relationships go to the left. Feeling guilty, they try to appease the girl with gifts. In addition, if earlier he had done them rarely or just about, and then he showed up home with a bouquet and perfume. Or, for example, he was not there for the whole day, he, knowing that a scandal is waiting for him, comes with a present. Of course, a woman immediately softens and can no longer be angry with him for a long time, men know this and use it.

9) He ignores you

He used to call you a tender nickname, but now it's dry by name, you could have noticed a new hairstyle or noted how you look great, but now he shrugs off you as an annoying fly. Not interested in how and with whom, you spend your free time, and you yourself are not in a hurry to share how you spent your day. Unlike the point about unfounded jealousy, where your man still has feelings for you, here, unfortunately, his interest in your person fades away.

10) Sex is boring and monotonous

You remember bitterly the old days when you made love all night long, and then you didn’t sleep and were happy to go to work. And now he kisses you on the cheek for the night and turns to the wall to fall asleep safely. Even your erotic outfit does not cause strong emotions in him, and the porn film viewed together does not inspire him to sexual exploits. Maybe he just has a midlife crisis, or maybe he spends all his male power not on you?

11) Many female friends

He tells you that the companion with whom he was seen the other day is his very good work friend, and he warns you in general that he is very sociable and will always be surrounded by women. Only now he meets with them always in an informal setting and is in no hurry to acquaint you with them.

If you have discovered several of these signs in the behavior of your own half, then do not immediately panic. Anything can happen, all of a sudden it's just a coincidence. But after that, be more attentive to your man and pay attention to the little things.

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