Psychology of communication with men

Many people think about why often there is a misunderstanding between a man and a woman. It seems that we are all people, many have similar problems and views. It would seem that we should understand each other perfectly. But a woman and a man are two completely different worlds. To find a friend, you need to understand that the psychology of men is different from our female.

How to properly communicate with men?

  • When dealing with a man, a woman should take into account that men are much more practical than the fair sex. That is why, if you just need to speak out, you should not follow this to a man. The psychology of the stronger sex is designed so that they consider any situation as a problem that needs to be solved. Sometimes they cannot understand the essence of our problems, because they do not find them in the described situation.
  • If you came to complain about the life of a man, be prepared for the fact that he will give you advice on how to fix it. Perhaps even offer their help. Therefore, if you just need to let off steam, find a good girlfriend for this purpose and spend the evening in her company.

  • In addition, men can discuss with you only one topic at a time. Of course, it is very difficult for us to understand this, because women manage in parallel to talk about family, relationships, and stores. Remember that men feel much more comfortable when communicating on one topic. Therefore, they need to present information as if they are telling a story, and not a novel with a large number of plot lines.
  • When talking, men prefer to look their interlocutor in the eye. This should not be forgotten and should be done the same way. A man will be unpleasant if you look away. Most often, the interlocutor who hides his eyes, or something does not agree, or speak disingenuously.

  • Another female style of communication is not understandable to men - various subtexts and hints. As mentioned above, men think simple and practical. Therefore, to achieve something from a man, subtly hinting, most likely you will fail. And in general, if a person does not understand this, then he does not welcome this manner of communication. Moreover, it is unpleasant to him. Therefore, try to express your thoughts as simply, accurately and accessiblely.
  • As for your appearance when communicating with a man, then you need to consider that your image should in all respects coincide with the topic of conversation. That is, how correctly you picked up your clothes for the meeting, directly affects the success of your communication and the solution of the tasks.
  • You can achieve positive results when communicating with members of the opposite sex if you do it right. If you need success in this difficult task, you will have to work hard.

  • Try not to make a man feel ashamed. Believe me, they also have this feeling, which they do not like to experience. A woman who does not understand this, unfortunately, may be left alone.
  • More men are very annoying when you pester them with questions. Especially this manner of women deduces a man from himself, if at the moment when the "interrogation" occurs, he is busy with something. Always remember that men like to focus on one thing. Therefore, when he is busy, your questioning can only annoy him.

Now there is a lot of different literature at your disposal, containing tips on how we - women - can communicate with men. Using the fairly simple rules, you can achieve your goals in communicating with the opposite sex without much difficulty. Proper communication with a man will make your conversation more dynamic and interesting for both. The tips from the article will also help you in this. What do men value in women ?.

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