Romantic man

Romance ... What do women represent when they hear this word? Of course, these are chic bouquets of flowers, dinner by candlelight, beautiful declarations of love and other pleasant trifles and surprises. This allows a woman to feel loved and desired, to feel their uniqueness. Only here to find such a man is often quite problematic, because it is believed that a real man should not be gentle and overly sensitive, so even if a man is naturally a romantic, he will try to hide this quality. So it remains for women to sigh sadly, dreaming of a romantic man. And surely from the environment of an unhappy woman who craves romance, there is such a friend or acquaintance who has more than enough of this romance and here the woman begins to wonder if I'm really so bad that my man does not want to be romantic with me?

But think about whether all these attributes of romantic life are so important? The romanticism of a man does not at all indicate that he has the brightest and most sincere feelings for you, nor does it mean that if romance does not manifest in any way, then he is indifferent to you. At the same time, a woman often does not understand such a simple truth and judges a man precisely by his romantic mood, this is partly correct, because a man is judged by his actions, but actions are not necessarily expressed in serenades under the window and by candlelight dinner. The ability to earn money for yourself and your family, at the same time, without spending them on various trinkets and daily gatherings in restaurants, this is also, by the way, an act. You take into account all the gifts and flowers that a man buys for you, but at the same time forget that he bought a house for you, a car, and he also paid for his vacation in Turkey. For some reason, this is taken for granted by women, and for romantic actions a woman closes her eyes to many of the shortcomings of her chosen one.

It is only such a romance to come home with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, as they are ready to forgive everything, and the other man is greeted with an unhappy look, even if he is not guilty of anything. It even happens that a woman can forgive a man for treason, assault, with a smile on his face saying to everyone: "Oh, well, he's such a romantic with me!". And while many may not notice unhealthy relationships in a couple, they only see the outward effect of their relationship - flowers and passionate declarations of love. So all the same, what is really important for happiness in a couple - the opinion of others or how a man treats you in reality?

Another look at romance

If you really understand, then for male romantics, it is important not to make a woman you love nice, but he is captured by the process of courtship. At the same time, his self-esteem rises quite strongly at your expense, he makes romantic surprises to you, and you look at him with love eyes full of admiration.

Relationships become a game for him, and when one peak is conquered, he immediately wants to learn new ones, which is why such men are often fickle and switch from one woman to another. It is easy to fall in love with beautiful gestures, and it is this man who achieve this, but behind this imaginary romance there is often not enough sincerity. Of course, not all men are meant here and it’s not necessary, if a man does a romantic act, then there is some tricky subtext behind this, perhaps he just wants to make something pleasant, that if a man doesn’t do romantic with you surprises, it does not mean at all that he does not love you and is not suitable for relationships, you need to think more deeply, and not with stereotypes.

It is possible to oppose a romantic man to a more serious-minded man, they are also called the insulting word "cracker" and cite as a negative example of a man. Often you can hear various unpleasant stories about them: “I was waiting for him to at least have a little flower on our date, and he came empty-handed ...”, “I do so much for him, but he doesn’t appreciate it at all, no surprises I'm not satisfied, "" And my for the whole day will not call once, once again does not embrace, will not say that he loves ... ".

Such men will not call you once again, will not give flowers for no reason, he is more resolute and serious, perhaps with him you will not get as many emotions as you need, but with him you will feel confident and reliable. Often, such a man simply needs time to open up and begin to speak freely about his feelings for you, but if he really says something, he will say it not for the sake of a word, but he will say it sincerely and with all his heart and that will be valuable such a confession.

Therefore, the advice is: if you get a non-romantic man - you shouldn’t be sad about this, he can be more sensitive and loving than the most true romantic, he will only do it when he lets you into his life, but it takes time and patience.

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