Raising children music

I hear music everywhere:

Among the winds, in the turbulence of water.

With the rising of the sun wakes me up

And at sunset it lays down to sleep.

Dear parents. If you want to have an inescapable impact on the enrichment of the spiritual world of the child, on the formation of the emotional sphere, on the improvement of thinking, the development of sensitivity to beauty in art and life, take up his musical upbringing.

Interested? Then this stuff is for you.

Back at the end of the 19th century, scientists proved that while listening to music in children, heart rate accelerates, muscle tone changes, pressure decreases. In addition, under the influence of music, the activity of brain cells undergoes changes, which leads to improved memory, increases the ability to read and foreign languages.

It is not by chance that all the noble families hired tutors for their siblings to study music, singing and dancing.

You never thought about that, right? After all, it is under the influence of music in the development of mental processes and personality traits that positive dynamics are observed, the child’s speech becomes more intelligent.

Raising children music

When to start the child to listen to music?

In 1982, the Japanese scientists proved the fact that the child already in the womb hears everything that happens around the future mommy.

And in an earlier period (the beginning of the 20th century), an eminent psychoneurologist academician V.M. Bekhterev drew attention to the fact that music therapy is undoubtedly an effective method of pedagogical education. Especially the academician emphasized the importance of lullabies for the full development of young children. Bekhterev in 1913 organized the Committee.

At one time, scientists came to the conclusion that the music affects the development of premature babies, t. k. regulates the nervous, respiratory, cardiovascular, and even the digestive systems.

And yet, what effect does musical education have on the development of children?

Music contributes to the development of figurative thinking, spatial imagination and - as a result - children associated with music from early childhood show brilliant mathematical abilities in school.

Many guys who studied in music schools started writing poetry as a teenager. And this is not surprising - with the development of the fingers, the development of the child’s soul proceeds simultaneously. He dresses his feelings, experiences, emotional state in a poetic form.

For scientists of world renown, it is no secret that the literacy of a child is closely related to musical education. Playing musical instruments develops coordination of hearing, hand motor skills, spatial imagination, and provides excellent training for fingers. Hence the development of literacy and the development of a beautiful even handwriting.

Raising children music

Needless to say, a child’s character is shaped by the influence of music. A little musician learns to plan his time, and therefore, strives to maintain a certain mode of the day, which saves his time, allows him to be more collected, and therefore disciplined.

Of course, do not think that you are advised to grab the child and haul to a music school. Not. It depends on the desire of him.

But to teach children to listen to music is our task. Of course, we are talking about standing music, and not about the low-grade music that filled the entire air.

If the family loves music, they are happy to discuss and share opinions about what they have heard - the child will not remain indifferent. And, as a result, you get a sensitive person, capable of empathy, who, moreover, has a full development of all psychological processes, an adequate behavior and attitude to life is formed.

Fill your hearts with music - and your children will thank you in the near future with their attention, care and love.

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