Pose for sex in the car

Many modern couples practice sexual pleasures in the car. Partners have sexual intercourse in a private car for various reasons: for a change, for the sake of extreme sports, etc. Are there special poses for sex in a car? Yes, and this is due primarily to the fact that sex in cars should be safe.

How to have sex in the car?

If you decide to have sex in the car, then take care first of all about safety

Views of modern youth on sexual relations have changed somewhat. Young people have become relaxed and want to try different techniques of sex, including in unusual places. A car can be considered a small-sized apartment, and you can have sex in it almost anywhere, of course, quiet and deserted.

Naturally, sexual intercourse should bring satisfaction to both partners. If you decide to have sex in the car, then take care first of all about safety, otherwise it can lead to complicated consequences.

People with puritanical views believe that sex in the car - it's depravity. One cannot argue about views, as well as tastes. However, for many couples, sex in a car helps to bring diversity to everyday sex life. According to psychologists, many problems in living together arise because of boredom and familiarity. If you want to make a highlight in your relationship, then feel free to go with your partner to the country in your own car and have sex. From this occupation you will get a lot of positive emotions, pleasure and surely get close to your chosen one.

Unknown authors have developed a selection of comfortable postures for sexual contacts in the cabin of the car. Let's consider the best poses for sex in the car:

  1. As a bed, you can use the front and rear seats. If you decide to surrender to carnal pleasures in the front seat, you must first disassemble it.
  2. One of the common postures for sexual intercourse in the car is considered to be "rider pose." The partner can sit on top of her chosen one on the driver's, passenger or back seat. However, in this position you should restrain your passion and emotions, so as not to damage the upholstery and not to hit your head on the roof of the car.
  3. A woman can lie on her back in the front passenger seat, and her partner is on top. It turns out the classic missionary position. If you want to try out this position, then you should first take care of tinted glass and the choice of a deserted place.
  4. "Pupil Driving School Pose". In this case, the partner sits on his chosen one with his back to him and face to the helm. There is an opinion that this posture is not very convenient, since there are many mechanisms nearby that can be touched. Although many young people are spurred and turn on the sound of a signal or working wiper.
  5. "Spoon". In the front passenger seat, the disassembled woman is located on the side facing the glass, and the man is attached behind. In this position, the penetration will be maximum, and partners will experience unheard of pleasure.
  6. Oral caress. This method of satisfying your libido can be resorted to without distracting from driving, especially since those around you will not see a woman behind a salon torpedo. However, it is very dangerous.
  7. If you want to extend the pleasure, it is best to move to the back seat. Here, as they say, you can roam. One of the common missionary positions, only the woman will have to lie reclining, the man in this case takes the dominant position from above.
  8. In the next pose, the partner should sit comfortably in the middle of the seat, and the partner should be placed on top in the pose of the rider, while pressing her head close to the head or neck of her chosen one.
  9. Another pose - doggy style. The woman kneels and bends slightly in the back. As a support surface, it can choose a side window, handrails, or the back of the rear seat.
  10. Some couples share their experiences about how much fun you can get if you have sex in this position: the woman kneels on the edge of the back seat, and the body pushes forward and fixes it between the two front seats. This position can be safely called the "style of the dog."
  11. In the next position, the partner needs to sit in the back seat, with the maximum lift the legs at a right angle up and put them on the shoulders of her chosen one. The partner, in turn, is located on top.
  12. In this position, the girl should sit in the middle of the back seat and widely spread her legs, putting them on the railing or putting them on top of the front seats. A man occupies a dominant position from above.
  13. Staying in the front seats, partners can bring each other to orgasm through masturbation. In this case, they do not even have to be naked.
  14. Sexual intercourse can be carried out in this position: the woman is located on the front passenger seat disassembled, while the headrests perform the function of a pillow under the abdomen. The man is on top, resting his feet on the floor.

What are the poses to have sex in the car more convenient?

What are the poses to have sex in the car more convenient?

To unequivocally determine which posture for car sex is the best is impossible. Each couple has their own sexual preferences. And that which is unacceptable by some is often practiced by others. To determine the list of the best and convenient positions can be based on the personal safety of lovers. These include:

  • any oral caress;
  • pose rider in the rear passenger seat;
  • missionary position in the rear or front seat disassembled;
  • doggy pose: it is best to give preference to the position when the woman is leaning on the front seats or the back of the back seat.

Any pair must choose a posture that suits them. You should enjoy this intercourse, but by no means injury.

Precautionary measures

Before you enjoy each other and merge into one, you should take care of some precautions:

  • the interior of the car must be clean;
  • on the seat is best to lay a clean sheet or disposable baby diaper;
  • car windows should be tinted;
  • for having sex in a car, it is necessary to choose deserted quiet places (landings, fields, etc.);
  • not recommended to drink alcohol, because traffic police are constantly on guard of the law;
  • the car must be clean water and a first aid kit just in case;
  • take care of contraception;
  • It is not recommended to turn on the engine and close the windows tightly in the room, for example, in the garage, as there is a risk of suffocation with exhaust gas;
  • car must be put on the handbrake;
  • all doors and trunk should be locked;
  • for sex in the car it is better to wear loose and easily removable clothes, otherwise a lot of buttons, hooks and zippers can cause inconvenience;
  • glove box should be closed.

To avoid any trouble, before having sex in the car, think over everything to the smallest detail, take care of your safety. Many couples prefer to have sex in the car, to diversify their lives and make it zest. Of course, if you love extreme sports, you can have sexual intercourse outside the car, for example, on the hood, but in this case, you may be surprised by passers-by. Be alert and happy!

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