Ruby wedding

The anniversary of the wedding is celebrated with almost the same pomp as the celebration itself, wishing to recall those feelings, re-experience those emotions, return to the past and see how many changes have happened and what remains unshakable.

Each major anniversary is a significant milestone, proving from time to time the correctness of the decision once made. And that is why it is particularly distinguished by attaching to it a certain symbol-charm. How many years of marriage does a ruby ​​wedding signify? How best to celebrate it and what gift to choose?

What wedding anniversary is called ruby?

What wedding anniversary is called ruby?

Despite the fact that Ilya Reznik in his song “Grandmother next to grandfather” wrote about the golden wedding, the ruby ​​one is not so far away from her, therefore those lines about the bride and groom can be quite applicable to this milestone, as spouses no longer easy with children, and often with grandchildren. Ruby wedding marks 40 years spent in marriage: almost half a century of life together, in which there was everything - "tears and love." It is not enough that less resistant couples would break, but those who have reached this day have rallied so that the sad “divorce” is hardly likely to appear on their horizon. But why was the ruby ​​chosen as the symbol for such an important day?

  • A rather interesting version is the biblical interpretation of the number 40, which sounds like "perfection", and the red color in the old days was considered perfect, majestic, beautiful. And because the ruby ​​was directly related to the definition of a perfect, strong, ideal union. And he symbolized (and continues to do so) true strong love.
  • Also, the fact that the value of a ruby ​​is a little less than the value of a diamond can also make sense, and it is one of the most expensive stones, which is a direct reference to the significance and "weight" of the union of spouses. And its hardness, also comparable to the hardness of a diamond, speaks of the impossibility of destroying this marriage.
  • Waiting for his time in the bowels of the earth, the ruby ​​in all its splendor begins to shine only after the scrupulous faceting of the master, how foreign relations and personalities skillfully heal and polish time and life, making them ideal and worthy of imitation only after a series of difficult, difficult, painful moments.

It is impossible not to say that in China ruby ​​is called the stone of loyalty and devotion, and in India - the fortress of feelings inherent only in real eternal and unconditional love.

How to celebrate a ruby ​​wedding?

How to celebrate a ruby ​​wedding?

The age of anniversaries at the time of this celebration is often respectable, so they are no longer so interested in a lush celebration with a beautiful picture, as the feeling of love from relatives and friends, understanding that their union could create something eternal and indestructible. Of course, we are talking primarily about their children: it is on their shoulders that the task is to make the evening as warm as possible, which will once again return the spouses to the happiest day of their lives.

  • The anniversary of the ruby ​​wedding is often celebrated rather quietly, without noisy performances and shows, but at the same time, small skits showing the first meeting or a meeting of the heroes of the occasion can be included in the program, singing their favorite (or maybe symbolic?) Song.
  • Since the jubilee anniversary is always special, and in this case also marked with a precious stone, the interior should focus on this. Decorate the room in which the celebration will take place, in calm red tones, but do not overdo it, because this color is active and may tire in excess. Let the main shade appear in the details, and the neutral white, beige, ivory appear in the background.
  • An interesting solution for the interior can be the decoration of chairs for anniversaries: by tightening them with red velvet or other expensive fabric of the same color, you can turn these pieces of furniture into real thrones. The place of honor is deserved by right, because they play the main role in their small royal family.
  • On the holiday table should be red berries and fruits, which are also recommended to put on the filling for the cake, which is the central dish.
  • If you are confident in the activity of the anniversaries, you can do some humorous contest tasks for them, which will be directly related to the traditional redemptions and trials for the bride and groom on their wedding day.
  • In the program of the evening, experts advise to put a moment of solitude for the spouses, usually defined at the very end, after the guests disperse: arrange these moments as a romantic dinner, during which the heroes of the occasion can indulge in nostalgia.

If the celebration of the first anniversary is more like a fun party, then the 4th anniversary is an expression of gratitude from children and grandchildren, so make sure that congratulations and wishes are prepared, words of gratitude. It is extremely touching, they look, dressed in a poetic form or even a song.

What is the best way to give a birthday?

What to give for a ruby ​​wedding?

Of course, since a ruby ​​is a symbol and a kind of talisman for this frontier, it is he who should be present in a gift for anniversaries that children and grandchildren will prepare for them. You can choose a common one that will decorate their house: for example, a beautiful sculpture inlaid with precious stones; Or you can separately purchase elegant cufflinks or a clip for a tie and earrings or a ring. The main thing is to have a ruby ​​in the decoration, even if it is not the largest and not conspicuous. However, such gifts are often presented to each other by the spouses themselves, while the guests are left with more modest decisions. What to look for?

  • Interior items are the best choice because it’s hard to miss, but not always practical: if the jubilees are rational in nature, it’s better to choose something functional - not a picture, but a set of wine glasses, for example. If they are made of red glass, the parallel with the gem that dominates on this day will automatically pass.
  • You can donate something from the equipment, especially since at the age of 60-70 it is desirable to facilitate homework by any means. And, for example, passionate coffee lovers will always be happy to update the coffee machine or coffee maker.

Due to the fact that gifts do not always have rubies in their pure form, in order to maintain connection with a particular holiday, one should take care of the addition of scarlet color: packaging, decorative element. And, of course, it is on this day that husband and wife receive the most bouquets of red flowers.

Now that you know what kind of wedding is celebrated when 40 years of marriage are reached, and why it is ruby ​​that sets the tone for this celebration, it’s not difficult for you to draw up a holiday program or choose a gift. And, of course, regardless of whether this is a ruby ​​anniversary, pearl or diamond, it is important to remember that the most important thing on this day will be the sincere feeling that originated once and went through all the decades. Only he can make the celebration unforgettable.

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