Sand ceremony at the wedding - the ceremony of unity of

Want to make your wedding unique? Tired of outdated traditions and competitions? Sand ceremony at a wedding will help to diversify such an amazing event in life. This absolutely new ceremony of unity of two lovers' hearts will leave an unforgettable impression for the newlyweds.

What is a sand ceremony at a wedding?

New wedding ceremony - sand ceremony

Sand ceremony is a rite of unity and rapprochement of two people. As a rule, each participant of the ceremony has their own color of sand, which they take turns to sleep in one common vessel, forming a layered effect. Sometimes only newlyweds take part in the ceremony, and it happens that children and parents of the couple join them, adding their own colors and expressing the harmony of the whole family.

The sand ceremony is based on the ritual of unity with candles, which is so familiar to many. However, in the candle ritual, the flame eventually dies away. The advantage of the sand ceremony is that the vessel with sand will remain in your house for many years. Sand ceremony is the best choice if the wedding is held outdoors, as the wind does not inflate the sand, while the candle can go out at the wrong moment.

The rite of passage with sand generally takes place in several stages:

  1. First comes the speech of the presenter, who says a few words about the ceremony itself and the meaning of its conduct. Then he or she presents the sand vessels to the newlyweds.
  2. The first begins to fill the sand in the vase groom.
  3. Next, the bride adds sand to the central vase from her vessel, forming a second layer.
  4. If other family members take part in the ceremony, they complement the vase with sand after the newlyweds.
  5. At the end, all at the same time they pour sand into a vase, forming a combination of colors in the upper part of the vessel. It symbolizes the unity and connection of two hearts.

Many couples prefer to hold the ceremony on their own, while others include in the procession of all friends and relatives. But keep in mind that it will be difficult to put sand in a vase if the number of participants exceeds six people.

How to organize a ceremony?

How to organize a sand ceremony

Arranges sand ceremony, as a rule, wedding presenter. Newlyweds can purchase the necessary materials or negotiate their purchase with the organizer. It is important to think over and discuss all the details of the ceremony and make a list of necessary things.

The first thing you need is a set for the sand ceremony. Basically it includes:

  • Sand of different colors (one for each participant). Of course, its amount will depend on the size of the vase, but you need to rely on approximately 500 g per person.
  • Long glass tubes or vases for each participant that are supposed to be filled with sand before the ceremony. But before buying, make sure that such vessels have a narrow enough neck so that the sand flows clean and beautiful.
  • Empty central vase or bank where participants will pour sand. Choose such a vase from the calculation that it will then be the central decoration of the holiday and your home. But do not overdo it in size. Suitable vase with the parameters of 25 cm in height and 5-7 cm in diameter.
  • A small table in the center of the hall or in the place where the marriage ceremony takes place. Do not forget to decorate the altar with ribbons, flowers and balls.

Sand ceremony at the wedding: photo frame for memory

In addition, you can also complement the sand ceremony with individual notes, for example:

  • Order a vase with a symbolic engraving, a common name in the center or a monogram.
  • Use sand from those places that awaken pleasant moments in memory. For example, where you rested together or spent your childhood and youth.
  • While sand is poured into a vase, you can pronounce an oath or words of loyalty and love to each other.

The second thing you need to hold a sand ceremony at a wedding is music. The melody should be unobtrusive and irregular. It is better if the music flows smoothly from the speakers without words and inspires good thoughts. Ideal for the sand ceremony fit such compositions:

  • Ludwig Beethoven "To Elise";
  • The sounds of the sea with a guitar;
  • Evening by the sea;
  • Ennio Morricone - music from the film "Professional" (romantic violin);
  • Jim Brickman - melody without words.

You can choose songs that are in any way associated with the day of dating, offering hands and hearts and other common pleasant moments in life.

What should the presenter say?

How to hold a sand ceremony at a wedding

The words that will sound during the ceremony, are of great importance for the newlyweds. That is why it is so important to think in advance about what the presenter will say. You can come up with your own wording and text or use a ready-made example.

Sample text for the lead:

"Until the day you met, you were completely different and alien to each other people. But love is so strong that it could change you and make you one. And today is an invisible proof of that. So be supportive of each other, appreciate and respect your strengths partner, treat with tenderness and understanding to his weaknesses. Be able to laugh and cry together, take comfort in the presence of each other and miss your beloved during the hours of separation.

To symbolize the importance of today and secure your love forever, joining two different lives together, I invite you to the sand ceremony.

There are 3 vessels on the table in front of you:

  • white sand - a symbol of the beginning of a relationship;
  • pink - a symbol of tenderness and femininity, it is for the bride;
  • Blue - a symbol of courage, reliability and support, it is for the groom.

Let's start with white sand as a symbol of a great and pure beginning. I ask you, the newlyweds, to take this vessel and pour the sand into a common vase. Now let each of you add a little of your own color as a symbol of individuality. And then pour the sand together from your vessels as a symbol of unity and great love. And finally, I will add the final white layer, which will represent you as a whole.

(The presenter raises the vase so that the guests see).

Despite the fact that the vase can be moved, and the colors move and blend more strongly, the grains of sand will not be able to separate. They are connected in a harmonious whole. May your love last forever, and destinies never disperse like this sand. "

If for any reason you decide not to use the unity ceremony with candles, the sand ceremony can be a beautiful and significant addition to your vows. Love to you, happiness and harmony!

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