Relationship collapse because of life

Why, it would seem, quite happy couples after several years of living together begin to find fault with each other and quarrel over trifles? The reasons, of course, are different, but most couples call the cause of conflicts and misunderstandings in relationships - this is commonplace bytovuha. But if you figure out the everyday worries and problems and our whole life consists, so why can they destroy even the strongest love?

There is such a good saying: "You can not change the situation - change your attitude towards it." So in this case, if you can not get anywhere from the daily routine, and it poisons your life, try to look at it from the other side. Is routine a problem for two loving people? Of course not, life only unites partners, solving problems together, they become even closer to each other, and even from this occupation they get positive emotions.

Many girls at the beginning of family life make a grave mistake, taking all their household chores as duties to their husband, who, they believe, does not help at home. Well, first of all, no one forces you to perform men's duties - to do repairs, repair plumbing, etc., and secondly, this can be treated as a whole much easier and not perceive house cleaning as a global problem. You can build your schedule in such a way that no one feels discomfort. Look, it seems to you that you constantly see your husband, he is near and why do you need to communicate even more? In fact, you do not communicate, but everyone solves his own problems - he gets to work in the morning, has a rest in the evening and is immersed in his thoughts, but there is no meaningful communication as such. You can argue, what about the weekend? Yes, weekends exist for relaxation and socializing, but as a rule a woman again performs her direct "duties" - stroking, cooking, washing and shopping. Although the weekend is a great time to take a walk with your loved ones in the parks, go to the cinema, lie in bed or have Sunday sex, but this is precious time we slaughter in everyday life, and then we complain that life completely devoured us.

Fight against routine

And the secret to overcoming the routine is quite simple - do not do household chores on the weekends. Plan out this time in advance for spending time together, surely each of you has your own hobbies or plans that you would like to carry out together. Maybe you have long wanted to jump with a parachute, join a climbing club, go skiing or visit distant relatives? Already after several such weekends spent together, you will forget about the routine and think about the whole working week in anticipation of the holiday. But what about housework, you ask? Do them on weekdays before work or after, but not on weekends, make your weekend a regular mini-vacation. But even if you are fully inspired by this idea, one stumbling block may appear here - this is the resistance of your spouse. In response to your offer to buy groceries on Friday night and do all the work on weekdays, and leave the weekend for joint rest, you can hear his displeasure on the topic that he was so tired at work to get more food. Then you have to implement this plan gradually.

Housework together

Any household chores can be perceived as another step towards consolidating your couple. Suppose, while the husband goes to the grocery store, you do the cleaning, and then you disassemble the food and decide together to prepare the tasty food for the table. Do not forget to praise your husband how well he coped with the purchase of products, chose the freshest and most necessary.

Joint cooking

Nobody forces you to put an apron on a man and send him to the stove, but it would be nice to spend time in the kitchen sometimes. It is not necessary to cook something complicated, for example, you can cook dumplings or stuffed cabbage for a few days in advance. It just seems like an impracticable idea; from this you can get a pretty exciting experience. Husband helps you to wrap dumplings, and you do most of the work. At this time, you can tell each other stories from childhood, or remember your common cases for the entire time of the relationship - it brings together and stirs the cooled emotions.

Easier treat household matters

It is unpleasant when you just put things in order, and here comes the husband and again throws everything around the "usual" places, I want to immediately fall on him and quarrel in tatters. When you once again decide to quarrel, consider whether the order in the house is worth your spent nerves and your good relations. Things can be returned to the same place, but the relationship after another quarrel may not be the same. Anyway, the ideal order in the apartment is very difficult to achieve, and he does not need anything. Husband, coming home from work, is much more important to see at home a sweet smiling wife, and not a housewife tortured by worries. I don’t at all urge you to live in a mess and eat some semi-finished products, you just don’t have to do any housework if you are sick or tired. Yes, and your man will cease to shudder at the thought of that put something not in its place.

Gradually, all these items can become your usual way of life - housework on weekdays will free up time, and joint weekends will not seem like a transcendental dream. We spend a lot of time on sometimes unnecessary things, forgetting such important things as communicating with loved ones. Think about it and from today replace the installation in your head "life destroys many couples" with "life - this is an opportunity to strengthen your relationship, to make them happy and harmonious."

Especially for - Natella

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