Pre-wedding depression

Pre-wedding depression meets almost every bride. Of course, there is probably nothing more exciting than a wedding day. And that's fine! But what are the causes of pre-wedding depression, and what are the ways to cope with it?

Causes of pre-wedding depression

Firstly, for any bride, a wedding is ... stress! Of course, after all, after the triumph of triumph, her life will change completely. And one hundred percent none can say - in what direction will these changes. But no matter how it was there, it will not return to the former life. All life will fall on her shoulders. Nearby, most likely, there will be no mother. And it will not work carelessly to walk with friends until the morning.

  • Fear of the unknown. Really. After all, it is impossible to predict how your family life will be. Will she be happy? Will there be enough money? And it really scares.
  • It is also possible that your wedding day is already set, invitations are sent out, and you - are tormented by vague doubts about the choice of your future spouse. Is he the person behind whom you will be like behind a stone wall? Is the one with whom you want to spend the rest of your life and meet old age? Whether the one from whom you want to have children, and then raise them together? But, take yourself in hand, and think about what was your first reaction when your future spouse offered you to become his wife? Did your heart flutter with joy? And the soul flooded happiness? Then cast doubt aside, you really love this man.
  • Maybe you worry about not being able to handle your household chores. But it is absolutely not scary! Now a lot of information about this - books, the Internet. And you can always call mom. Ask her for advice.
  • You can fear the wedding itself. More precisely, not her, but the fact that something might not work, something to go wrong. But you did not start preparing for this wonderful event in a week? Therefore, in a few months, you will have time to cook everything.
  • Bridal depression may occur and then, when preparing for the wedding is not the way we would like. For example, you can not choose a wedding dress, or decide about the snacks that will be on the table. Do not worry, not a single wedding table is left without food!

What to do to overcome pre-wedding depression?

Firstly, take it easy. Pull yourself together and conduct an audit on the topic: "Everything will be fine!".

Understand that absolutely everything is simply impossible to predict, there is always a place for unforeseen circumstances. Well, do not worry, the main thing is that you control the main episodes of the festive event.

Be sure to keep your nerves. After all, nerve cells, as we know, are not restored.

If you already very worried about the preparations for the wedding, if you manage to do everything that you have planned, then you should ask about the feasible help of your future spouse, relatives, friends. If everyone whom you invited to the wedding, people close to you, then distribute all the duties between them. Let them help you. It is enough for everyone to entrust one case - and here, you have already been completely unloaded. Let, for example, your girlfriend will search for a good toastmaster. Future spouse - ordering cars for the holiday. Sister - finding a place to hold a wedding. BUT some time before the wedding you just have to call everyone again to make sure that everything is going according to plan!

Remember another simple truth - to please everyone is impossible. There is always at least one guest who does not like something. Therefore, try, first of all, to please yourself and your future spouse. Everything is fair - it's your day!

  • According to psychologists, it is very useful to listen to some classical music. Relax, close your eyes and just listen to music without thinking about anything else..
  • Arrange a so-called "day off" from all this pre-wedding bustle. Allow yourself today not to deal with any issues related to the upcoming celebration. Go shopping (only if you can promise yourself not to focus on the wedding stuff), meet up with friends in a cafe, cinema, SPA-salon. Dedicate this day to your beloved one and relax!
  • You can, periodically, eat an orange. After all, it contains a lot of vitamins. And thanks to the orange color - this fruit gives a good mood for a long time.

Wedding happens (at best) once. Therefore, do not panic, it is best to enjoy the approaching moment of your life.

If depression is overwhelming, it is worth once a good cry. Let all your emotions go out. Allow yourself even a slight tantrum, but only once!

Decide for yourself Do you really love that person who will soon become your spouse? Or are you just watching wedding films and want to have a wedding photo session? It is best to answer these questions before the wedding.

Even if before the wedding you are on a strict diet, then at least once you can afford your favorite sweetness. This will help to restore a good mood and well-being.

You should not resort to various medications, relieves stress and antidepressants. They do more harm than good. Now, to remove your excitement, it is quite enough "easy" soothing ones like good old valerian or motherwort.

Lie in a warm bath with foam, light candles instead of light, light aromatherapy, and just think about something pleasant. Try to worry less and worry less and let everything be all right!

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