Principle of divine relations

Many have probably heard that the modern family is "marriage" in the worst sense of the word that's "the grave" love There are opinions among so many modern people that if people marry for love, then after a while this love is eaten by everyday life. But this happens only in one case, when people are wrong about life when they see it as an obstacle to a good marriage. That is, when stress and nervous diseases accumulate.

But in a normal family, that is, in a family where ancient traditions are followed, stress does not accumulate, and there are no reasons for nervous diseases. And, not having all this, people are able to live in love and harmony together until the last day. In our ancient Russian culture there were certain traditions that allowed us to avoid both stresses and various nervous states.

Tradition engagement in the ancient Russian culture

First of all, engagement took place between the future spouses in childhood, that is, preparation for the creation of a family took place in advance. She was not violent, as they say now. When a child was born, the exact time was determined, and the horoscope was made. The knowledgeable astrologer determined the child’s horoscope, where in what family his half was born or should be born, with which he was connected by family ties in past lives, and it is advisable to connect them again. And since the situation was clean, as the children were clean, growing up and communicating with each other, they really remembered their past lives, recalled that in all these past lives they were husband and wife. An astrological chart is needed, among other things, for this.

Tradition engagement in the ancient Russian culture

When the young man and girl became adults, they continued to study life lessons together, joint cultivation, which they began maybe thousands of lives before this one. And from life to life, their affection grew and deepened. The wedding ceremony was a strong mystical process, during which the newlyweds recalled their past lives, the situations that connected them, all this strengthened their affection for each other even more.

The betrothal in antiquity of our ancestors has always been a continuation of mutual love from past lives. And the whole the way of life was built so that people would live very richly and materially and spiritually.

So from life to life, they walked together, helping each other to cultivate. And they achieved the highest degree of love for one another and, naturally, love for God. In this family life, the state of enlightenment, illumination, was an integral part. I.e family life included a very serious spiritual practice, as a result, people's consciousness expanded, they moved to new stages of evolution.

True meaning of marriage

The modern form is that love is sex, sex is love, it is just related to the fact that people the true understanding of love has disappeared. And now sometimes people who in the past life were husband and wife, meet and feel strong attraction to each other. And, since these cultural customs are lost, people abandon children, spouses, and begin to live together, regardless of any obstacles. Therefore, to be happy, you need to very consciously choose a spouse and seriously approach the traditions of our ancestors.

When periodically the invaders came to the territory of our country, they tried to destroy those laws that the population had followed since antiquity. And the rulers, in order to preserve the seed of the nation, in order for people to survive, had to take people to some distant places. The knowledge of our ancestors from the territory of modern Russia went to India, and there it was partially preserved in the form of Vedic scriptures.

Marriage was created so that people could master the divine form of relationships that would help spouses develop divine qualities in them.. Today, we are imposed on another form of marital relations, where people are in animal relations and slowly but surely destroy each other. The true essence of creating a family is to build, not destroy, improve, not degrade, see in the love of God and serve him as God, and not to demand service to oneself, without seeing another person.

Individual improvement is often unsuccessful, because it takes a long enough time to achieve the goal, and it can not give the results that gives the mutual desire of the spouses to achieve a divine level. That is why it has always been said that marriage between a man and a woman is necessary in order to cultivate spiritual practices.

True meaning of marriage

The task of the spouses - to reach the divine form of relationships. For this you need to learn and implement main principle of divine relationships: "not to do to another what he does not want him to do." Since for many modern people, the implementation of this principle is quite difficult, you can begin changing your relationship with a simpler, purely human principle: “do not do to others what you don’t want you to do”. This principle is easier to implement, since it does not require absolute knowledge of your spouse. Just before you say any words, or commit any actions, imagine that they are made in relation to you and feel their offense or pleasure. And only after that decide: to do or tell you or not.

Divine Love and Devotion

In ancient times, our ancestors reached the state of love through "idolization," that is, through the process when a man idolized a woman, and a woman a man. Because a man without a woman, and a woman without a man is nowhere. They are necessary for each other in order to improve.

The culture of our ancestors allowed us to reach such levels of love, when people felt blissful because their spouse was just nearby in the room, or lying next to her on the bed and touching the hand of her beloved or loved one, and he is experiencing extraordinary bliss.

When a man and a woman idolize each other, it means that they perform actions towards each other that they do for the Gods., for rulers. That is, they did not swear, did not throw pans, did not beat the dishes or each other. They celebrated and arranged holidays.

The female half of the family has always idolized the male, and the male - the female. And when a man constantly hears how good things are said about him, they say about how powerful he is, what kind of hero he is, protector, then a man really becomes like that. That is, when a spouse gives attitudes: “you are the best,” “you are the most beautiful,” “you can do it,” the person naturally wakes up the desire to cultivate. This is called "Worship" each other.

AND such men and women really acquired extraordinary qualities. They were extraordinarily powerful and lived for a very long time.

This praise, the glorification of the spouse, was done at a certain time. Every person has biological rhythms, and everyone has moments when these sound vibrations of glorification help him to become more perfect. When he hears them, he acquires divine qualities. These glorifications should be pronounced at the time of birth and in the appropriate emotional mood. Otherwise, they remain useless and even harmful, because they develop pride in a person.

A modern person, while weakening his or her feelings, usually begins to make claims to an object of love, thinking that the state of love has passed because changes have occurred in a loved one. In fact, it was not the object of love that changed, but the man himself who chose the wrong guideline.

What does the wrong guide mean? This means that the union between two people was originally built incorrectly, on sexual desire, on the desire to enjoy. Partners see each other some certain benefits that another can give them, for example, a man sees a beautiful person in a woman whom he can enjoy, a woman sees social status in a man, money that he can provide for her and so on, therefore they are attracted. This is the lowest level of relationships.

In ancient times, the foundation of a happy life of our ancestors was that a man and a woman were completely confident that their chosen one could become a Goddess or God, that is, acquire divine qualities. If a man sings praise to a woman, and a woman sings praise to a man, they will definitely acquire divine qualities.

Love is inside us ... And in whatever situations, in whatever position you are now, this love must be discovered in yourself ... This happens just as a person discovers for himself the Infinity of the world or the Unity between everything alive. In a family where there is no accumulation of stress, nervous diseases, reproaches, offenses, hypocrisy, a necessary condition arises for the birth of divine love, that is, the love that our ancestors knew.

Rite of passage "mercy" in Russia

In order to better know their soul mate, in the culture of our ancestors, there were many different rituals and rituals. For example, there was a rite called "mercy." In accordance with this rite, in order for the spouses not to bear grievances against each other, once a week, it was usually Saturday, the spouses were left alone at home, the children were sent to relatives or walk.

Husband and wife sat opposite each other and began to share everything that had accumulated over the week., what does not suit them, what were the difficulties, problems. As a result, they came to some kind of mutual decision. In this process of mercy, the spouses knew each other more and became able to control the spiritual development of their halves.

Why is this rite necessary? If during the week ambiguous situations arose in the family, misunderstanding, the spouses never immediately expressed their dissatisfaction, they kept their emotions under control, understanding that what was said with a hot word could offend a loved one and crack the relationship. When enough time passed, the emotions inside subsided, the consciousness cleared up, and this situation could be sensibly considered together, discussed. In this case, a quarrel does not occur, the spouses know that a certain day will come when it will be possible to sort it out and clarify everything.

Divine Love and Devotion

Such mutual aid in spiritual evolution multiplied the divine qualities of the spouses.

Of course, if a very difficult case arises, any difficult situation that requires clarification, it is better not to wait for the Sabbath, but it is possible to do a “debriefing” during the week, in the evening, just before bedtime. When children grow up and begin to understand the relationship of parents, the meaning of family and spiritual life, this ceremony, clarification of relationships, can be transferred to family time, when the whole family gets together and family issues are discussed, a further life is planned.

It was a part of the life of our ancestors, when the whole family, sometimes even a clan, a community, got together. They discussed their affairs, planned future events. And the children, using the example of their elders, learned how to smooth out family conflicts, how to act in this or that case.

Wedding ritual at our ancestors

We now have a very strange wedding ritual in Russia. If we take different aspects of this ritual, we can trace how the actual course of this ritual lays the program in the newlyweds for destruction, for a miserable life.

Earlier in Russia, a rite is still held in India, which gives two souls the opportunity to be from life to life a husband and wife. And their penetration into themselves, their knowledge of themselves makes the conjugal life ideal and gives a very fertile ground for the husband and wife to acquire divine qualities.

Usually matchmakers came to the bridegroom's parents with a proposal to intermarry and conclude a family union. If an agreement was reached, the wedding was scheduled three months after the birthday, after the days when the person was born. Because it was precisely on this day that all the wishes expressed at the wedding were surely coming true.

Wedding day has a special meaning. And usually it is always determined by the astrologer.. Why? Because it is precisely on this that wishes of happiness, health, the extension of the race, have the greatest strength. And later, when this wedding day was celebrated annually according to the lunar calendar, one could ask all the people who were at the wedding to correct any deviations in the relationship and the fate of the young spouses with their wishes. And in fact, the right choice of the wedding day provided young people with control over their destiny.

Wedding ritual is a very serious process., it includes more than one day, it’s not just a registration, a surname change and a spree. India still follows the ancient standards of this important ritual. If the ceremony is conducted correctly, then not only the bride and groom, but even the people who are present at it, often remember their past lives, they have some moments of enlightenment. This is a very mystical rite, which may be attended by demigods, rulers of the universe.

In Russia, this ceremony was called the wedding, One of the parts of the ceremony included the binding of all five elements that are in the body of the bride and groom. That is, it is a very difficult ceremony, if it is held at the right time in the right place, then for many years the attainment of divine qualities and the birth of healthy, righteous children is simply guaranteed.

Wedding ritual at our ancestors

At weddings never drank alcoholic beverages. It was simply contraindicated. Many gifts were given, and the gifts were distributed in advance. That is, the gifts were all functional, and when they were given, they were filled with the good energy of good wishes, all the wedding gifts served the spouses for the rest of their lives. Because they carried this charge of goodness and good wishes.

After the feast, which ended the wedding ceremony, people sang a lot, glorified God, played and danced in a happy life. That is, in fact, at this wedding ceremony, the future life of the spouses was dancing, singing and playing, always in a happy aspect. That is, I wondered program for a happy married life.

In no event was it possible to steal a bride and demand a ransom for her at the wedding. Because otherwise men will steal her whole life. At weddings, you can not sweep and collect money from the floor, otherwise the whole life of the family will beg. And you can not wear a white dress for a wedding, otherwise the life of the bride will be full of frustration.

The bride needs to be a red dress, maybe with some shades, but it should be the color of activity, energy. Because married life is very active, you need to have children, you need to keep housekeeping when a man is in the outside world. White is the color of spirituality, but at the same time it is the color of frustration. And in fact, when a girl puts on a white dress for a wedding, she also programs herself in advance for disappointment in family life.

Why are improper rites enforced?

In order for the people to lose their spirit, their spiritual strength. To women have lost their mystical power. Such a nation is much easier to govern. And gradually such rituals were introduced, which are aimed at destruction. For example, in Russia there was never a rite to give dying flowers. In fact, when a person gives another person dying flowers, it destroys their friendship.

Absolutely terrible custom - to blow out birthday parties on the birthday cake candles. What does this rite mean? A burning candle means a person’s life. And when a person blows this fire, he blows his life. Such a rite shortens the life of a person. If you are keenly aware of this process, then really understand how something black happens to the energy fields of a person who blows fire on the cake.

Divine emotions

Today's love is focused on the outside of its manifestation. What does this mean? Young people who liked each other, according to modern standards must pass certain points: met, kissed, slept. And the process of love for them ends there.

In order to again experience pleasant feelings of love, soaring, trembling, they need to get acquainted with other partners and go through this process again. For them, this sweet thrill of the first knowledge is very important. All modern literature, film production, the media, basically speak about this approach and thus impose on young people the beginning of love relationships as a goal.

But if you do it all the time, then after "n"-the number of acquaintances and relationships, the thrill of the first knowledge passes, and the person of the opposite sex is already looked at simply as a sexual partner.

In reality the purpose of love is not to get acquainted with the initial stage of development of relationships. And the achievement with one-half of the higher states, which are actually divine states, the states of demigods. And it is precisely attaining these states that a person can truly create and work wonders.

After the arrival of Christianity in Russia, it tried to establish its power in Russia. And in order for the people to lose their culture, their strength, the words denoting very high emotional states were specially removed from the Russian language. And so people now know nothing about them.

For example, today's words "joy" and "rage" - it used to be one word - "idiot". Word "rage" associated with anger, although it was associated with a completely different phenomenon - with the manifestation of the power of the God of Fire. In ancient times, people's emotions were very well developed. They underwent certain rituals that allowed them to know the emotions that arose in them during the rite. The divine emotions in such a ritual are confirmed by the greetings of the rulers of the universe, and each ruler had his own greeting, which asserted a certain emotion.

What is this manifested in? Each month passes under a different energy of a certain Ruler of the Universe, the special energy of the Sun and the special energy of the Moon act.. People greeted each other and experienced different emotional states in accordance with the knowledge of the energies that acted in that particular month. All the emotional states that caused the wishes in Ancient Russia were called: delta, ardently, la dastus, sventa-dast. Like this "joy" had shades of different ruler of the universe.

Emotional development allowed people to create. Today's rude Russian language can be compared with modern clothing. If before the clothes were very bright, functional, multi-colored, with various sacral symbols, ornaments, now it is rather dark, inconspicuous. Emotions allow you to explore the world and correctly display it.

A developed emotional system was needed in order to prepare a person for the opportunity to acquire divine qualities. The manifestation of ecstatic feelings is the basis of evolution. The higher the quality of emotions experienced by people, the higher their organization, the higher their civilization.

Ecstasy as the basis of emotion not only allowed the body to manifest new possibilities, it actually changed the body, changed the organism. This was manifested in the fact that the lost organs were restored, what happened in our modern world is called miracles. But earlier it was just commonplace, and everything depended on the spiritual emotions that a person experienced, including from married life. And the concept of these divine, ecstatic emotions in the married life, has left our culture, since they were removed purposefully.

Ecstasy can in principle be caused by sexual intercourse, but is not limited to eruption of the semen or contraction of the vaginal muscles. Ecstasy is an accumulated emotional potential when a spouse loses consciousness from the eternal happiness of the presence of another person, that is, her spouse. It does not matter what you do. You simply touch or watch, cook or water the flowers. Just the presence of your spouse makes you divine ecstasy.

This ecstasy arises as a resonance. And initially, it can only be with spouses, provided that they cooked each other for a long time, and soaked each other and exchanged the frequencies of their thin fields, their spiritual vibrations. And usually this ecstasy lasts for many days. Today's orgasm that people experience is a very small ecstasy, which is caused by sexual intercourse, but in normal marriage it occurs without sex.

The loss of ecstasy in our culture is associated with the loss of chastity by men before the wedding. In this case, a man can resonate correctly only with his first woman, and with his wife he can come to resonance, that is, to find harmonious vibrations with her, only after many years.

The second reason for the loss in our culture of ecstasy is the usual, boring life, which leads to the search for all sorts of pleasures and perversions. But the change of partners and all sorts of perversions can not give any high emotions. In a civilized society, men enjoy the divine relationship with their spouse. That is the difference.

Why do modern kids show a completely non-child interest in sex, start to know their body at a very young age? This comes from a process that can be called biological induction, that is, if acts of intercourse between spouses occur in places where their children live, it does not matter when they occur, when children sleep or when they are not at home, these sexual emotions from spouses , from the things of the apartment, are transmitted to children.

And today all the houses in which people live are literally saturated with these sexual vibrations. This is very bad, because children, due to the structure of their body, become infected by adults by this sexual induction, and reach sexual maturity by the age of 12-13.

And that is why our ancestors had special premises for having sex, usually they were summer houses. Earlier, these acts of copulation took place in nature, in gardens, in mouths on the banks of rivers. Therefore, there everything grew, fragrant, and the children grew up without thinking about sexual issues before their puberty, which occurred by 23-25 ​​years.

Sex in the neighboring apartments is no less affected by the effects of sex that takes place directly in your apartment. Therefore, people, knowing about this phenomenon, have always sought to live in houses, so as not to absorb various negative emotions, vibrations of the sexual, angry plan, and so on from other people. That is why life in these concrete boxes is not very favorable for spiritual development.

Living in your home is very good, especially if there is a garden and a vegetable garden, because they are the main absorbers of the emanation of sex, which in this case will affect not the children, but the fact that everything in the garden multiplies, and even began to bear fruit not only , plants, but also livestock. For a person it is also very important to have your own garden, because you need to eat the products that the person raised himself.

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