Should i blame the man

In general, of course, a man can be reproached in many ways. After all, we are completely different with them. We have different views on life and habits. But is it worth doing? In what cases you can not blame him? And why?

Career reproaches

This is a very important question for men. Everyone wants to be successful and personable. But, unfortunately, not everyone has this opportunity. Someone received an education, and now specialists of such a profile are not in demand. Other causes are possible.

Just understand that by throwing in his direction reproaches about this - you will not achieve anything. He will not become the president of the bank the next day. He only every day will more and more feel like a loser, and more and more self-contained. Best of all, on the contrary keep faith in yourself! To say that he is an excellent specialist. Advise him on courses in a specialty, or, on the contrary, on a specialty which is most demanded now.

Men and intimate relationships

This is probably not even on the same level with a career, but even higher. God forbid hurt his vanity in this area! They always doubt themselves and their sexual abilities. Do not blame him for this.! Just show him what you like. And you will achieve sexual harmony!


Money does not happen much! Everyone agrees with this. You always want something more. And starting to live with your man, or marrying him, you knew what his financial situation was. So why now blame him for not giving you more? On the contrary, as in the case of a career, cheer him up! And show that you are happy with him, regardless of the thickness of his wallet. Then he will do everything to earn more! And throw the whole world at your feet!

He speaks little to you

The speech centers of the brain are differently developed in men and women. Men are more disposed to thinking, drawing up strategies. And women need to express all their feelings and emotions verbally. And absolutely not worth it blame the man for not having much talk with you! You can chat with your girlfriend, and let the manDOES. You cannot achieve anything with empty words, and deeds are the first indicator of masculinity.

You have different interests

And this is understandable. After all, even representatives of the same sex may have different interests. After all, if you like, let's say, to make pictures of straw, and he doesn’t like the process, but the ready-made version, this is correct! He does not reproach you Is it that you don’t watch the box on the cable TV in the evening? Let everyone have their own hobbies. Need to respect this.

He doesn't understand you

In fact, he maydoesn't understand you, but only in small things. He will not understand why red new shoes are needed for the red dress. Why won't black ones bought last week fit? He does not need to understand this. Just buy them and that's it. You, in some moments of life, too you don't understand him. But the most important thing is that you love each other, and in life situations that are really important, you understand each other like no other!

All men are polygamous

Well, of course! And all Russians are alcoholics, and women driving are monkeys with a grenade! Yes? It is not necessary to generalize all, and evenblame my man for this! Especially, if there is no reason to reproach.

He throws socks all over the house.

This is generally a classic. Do not believe everyone scatters! Sometimes, doing general cleaning, you find socks (and sometimes a sock!) In the most incredible places! In this way, men subconsciously mark their territory. So rejoice, it feels like home!

He leaves from problems

Why do you make such a conclusion? If he does not discuss with you possible solutions to a problem, this does not mean that he has left his decision. Just, at this moment, he thinks through possible solutions. And he does it silently (unlike women).

All men need only one

Firstly, not everyone! Again, no need to generalize. Secondly, not only one! They also want to sleep and have a tasty meal, and stretch out on the couch. Besides, what is the man’s fault that you are going to blame him? If he is with you, he needs you!


And what is to blame him? That he thinks you are a woman? The fact that he believes that you should not pay more attention to work than the family? In fact, he simply worries that you will achieve more than he. But this is normal! It would be worse if he did not bother about it, and allowed to shoulder, besides yours, his duties as well.

Summarizing the above, I would like to add that scientists have come to the conclusion that the most successful and wealthy men are in those families in which the spouse never and never reproaches her husband! Draw your own conclusions!

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