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Oh, this modern world! A world in which there is so much available information about everything that gives the impression of one’s own choice, individuality, but looking more closely, it’s not hard to see that most of this information is imposed on you roughly and stereotypes of certain behavior in society are created, especially affected by such minds younger generations who absorb this useful and sometimes useless information like sponges.

Here, for example, the recently emerging and successfully developing model of men's behavior as a pickup (derived from the English pick - up - pick, "hook on", "to glue"). In the world wide web of information you can find a lot about this art of seduction, even the most enterprising people create entire groups - training sessions for a pick-up truck, and everywhere they just scream how to recognize a pick-up artist that they are such bad people, ah-ay-ay, Let's try to figure out what are these same pikapery. What are the distinguishing features of our cunning trained pick-up artist? Here are some tips that are given to us for recognition:


Pickups have a set of special words to start dating (they even even have a special set of terms to designate their actions, but I think you shouldn't clutter their heads with them, as it will not use them).

Phone number, first call

When he sees your interest, he will try to find out your phone number by hook or by crook, then he will call in three to five days and make an appointment at a convenient place and time convenient for himself, and in a tone that does not imply your refusal.

First date

His goal is to show you that: a) he is special, b) you are soul mates with him. Perhaps he will carry out the "adjustment": copy your posture, respiratory rate; to say that he likes the same things as you; use in the conversation your expressions and special words. In addition, he will surely touch you. Under any pretext: straighten hair, stroke the hand, remove the eyelash. He will also talk a lot. As soon as there is a pause in the conversation, he will begin to spew streams of eloquence on any topic.

Second and third date

The goal - to finally convince you that he is special and get, finally, the coveted reward in the form of sex. Well, in the end, he invites you to his home (to the hotel, to a rented apartment) under any pretext and begins to "live." In the course are erotic massage, alcohol, relaxing music, romantic surroundings and stuff like that. And if you agree to have sex, be prepared for the fact that tomorrow he may disappear in an unknown direction. Now we know them, and forewarned is forearmed! Now let us speculate whether the pickup is really bad, and whether it was designed exclusively for us to be such helpless, so easily succumbing to all sorts of methods of deception and hypnosis, more precisely in order to drag your favorite person to bed, or there may be a general opinion About this style of behavior, there is nothing more than squandering valuable, someone very necessary information? Remember the wonderful film that was recently released in the rental "Rules of removal. The Hitch method." The main character of the film Hitch also speaks only about three dates, after which "everything goes smoothly", but ... He helps only those people who really need it, and everyone there, "passing personalities", he says: "Bye! ", as a result, people whom he helps gain happiness for many years. Maybe the creators of the so-called pickup had just that in mind (helping non-confident people find their second doormat, helping to cope with prejudices that prevent us from certain stages of dating) when studying psychology and behavior of people? After all, imagine how much courage you need to apply a shy person to get acquainted, so much so that the object of sympathy wants to know you better! Modern girls on a simple "Hello! How are you?" at best, they will pass by and will not notice, so you have to invent original ways for dating, just someone really wants to know a person as a person, and someone just needs sex. It is precisely because of such far from decent people who, after having sex with a girl, post their photos on the Internet with the discussions “How it was” this art has spread as something negative, which is worth saving young girls from.

A real pick-up girl will not be able to recognize, and lovers are immediately visible and get a “turn from the gate”, a real pick-up will not walk and shout at every corner about his abilities and “victories”, he enjoys the process and the achievement of the goal, only dishonorable people with low self-esteem will praise their dubious achievements in front of friends. In the life of everyone, there comes a moment when he meets the only person with whom he wants to live his whole life and then it does not matter at all with what techniques and methods they met ...

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