Professions after grade 9 for girls

What specialties can you learn to girls at the end of 9 classes? How to choose the right profession? What you need to pass on admission to another school? These and many other questions concern not only graduates, but also their parents. Professions after 9th grade for girls are pretty impressive. To help you understand the issues of interest and finally make your choice, we decided to dedicate our article to this topic.

Professions after grade 9 for girls: a list and what should I take?

Professions after grade 9 for girls: a list and what should I take?

To date, for graduates of grade 9 there are several options for educational institutions where you can get the desired specialty:

  • The college is often chosen by those applicants who wish to receive a special higher education in the future and at the same time do not spend 2-3 years of life on school. In order to master the specialty in this institution, you will have to work hard at school and get the most positive grades. Upon admission to college, the average score of the certificate and the successful passing of the main examinations for the chosen profession are taken into account. All the proposed specialties are focused on the further continuation of education in the university.
  • A specialized technical school for education is a step below the college, and the professions offered are mostly technical. But the undoubted advantage of the technical school is that after 1-2 years of study, the graduate fully masters the specialty and can get a job. To enter the technical school, in most cases it is enough just to have a certificate of incomplete secondary education and successfully pass an interview.

With educational institutions figured out, it's time to begin to consider the main specialties. For guys, the choice of profession is quite simple, besides, they can easily master and complete training in "female" specialties, if they wish. But the girl will have to think carefully about the occupation. There are several "forbidden professions" for the fair sex. A girl after grade 9 will not be taken to study such professions as:

  • mining engineer;
  • miner;
  • collector;
  • mason;
  • non-ferrous metal caster;
  • fireman;
  • train driver and heavy trucks;
  • pilot;
  • sailor;
  • locksmith;
  • welder;
  • loader.

But in order to justify this list, I would like to say that few girls strive to master these specialties. These professions are mainly associated with hard physical labor or a serious health risk, which is absolutely not acceptable for lovely ladies.

Graduates of the 9th grade should better pay attention to more feminine professions, which we have divided into several categories. Girls with creative abilities and beauty should think about the development of such specialties as:

Graduates of the 9th grade should pay attention to more feminine professions.

  • architect;
  • hair stylist;
  • advertising specialist;
  • guide;
  • designer;
  • florist;
  • model;
  • actress;
  • singer and musician.

Professions after grade 9 with a good salary, which are in high demand today:

  • IT specialists;
  • accountant economist;
  • legal professions;
  • dentist;
  • marketer;
  • logistics;
  • auditor.

The most popular areas of study for girls:

  • teacher-educator;
  • cook;
  • cashier-seller;
  • seamstress;
  • goods expert;
  • nurse;
  • finishing work master;
  • journalist;
  • Social worker;
  • translator.

Despite this seemingly large selection, not the entire list of professions for girls after grade 9 will be in demand in 2015-2020. According to many studies in the next 5 years, ladies who have mastered such activities will be able to find a job without any problems:

  • Construction specialties: engineers, workers, middle managers.
  • IT technologies: programmers, web designers and website developers.
  • Services: sales managers, translators, linguists.
  • Scientists in the field of nanotechnology, medicine, engineering and aircraft manufacturing, space researchers.

The highest demand for highly qualified specialists in the coming years is predicted in these industries, because the basis for such needs has already been laid: active development of the state’s foreign policy, new scientific and computer technologies, construction of housing and public utilities.

How to choose a profession right?

How to choose a profession right?

Parents want their child only a better and brighter future, so their opinion comes first among all influencing factors. Moms and dads are so keen on the idea of ​​seeing their child in a good position that they often forget to ask the opinion of the graduate himself. So the society is filled with workers who do not like their specialty, but perform the assigned work only out of a sense of duty.

Every teenager should initially think about the question: am I ready all my life to go to a well-paid job and at the same time hate her with all my soul? Of course, the direct responsibility of parents is to help the child make a choice. But this should be done gently and unobtrusively based on the needs and capabilities of the graduate himself. It is not necessary to send a child to the mathematical specialty, if at school he was better educated in the humanities. Personnel recruiters and psychologists say that those who have chosen a profession, who are guided by their own desires and skills, do a better and better job.

Also, do not chase the currently popular professions that by the end of training may lose their relevance. For example, in 2000, legal professions were highly in demand. As a result, the labor market was oversaturated with specialists in this field, and today it is becoming increasingly difficult for lawyers to find decent, high-paying jobs.

Choose where to go to study at the end of grade 9, in fact, is not so difficult. The main thing is to soberly assess your capabilities and desires. In addition, the field of post-secondary education is improving every year, and the list of proposed specialties is significantly expanding.

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