Polygamy men

Hearing the word "treason", the woman wants this fact to never touch her. Of course, who will be pleased to live with a person for some time, give him his most sincere feelings, and then hear that you have been so easily betrayed? Betrayal is often the cause of divorce and happens in almost every family, just someone can close their eyes to this, and someone finds it unacceptable.

Everyone knows that society is more tolerant of men's treason, but if a woman cheats, then a bunch of accusations immediately fall upon her. This is largely due to the fact that a woman is focused on the family, on m, to be a mother, and besides, it is important for any man to be sure that their child is from him. And for men there is always an excuse for treason in the form of polygamousness. But in fact, polygamous - is the prerogative of animals, who do not care where, how and with whom to have sex. Or how else in another way, explain the behavior of some men to the female sex? Is it worth it to forgive the fact of treason if it was confirmed to be true? And how to protect yourself from adultery and is it possible?

What are the causes of male adultery?

Usually The two main causes of male adultery are the desire for diversity and the confirmation of their manhood. Men feel the desire to change when relationships with one partner become familiar and even boring to them. Only a few couples manage to preserve the freshness of the senses after many years of living together. Often there is a woman’s fault in it, in her household chores a woman forgets that at home it is also important to monitor her appearance.

Of course, it is difficult to combine work, parenting and another daily seduction of the husband, but this is the woman's wisdom and cunning - always remain an ideal for her husband. And when women forget to look after themselves, then on the street and at work, the man meets many beautiful young girls and the temptation begins to overcome him. It also happens that even in the strongest family, betrayals occur and not because feelings have faded away, but simply the passion has already passed and the man is looking not for new love, but for new sensations.

Treason can occur, as has already been said, when a man wants to prove to himself and those around him that he is full of strength and attractive to other women. But such trips to the left are dangerous in that once a man went for confirmation of his solvency, a man would want to increase his significance in this way again and again.

Many argue that a man should walk up before the wedding, and then later he will not be drawn to treason, but in fact it is not always the case. A man who is accustomed to change before marriage will do this after, since it will be difficult for him to dwell on one woman after their diversity.

What to do in case of adultery?

Any woman who has studied her man well will notice a change in his behavior and guess what the reason is. Moreover, if a man changes not for the first time, then he will not always be able to hide all the evidence, he will not delete the SMS in the phone, he will leave the ICQ turned on, or disappear in the evenings where it is not known. In general, if you want, you can always find evidence of adultery unfaithful husband. Another question is how much a man hides it, if a woman is dear to him and this relationship, he will do everything possible so that she will never know about it. And if he doesn’t care at all and he doesn’t disguise his adventures at all, then think about whether it is worth suffering.

But you learned that you have changed. There are a lot of thoughts in my head and the main question, is it really not enough for me alone? Do not give in to minute impulses and do not rush to arrange a showdown, you will not achieve anything good with it. Present something worth it only if you do not forgive treason, and this will mean your break. And if you still understand that you stay with this man, then this will not stop him from cheating. On the contrary, he will see that you are able to forgive the fact of betrayal, which means that you can be changed in the future. Show your behavior that you are better than other women - you are the most attentive, loving, wise, beautiful, passionate and gentle woman.

Surround your man with care, but at the same time show him that you have hobbies and even make him jealous. Of course, it is difficult to give a man a reason for jealousy, for example, if a woman is sitting at home with a small child, but it is still possible to try and come up with something. When a woman causes a storm of emotions in a man, is a standard, then he simply will not have the motivation to go to the left.

Another mistake of women is to reproach himself and ask why he did this to me and betrayed me? And you do not think that your man does not consider this a betrayal at all, for him this is a normal physical need. Most often, a man puts his woman to the fore, and does not have any feelings for his mistresses. In the end, if he had no feelings for you, he would not live with you, would not want to have children from you, so do not wind yourself up. Even the fact that he protects you from knowledge of his adventures suggests that he loves you and does not want to hurt you.

How to choose the right man?

Loyalty has now become so rare that it seems just impossible to meet a man who will be faithful to you all his life. But maybe it is still possible and such men exist? So, the "species" of faithful men:

  • There is a category of men who, if they love one woman, they simply don’t need others. But how to find out such a man is another question.
  • Men who are lazy, who are just too lazy to do something for women, give them flowers, spend their money on them and conquer them, it is convenient for him to live with one that he has long achieved.
  • Self-doubtful men, they will already be glad that you paid attention to them and, in gratitude, they can love one woman all their lives. Another contrast, when a man is successful in work or his hobby, he also has every chance to be faithful, because sex is essentially the same realization, and when a man splashes out his energy, he will not be pulled to the side.
  • Often, men pull to the left, and women, too, when they drink, so choose for a serious relationship a man who does not have an addiction to alcohol.
  • Also pay attention to the profession chosen, if he is on duty to constantly communicate with women, then the temptation he will be too great. But representatives of especially male professions have a close female audience in their environment.
  • Another rare type of man is those who deeply believe in God and keep his commandments. And God told all believers to be faithful to their wives and children, so that a believing man would not commit such a sin.

But what to do if your man does not belong to any of these categories and loves to drink about, loves and does not believe, and communicates with women constantly on work. Then remember how it was at the very beginning of your relationship? Surely there was a thrill, and tenderness, and passion, and thoughts about betraying your man did not even attend. So try to return the atmosphere to the relationship, apparently, your man just lost the feeling of your originality, but in your power to return it. And finally, you should not be so categorical about men, not all men change, and maybe you’re lucky and you’ll find exactly that, even if you don’t consider your man to be like that, you still don’t watch him or give him interrogations, distrust pushes the man to treason even more.

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