Personal life and work

Each of us at least sometimes thought how wonderful it is to be with a loved one always near, every day, every hour, every minute. But the bustle and rhythm of our weekdays do not allow us such luxury. Houses are everyday problems that are not always able to be solved jointly, at work — a lot of official duties that need to be done without fail, otherwise the boss will not be happy with you ...

And what if your boss is your own husband? In this case, you will undoubtedly face a number of problems!

Husband life "under the hood"

So, the situation is more than clear. You and your husband are constantly around not only at home, at parties, but also at work. And not just together - he controls you. At first it may seem just a wonderful fact: your man is always with you, and he should definitely be in charge of everything (the stronger sex). But time passes, and you realize that control not only your work, but also the remnants of your personal life (which I would like to leave PERSONAL). One gets the feeling that you are in a certain invisible aquarium, through the walls of which this person may well look at the "fish" whenever he pleases.

There are women who tolerate it normally, then the problem will not even arise. However, many do not like this treatment. What to do? Try to talk about the separation of personal and working relationships.. Try to convince your husband that it is not necessary to demonstrate your relationship, to follow you, to control too much. Try to explain that his behavior causes dissatisfaction with his colleagues, and you are not allowed to work calmly, and hope that they will listen to you. Well, if not, then, probably, it would be right to look for a new job, or continue to endure it and feel like a beautiful aquarium fish. You decide.

Husband-leader at home and at work

The habit of leadership can manifest itself in your husband, not only at work, but also in household matters.. Coming from the service, you expect to find peace and understanding at home, just relax. However, your potential boss decides that he must be the boss in everything and begins to give you various assignments. From the side it may even look ridiculous, but you are not amused. If you are an exemplary loving wife, then you rush headlong into doing everything you have just been asked to say. But one day your brain will still begin to distinguish between work and home. And then you ask yourself Does the husband have the right to command you at home?

It seems no. At work, he is your immediate superior, but at home you are equal. The family is arranged in such a way that each of its members should have their own duties, and, of course, rights. If you want to live happily, do not let your husband break them. You are also a person with your own principles, with personal, unique views of the world, with the right to have time to rest.

Another problem that may arise between you - fatigue apart. A normal person needs a periodic change of scenery: other places, different foods, different behaviors, other people. Well, you are at work together, at home together, sleep together, wake up together, and in such a circle every day. Spouses, in this case, it is recommended to rest at least occasionally.. Find an opportunity, for example, to go somewhere with your friends, take a walk in one of the autumn park, let your husband go fishing with friends, in a cafe and so on. You and your husband will get new impressions, some variety in life.

Positioning yourself as an independent person is, of course, good, but do not overdo it. A wise woman should allow a man to lead at least sometimes. If you give your husband the opportunity to make important decisions not only at work, then, as they say, the wolves will be fed and the grandmothers are safe. However, care must be taken that this does not go beyond common sense. Also, do not forget that colleagues are certainly aware of your marital status, therefore, it is at least silly not to pay attention to each other. Just remember that your disassembly and discussion of pressing problems should be reserved for the house.

Dear women, we are created to be loved and cared for. Do not worry if your husband is higher than you in status. Remember: a real man can always make you a queen!

Especially for - Marie Matveyuk

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