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Tomorrow is that exciting day! You get married. Excitement at the limit, the preparation is almost complete, it remains to make a haircut, put on a wedding dress and ... But it will be tomorrow. And today you have a great opportunity to relieve the tension of the last days and spend a bright farewell evening of bachelor life with your best friends. We come up with a script for a bachelorette party - such that it is interesting and unforgettable!

The golden rules of the maiden party

The golden rules of the maiden party

  • "No men!" - the main motto of tomorrow's farewell bachelor party of the bride. But that is not all. Under the category of "non grata" at the bachelorette party often fall and girls close to the groom and his relatives. From sin, as they say, away!
  • Age does not matter. The bride has the right to invite all girlfriends and relatives to her girlfriend, with whom she likes to communicate and from whom she will not hear reproaches and revelations later.
  • Away from the bachelor party! And far away not only in terms of space, but also mentally. No need to try to spy, find out, catch. Even thinking about what is happening "on the other side" is forbidden this evening.
  • Optional on the eve. And even better early. But, if you decide to walk on the pre-wedding day, count your strength. First of all, it concerns alcohol and good sleep.
  • Anyone, even the most funny scenario of a bachelorette party, should not compromise the bride and put her in an uncomfortable position.
  • Do not take compromising photos. Even if you delete them later, they can, if desired, be easily restored to the carrier.

Note to girlfriends

The main burden of organizing and conducting the party should lie on the shoulders of girlfriends. In particular - witnesses. She is the one who usually develops the bachelorette party scenario before the wedding. However, it should not be a complete surprise for the bride. Surprises are appropriate, but only when friends are confident that the bride will approve them.

The budget for the party must be agreed in advance.

If you could not limit yourself in the amount of alcohol, the duty of friends is to take care at least about the absence of unnecessary compromising evidence.

Bachelorette scenario - not necessarily according to plan!

Bachelorette scenario - not necessarily according to plan!

When composing a script, limit yourself to developing the basic concept. Do not turn this holiday into a guide to action on a clear plan. The holiday should be easy and carefree. It is enough that under a clear scenario, you will have to act on the day of the marriage itself.

Important points of script development


Determine what is primary and what is secondary. If the venue of the bachelorette party is determined, and the script has not yet been compiled, proceed from the fact that you can implement in this place. Most of all it concerns the contests held at the event. For example, in nature, this can be a mobile undertaking, which can not be done in a sauna.

What to wear?

If the scenario of a bachelorette party before the wedding is thought to be themed, it most often means certain requirements for clothing. These can be either costumes (pirate or gangster style, nautical theme, pajama party, etc.), or a single requirement for color or fabric. For example, denim style or yellow. In any case, the scenario of such a bachelorette party should be made in advance. To prepare a wardrobe, it takes time.

Even if no particular party style is implied, girls should know what awaits them. For example, it will be difficult to hold mobile contests among the participants in long evening dresses and heels.

Number of participants

The scenario should be developed taking into account that all the invited participants without exception were involved in it. In this bride should be given a key role.


Arranging thematic parties, attention should be paid not only to the costumes of the participants, but also the design of the room. Must match the chosen style and competition program. All details must also be prepared in advance.

"Three maidens by the window..."

This is how you should not hold a bachelorette party, so it is in a similar style. Strain and sit for boring conversations at the window can catch in marriage. And even retired.

Scenario quest for a hen party

Scenario quest for a hen party

One of the most fascinating and unpredictable scenarios for a hen party is a quest. The idea of ​​the quest is known to few - usually two, maximum three - to the participating organizers. In complete ignorance should remain the bride.

This is a game in which there is a script. But he becomes known only gradually, step by step. It is important to optimally calculate the difficulty of passing and the time of the game. If you have doubts and means, you can turn to professionals. But it is much more interesting to invent everything yourself.

As an idea, you can choose the plot of a famous movie or fairy tale. You can conduct a quest even within the same room. Tips can be hidden anywhere. It is desirable that they were associated with memorabilia or moments of the bride's life.

Quest is always a mystery, intrigue, adventure! Therefore, its finale should be unusual, bright and unexpected. It can be a gift for the bride. But it is better if the quest will lead her to the place where the celebration will take place. For example, in a restaurant where a table is already laid.

Hen party ideas

Bath tradition

Of course, the bath option is more suitable for a bachelor party, but why not? An excellent idea would be to invite a masseuse. Masks, scrubs, creams - the girls have their own bath traditions. Warning for the bride: be careful with scrubs! If a bachelorette party is held on the eve of the wedding, you should not use them at all.

pajama party

Idea for homebody and magic wand in case of limited financial opportunities. A large blanket and a bunch of pillows on the floor or on the bed, elegant pajamas, large curlers. Teddy bears and old school questionnaires brought by girlfriends are the entourage of such an event. Such a bachelorette party is arranged at night, and snacks, fruit and wine are served from treats.

Retro style

The main attributes of this party should be gangster style costumes. Fur boas, black dresses, pearls, matching hairstyles and makeup. The most suitable venue is a jazz club or casino.


This is a way to combine business with pleasure, great relaxation and a beautiful rested view of the celebration. However, there is a big nuance - the high cost of the venture.

East is a delicate matter

Carrying a bachelorette party in oriental style is music, translucent fabrics, pleasant aromas, exotic sweets and fruits. The highlight of the program is a belly dance teacher. Of course, man! There will be something later to show the young husband.

School evening

All friends in school uniforms, the treat is stylized as a school canteen.

All the friends are in school uniforms, the treat is stylized as a school canteen, on the wall is a wall newspaper with photos of a student-bride. As competitions there are comic home economics exams with a diary. The final chord is the issuance of a certificate of maturity and readiness to enter into family life.

Bachelorette Party - a ritual of farewell to a carefree unmarried life. Take his preparation with all seriousness, and to conduct - with ease and optimism. Whatever you come up with - the action-packed, cool scenario of a bachelorette party or home gatherings, spend this day so that there is something to remember with a smile and without regret.

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