Portfolio for kindergarten

Up to 3 years in most cases the child is surrounded by the care of the mother and close relatives. From the age of 3, the child’s life changes dramatically - he is sent to kindergarten, where he sees many of his peers, educators and other people unfamiliar to him. Over time, the first stress will pass, and your baby will have to show itself.

Baby portfolio

To facilitate the work of the baby a few weeks before the kindergarten, start making a portfolio. Portfolio - a folder for documents, if translated literally from the language of the Italians. In our understanding, a portfolio is a folder of human achievements. As for the children's portfolio, it is usually a free-style folder with the most outstanding works of the child. This is not only a photo of your child, his biography, information about him, but also his own drawings and other creative results.

Portfolio for kindergartenPortfolio for kindergarten

The children's portfolio is very useful for the child in the kindergarten, it will orient teachers and educators how to work with the baby., what should be paid more attention, how to develop the makings and first seedlings of his talent. For teachers of preschool institutions, it is important that the portfolio reflects not only the child’s achievements, but also the diversity of his interests, as well as positive emotions.

The job of creating a portfolio falls, of course, on the parents of the baby. But now grandparents, grandparents, and other relatives can collect materials for the portfolio. After all, the child, according to your advice, probably drew a card to his grandfather for an anniversary or did an application together with you to please his sister. Achievements of the child can be very diverse: if it is modeling from plasticine, then you need pictures of his work, if it is a dance or actor's young skill - this, again, needs to be captured on the photo.

Portfolio templates for kindergarten

Portfolio templates for kindergarten

The main portfolio requirements for kindergarten due to the peculiarities of perception of a given age should becolorful, bright design. Well, if there are pictures and all sorts of memorable (funny, joyful) moments from the life of a baby. Fill in information (photo or just description) about the child’s favorite toy, his favorite book, favorite activity (there are several of them for sure!).

The following data must be mandatory in the children's portfolio:

  • Title page, including a photo of the child, name and date of birth. It also indicates the place of birth and address of residence.
  • My family: photos of parents and other family members. If you wish, you can portray the family tree.
  • My records. This page tells about the sports records of the baby: a long jump, how many ran, how long did not sleep, etc. You can start with serious achievements and finish the comic. You can arrange photos or funny children's drawings, memories.
  • Education. List the books you read, favorite works, poems. What verses the child knows by heart, etc. Here you can talk about fairy tales that he watched on TV or listened to. If there are many, then choose those that are most loved by the child.

Portfolio templates for kindergarten

  • Stories and Humor. This section is one of the most interesting. According to your observations, you write out here funny statements of your child, his original phrases and small wise stories, where he was the main character.
  • Events and travels. We write everything where the child likes to go, where he was, what he saw. You can enclose tickets from the cinema, exhibitions, etc. It will be interesting to attach pictures-memories of the baby for each memorable visit.
  • Our holidays. Birthdays of relatives, friends of a child, photos from holidays, hand-made baby gifts, or their photographs.
  • Skilful hands (my reach) is a flight for the imagination of parents. If there are a lot of pictures or photos where the kid is enthusiastically busy with creative work, reflect everything on this page: describe, attach photos, pictures, etc.

This portfolio, made by the above example, will reveal your child to teachers completely from all sides. Of course, the sections can be called in their own way, but the main thing is that the essence remains the same. A kindergarten portfolio should reflect the child’s life, or rather, the brightest moments of his life, his interests, creativity, express his character, etc.

Portfolio templates for kindergartenPortfolio templates for kindergarten

Of course, you can buy a ready-made portfolio for your crumb in the store and just fill it in, but where is the flight of your imagination? In addition, working together with a child to create and design a portfolio helps to develop the child’s confidence and helps to better adapt to changes in his life.

Portfolio for kindergarten for a boy

  • There are significant differences in the creation and design of the portfolio for boys and for girls. For a boy, a portfolio is a piggy bank of his success.
  • It is very important that kindergarten teachers trace the child’s hand in creating a portfolio. Let it be the design of the pages. Do not worry, your little boy will not spoil the portfolio, but he will be able to prove himself.
  • Suggest the boy to characterize himself and choose a photo on the title page. Write down what he says with his words.
  • For the boy is very important in the portfolio list of his achievements. Compose it with your child, let him appreciate himself and feel pride. This will give an impetus to the development of a boy’s self-confidence and will help to realize his “I”.

Portfolio for the boy

  • There is a lightened option - creating a portfolio for a boy is not completely independent, but partially. In other words, this is a finished portfolio in the form of coloring. Choose in the store with your son what he liked, not you. Let him paint, and you fill in all the proposed portfolio pages. You can remove something from it, and something to make your own. The more you attract a boy to create a portfolio, the better.

And in any case, do not hide from the child what is written in his portfolio, he should know and understand what happened in the end. After all, this is his portfolio!

Portfolio for kindergarten for girls

  • The structure of the portfolio for a girl can be as described in the requirements, and can be arbitrary.
  • Making a portfolio for a girl should be in the style of a fairy-tale princess or a popular heroine of children's cartoons or series. The section on the girl’s achievements differs from the analogous section in the boy’s portfolio. If a boy has more sporting and inventive successes, then girls have an aid to his mother (in cooking, in the household, etc.).

Portfolio for kindergarten for girlsPortfolio for kindergarten for girls

  • Do not forget that for a girl a portfolio should reflect her bright wisdom, express her feminine traits. From an early age, girls display maternal instinct in playing with dolls. The more suitable pictures of the girl, as the future mistress and caring mother, the better. These are photos with her favorite doll, favorite toy, photos in an apron and funny pictures where she is smeared with food (jam, flour, chocolate).
  • Without fun, too, can not do, girls are usually sparkling in jokes and wise, but funny statements. Ask the baby to come up with a design for her portfolio. Surely, she will approach this issue with interest and will not want to buy a ready-made portfolio in the form of a coloring book. Maybe she will ask you to draw a favorite character, and she will paint her.

Both for the girl and for the boy, when creating a portfolio you can show so much imagination that it will turn out bright and original! And remember, a kindergarten portfolio is the creation of your child, which means that it must take direct and active participation in its creation and design!

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