Perfect man

All the girls, when they were small, dreamed that a real prince would appear in their lives, who would protect and guard them. The childhood passed, but the girls moved their dream of a prince into adulthood and want to see a strong male shoulder beside them. For any woman, it is important to feel your weakness next to a man, to feel his protection, except that not all men understand this and are in no hurry to demonstrate their strength. Therefore, from time to time a woman asks a question, is the real man next to her and how can he get to know him at all?

The ideal man is a very large concept and each woman puts a different meaning in it, for someone the indicator of strength in a man is his level of income, for someone the ability to please a woman with pleasant surprises, compliments, and the other in the concept of a real man can put it mind and experience. Therefore, your man may not even guess who the perfect man is for you. First, decide for yourself how you present a real man, but it happens that a woman shouts to everyone about her desire to find the perfect man, but at the same time cannot even describe his particular image.

Ideal in the views of men about themselves

It is important to understand that men are very different from women, they are even brought up differently. Almost from birth, boys are told that they cannot cry, they cannot show their weakness, they must be decisive and strive for leadership. Slightly growing up, the boy begins to communicate with his peers and wants to stand out against their background, tends to be a bad boy, seduce a lot of girls. Bad boys are always attracted, especially at a young age and inexperienced girls easily fall into their networks. Older girls are already beginning to attract other men - loving, loyal and caring, and not those who build Don Juan. But many men come to taste and strive to conquer more and more female hearts. In addition, it gives them credibility in the male company.

What do men themselves consider a sign of strength? It’s not the same as women - they believe that a real man is always restrained in expressing his feelings, can demonstrate physical strength at the right moment and prove in a fight that he is stronger than his rival, a man is brutal if he can seduce any woman, and his track record is replete with a number of broken hearts. Of course, not necessarily a man will strive to meet these criteria, there are those who do not chase the opinion of the crowd and do not pay attention to what others think about him.

The ideal man in the female representation

Women have a completely different idea of ​​the qualities of an ideal man. Such a man knows how to love and give his love to a woman, and he does it without any games or ambiguities. He always speaks the truth, even if it is not profitable for him. Next to him, a woman feels protection and peace, she knows that if she is with him, he will always protect her, but in any conflict situation, a real man tries to solve everything with words, not with fists. Such a man will never allow himself to conduct an affair, or even more so openly flirt with other women in the presence of his lady.

Try to figure out what does not suit you in the behavior of your man and what are the reasons for this behavior? There is such a type of men who have determined for themselves what is important for a real man, but sometimes this behavior is dictated to a man by his company. His friends in their circle decided how to behave and for many years behave in this way. It is impossible to protect a man from his surroundings, because his friends are very important to him, and besides, if you report that you are not satisfied with his surroundings, then he will simply consider that you dictate your conditions to him.

You can just make yourself so that he wants to behave like a real knight. And do not pay attention to what they say in his entourage on the topic of male behavior and attitudes towards women, these may be just words, but in fact the same men are faithful and reliable, and indeed women are also not averse to discussing men and speaking out they are not from the most flattering side, so it is better to look at what a man does and does not say.

Talk to your man

How to convey to your man, how you want to see him and your relationship? No hints are needed, men do not understand this, on the contrary, they are just annoying them, just calmly talk to him and explain what kind of behavior is unpleasant for you, but it should look like a tender request, and not as a hidden order, otherwise no desire then do the man does not occur. Moreover, never put an ultimatum before a man, either you do, or I leave, or you change, or I will behave, as I see fit, etc. Even if a man agrees with your ultimatum, then he will definitely remember this and it will only undermine your relationship. It is necessary to act with a man as with children - gently and carefully, but do not point out to him, otherwise he will go into attack.

And now think about how serious your man’s shortcomings are, or more and more thoughtful of you? Now you don’t need to remember that he forgot your grandmother’s birthday, didn’t give you flowers for your anniversary, didn’t say good night, take more global things.

  1. How stable is he in his earnings, if you lose your job, become pregnant, can he provide for you two
  2. If someone wrongly wronged you or you need help, can he protect and help you? Are you sure that he will fight back hooligans who try to stick to you on the street?
  3. Does he keep his promises, how responsible is he?
  4. What are his intentions in the relationship of you, whether he is interested in your life, your inner world, or is only important to him beautiful appearance?
  5. How does he relate to life in general, does he have any plans and goals?
  6. Does he treat your female weaknesses favorably, is he able to tolerate your shortcomings?

If you answered yes to all questions, then you are the perfect man, and all your problems are contrived, so appreciate him, and do not bother yourself with any trifles. And most importantly, do you feel that he loves you? Very often, all the problems come from this, the woman just breaks her head thinking how to make her man express his feelings, take care of her, and he simply does not love her, he may just be comfortable, but do something more for the unloved woman he is not going. So look for someone who will love you, and you will feel it.

If you answered many questions in the negative, then you should think. You will either have to look for a new candidate for a serious relationship, or do hard "educational work", namely, discuss everything with your man, say that you are confused by his behavior in some situations, and be sure to mention his advantages and how he to you dear But still, no matter how sad it may sound, people do not change drastically, and if you love your man, it may be worthwhile to perceive him for what he really is.

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