Routine in a relationship

When you met your future husband, you could talk endlessly, make love all night long, spend a lot of time with each other. But here passed some years of your joint life, and passions subsided. Out of relationship gone passion. No longer shudders at random touch. Do not run goose bumps from touching. And the idea that routine tightens both of you. How to be? How to move without loss to a new stage of your relationship?

Why does the routine come to a relationship?

It is normal that relationships move to the next stage of their development. Passions cannot rage forever. They are replaced by a sense of calm and comfort, as well as boredom and routine. Do not give up and start looking for new relationships, considering that these have already become obsolete. Do not start other relationships on the side. All this will not solve the problem, but will only aggravate it.

First of all ask yourself, do you still love the person who is next? Do you want to be with him further? If the answer is yes, then do not give up and fight for your happiness. By itself, nothing happens. To maintain a relationship you need to do something. Start with yourself. Think about what you could do to save love and bring fresh air into your relationship. Do not expect that the man himself will start to change something and invent something.

No need to controversy and scandals, accusing her man that he became inattentive, that you stopped seeing him tenderness and affection. With shouts and accusations, you won’t get anything; it’s possible that it will only get worse. Tension will hang in the air. Just ask to give you a minute and share your feelings and thoughts. Maybe he will even suggest how to remove boredom from your relationship.

Options for eliminating the routine

Cook dinner. But do not do it yourself (you risk getting angry while cooking, if your man at this time will kill virtual monsters). Attract him to this process. Let the help be insignificant, but the fact that you do something together can help you get close.It is advisable that the dishes for this dinner you choose unusual. Twist the rolls or find on the Internet a recipe for an exotic dish. Let the evening be unusual and memorable.

If you are both easy going and enthusiastic people, you can try sign up for pair dances. Ballroom, sports, tango, latino - the choice is now quite large. And dance schools opened even in the smallest cities.

As a variant of joint pastime - assemble puzzle, consisting of several thousand parts. The option is suitable for patient, calm and attentive. Otherwise, this option of leisure can serve as an additional reason for a quarrel.

Highlight one weekend and gather for fishing together with my beloved. At night fishing. With a fire and a tent. Depending on your desire, you can go alone or bring friends with you. Imagine - night, lake, bonfire, songs with a guitar! It can breathe in you such a romance, which you could not imagine! Just do not forget the cream repellents! It is very important! Because itchy mosquitoes in the ear (and not just itchy, but biting) kill all the romance and spoil your holiday.

If the cause of routine in your relationship - tired of each other and the desire to be alone, you can take a vacation at different times and relax separately from each other. This can be both a vacation package tour, and a trip to the parents. For the time spent apart, you will have time to miss each other, and romance will return.

To summarize, we can say that our happiness is in our hands. And it depends only on us, what kind of person will be next to us, and what kind of relationship will bind us. Fight for your happiness! Good luck and endless love and tenderness!

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