Signs of love with guys

Being in love is a beautiful state that helps to open the wings behind our back ... Women, falling in love, flourish so that everyone around them can feel their fragrance. Remember the "Office Romance"? Being in love, even out of the sky, can make a beauty like on the cover of a magazine. But on the men she apparently acts somehow differently ... So how can you tell if the guy is in love or not, if he doesn't say anything directly? We will understand the signs of a man in love!

Cleans feathers

By the way first sign a man in love is the same as that of women - he begins to carefully monitor his appearance. Smoothly shaved face, fresh, ironed shirts, conscience-cut nails, especially clean shoes ... Also, for example, hair that is ridiculously overgrown and excessive use of perfume - all this suggests that the man is trying hard to something like it. So, pay attention to such trifles - they are talking about anything but small intentions.

Don't recognize him

Second sign- a man abruptly changes his behavior, only the adored appears in his field of vision. His hands seem to pop out of their pockets themselves and begin to convulsively straighten their hair and jacket, strong words are replaced by the gentleman's speech. When talking, a lover is a little lost and crumples, can blush or, on the contrary, fade, and his gaze is usually directed to the side, and not to the woman’s eyes.

Laughter for no reason is a sign ...

A man without a reason is very cheerful and is in a very good mood, even if there is no woman nearby - this third sign born gentle feelings.

Bond, James Bond

If a guy (consciously or unconsciously) begins to make inquiries about you, like a Hollywood blockbuster hero, then this is no accident! Does he send mutual friends, or is he casually interested in your hobbies, or, ostensibly for a friend who likes you, he is trying to find out everything about you — know that the cupid's arrow touched his man's heart. it fourth sign.

Bye bye

Fifth- Looking for a meeting with you ... To the detriment of work, school or personal interests ... Believe me, he is in love! Even if the guy just invites you with him for the company to drink coffee during the break - this is also just an occasion to be at least a little by your side.

In the shower - romantic

A man in love is becoming more romantic ... He notices the cooing pigeons on the windowsill, listens to the sounds of lyrical songs and is even ready to sit out for three hours of "Titanic"! Ladies, this is certainly encouraging! Acquired romance - sixth sign men with love in their hearts.

Penguin male

Sometimes, in the presence of the object of adoration, the man becomes terribly awkward ... Constantly something drops, stumbles, drenches ... Did you notice that? So in love! The seventh sign.

Peacock man

Eighth contrary to the seventh - a man, on the contrary, begins to chuckle and resemble a peacock in the mating season. He pretends that you are indifferent to him, and he sneaks up on your reaction. He begins to brag about his achievements, they say, look how successful I am! With me you will not be lost!

Have a contact?

He begins to look for points of contact: focuses attention on common interests or on coinciding tastes on something, that is, trying to show that you are made for each other - this ninth sign.

Friends to help

And finallypay attention to his friends. They probably know about his amorous affairs and can make fun of him about it. Listen up. And in general, if a guy introduced you to his close associates, then, believe me, this is not just a tribute to politeness.

Of course, all the signs are difficult to notice, and hardly every single one will take place. We are all individual, and signs of falling in love can also be special. But if there are a couple of coincidences, then we can safely show signs of sympathy that has arisen from our side.

Dare! Fall in love and catch loving looks on yourself!

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