Romantic story - alena and dmitry

Sometimes your second half wanders around the world for a long time and looks for you among thousands of faces and voices. But it also happens that native souls are found in childhood or adolescence in order to never part. It happened with Alena and Dmitry.

Says Alain.

Child love

"It all started back in 2001, when my friend and my best friend at the time was 9 years old. We walked around and she took me to her backyard - from there everything started. There we met 3 guys, one of whom was my Dima. I fell in love with him at first sight, but it was, of course, quite childish love, he didn’t really pay attention to me, was shy, modest, and I was brisk and really wanted what he would have noticed. Therefore, we began to come to that yard day after day. A little later, of course, he paid attention to me. But somehow, all this was quickly preserved ratios, I had a new circle of friends, I stopped appearing in that yard, and then disappeared altogether. So 5-6 years passed, I finished grade 9 and entered the first year of college. Many things happened during that time, and I completely forgot about those childish and naive relationships and hopes. "

New meeting

"But one November day, I was going somewhere for business, but at that moment he was passing by and noticed me, he remembered. In the evening I was going to meet my girlfriend, but then suddenly the bell rang, I picked up the phone and, of course, he wasn’t I learned, after all, so many years. We talked and he offered to meet ... I, of course, happily agreed, even having forgotten about meeting with my best friend. We both were worried, worried and did not know what to talk about, but I tried to keep and don't show your excitement, he too. We talked about this, about this, remembered children oh, they laughed, and then he started asking me about my personal life if I had anyone. I said that I was free. Then he offered his candidacy, I answered that I would think until tomorrow, although I agreed to give an answer right away. in the morning I was looking forward to his call, and lo! He called, asked again if I agreed to meet with him, I agreed. We agreed to meet for the evening. And everything began to turn, he took me out of school every day, and then we spent evening together At first, no one knew that everything would be so serious. After a year and a half, we introduced each other to our parents; this, of course, was a very exciting moment. When I came to visit them for the first time, his mother said that before that there had never been a girl in our house, all this is not just so. A little later, like any other, I began to think about the wedding, but we both understood that it was still very early, I was still learning, and we had nowhere to live and nothing. He cared for me, like a real gentleman wanted to make me a nice gift to bring to the movies, in a cafe, but at that time he did not have such an opportunity, but for me every little thing was very pleasant. So we celebrate every year on November 18th - the day of our meeting, this is for us one of the most important holidays of the year.".


"So 4 years have passed, I finished college, tried to start working, at this point he went into business, and later he got me involved. Everything is fine with us, the case is nearing a wedding, all relatives already know about it, but there has been no official offer from him. And on December 31, 2011, when the chimes struck 12, he got up with an official statement and said: "Everyone knows that Alena and I are very fond of each other and have been meeting for more than a year, therefore, turning to my parents, I want to ask your daughter’s hand.". Everyone froze for a moment, everyone was shocked by this surprise. Parents blessed us, then he turned to me and said, marry me, and put on a ring. Everything was shaking inside me! Not goosebumps, but elephants ran through the body. Now we have pleasant troubles ahead, preparing for the wedding. I really hope that everything goes well. This man made my life a fairy tale, and me the happiest girl on earth !!!"

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