Questions for guys for all occasions. questions for pen pals

Communication is always a dialogue. Questions and answers to them. The ability to ask questions is very important because they can not only attract attention to themselves, but also, on the contrary, scare off the interlocutor. Especially carefully you need to pick words when you hang out with a guy who likes.

What questions can I ask a guy?

What questions to ask a young man depends on how well you already know and what you want to know. There are many options.

Well, for example, you can ask:

  • What is the craziest thing he did?
  • His best achievement, which he is proud of?
  • What kind of sport does he like best?
  • What films (books, singers, musical styles) does he like more?
  • Does he like noisy companies?
  • Where does he dream to travel?
  • Does he often consult with parents?
  • Does he believe in life after death?

Questions for guys for all occasions

Interesting questions for guys

Particularly interesting may be issues that reveal his preferences, temperament.

For example,

Which is better: the beach or the mountains?

Museum or swimming pool at the hotel?

Samba or waltz?

Racing car or jeep?

Billiards or horse riding?

Thailand or France?

Fried grasshoppers or chops?

It is very interesting for any guy to think about thematic issues, for example: "what would ... if ...?"

For example, if he suddenly won a million, what would he spend it on? What role would he like to play if he were invited to play in a movie?

If you could choose a country, where would you like to live?

Who would you like to be on a desert island?

Cool questions

If you want to laugh together, then ask him something like this:

  • Have you ever got into funny situations in front of a crowd?
  • What was your nickname at school?
  • Have you ever danced a striptease at a party?
  • What fruit are you?
  • What is your favorite joke?
  • What new year's costume did you have in your childhood?
  • Who did you want to be in childhood?
  • What letters did you not pronounce for a long time?
  • How to distort words in childhood?
  • Have you been afraid of Babayka?
  • Until how old did you go with the pacifier and sit on the pot?

Be careful asking provocative questions. Consider the fact that with a careless word it is easy to hurt a person. Rely on your sense of tact and degree of intimacy with the other person.

What to ask for correspondence?

Questions for guys for all occasions

If you start a correspondence in the social network of the 1st, it is better to just write "Hi." If he answers the same, you can ask: "How is the mood?" I learned to see you there "(select 1 of the options).

Do not ask too many questions at once, especially long or complex ones.

Look at his photo, if Traveling is there, ask if he liked it in those places, otherwise you are going to go there too, but you are still considering whether to go.

If on the photo of the car, ask which girl is better to choose. You want the same, but maybe not worth it, because very expensive parts?

If you want to attract attention, you can write in your status: "I am looking for a strong-built guy, with good willpower and perseverance for planting potatoes together. Is there such?"

Is it worth licensing vulgar questions?

If you are already very familiar, you can add to the conversation an element of flirting with intimate questions. Remember that it is important to respect the measure.

For example, you can ask your boyfriend:

  1. Which part of your body does he like more?
  2. What position from Kama Sutra would he like to try?
  3. Would he go with you to a nude beach?
  4. Has he ever used intimate services?

Ask the guys interesting questions, then the answers to them will most likely delight you. Communicate more, it will help to know each other better. Try to pay more attention to the interlocutor. He must feel that he is important to you. Remember that a well-built dialogue can be the beginning of a good friendship or sincere love.

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