Pigeons at the wedding

To begin with, the Italians first began to release white doves at the wedding. It was and remains an old and very beautiful custom. In Italy, the bride opened a cage with snow-white birds, which symbolized the beginning of her new life. She, like pigeons, flush out of her home. In Russia, the tradition of releasing birds into the wild on a holiday already exists for more than one century, but the fact that whites are the trend of modern fashion. In Germany, pigeons were tied to paws with pink and pigeon ribbons, and if a pigeon with a blue ribbon flew first, it meant that the newlyweds would have a boy as their firstborn, and a girl with a pink one.

Nowadays, the bride and groom release pigeons together, and not from a cage, but from their hands. Beautiful, romantic, slowly, giving the photographer the opportunity to make stunningly beautiful photos that will be included in the family album of the newlyweds. So what are pigeons at a wedding? Just a beautiful spectacle, or still a special rite? Probably both. Priorities in one direction or another are set by the couple in their opinion.

Dove - a bird of peace and harmony

More and more often at the wedding there is a moment with the release of pigeons. And it’s not for nothing! Since ancient times, pigeons - a symbol of peace and prosperity, including family. Therefore, do not be lazy and order a pair of reverent creatures for your marriage. Believe me, if you do everything with the mind, it will turn out incredibly touching and romantic.

Now in each city there are a huge number of companies offering all kinds of wedding services, including the "rental" of pigeons. The price of this pleasure varies from a thousand to a half thousand per pair. On the appointed day you are delivered to the appointed place by snow-white beauties - well-groomed, clean and very nice! You release them, the photographer shoots, the guests are fascinated by watching ... Well, and the birds are returning to the pigeon house.

The tradition loses its meaning, you will say, because birds need to be set free ... So it is true, but wild pigeons, which can really be set free, can be carriers of various infectious diseases, and their appearance is not always marketable. Better use the services of golubevodov, and let the birds return to the pigeon house, is not the point.

Wedding Pigeons: Looking for the Best

Ask friends who have recently played a wedding, contact the companies from which they ordered pigeons for their celebration, read reviews on the Internet ... It is best to use the services of a proven organization to avoid trouble. For example, badly tamed pigeons may not return to the pigeon house, and this will lead to their death, since such birds are not accustomed to the natural environment, or non-professionals can feed the pigeons tightly the day before ... Is it worth talking about the consequences?

The simple rule of dealing with pigeons

Also remember the main rule for "releasing" pigeons - do not squeeze the birds too much, or confusion may occur, as in the popular Internet video ... The bird will not throw itself up, and you will fall as a stone at your feet. Pigeons are gentle creatures, behave with them carefully.

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And when, in fact, their release, you ask? And at any suitable time after the registrar! Like this.

Good luck, success and all the very, very bright!

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