Parting with your loved one. how to survive parting and not

There is an opinion that parting with the person whom you have always loved, you lose a part of yourself. Perhaps that is why this process often becomes an unbearable test. Often, even if people disagree peacefully, pain and emptiness remain in the soul. It is possible to avoid this destructive feeling, but it is possible to try to survive parting with your loved ones correctly.

How to survive parting with your loved one?

Surely, most of your friends will start saying broken phrases to you, like "he is not worthy of you, forget about him", "let him go to all 4 sides", "thank God that he threw, he never did anything good for you" and t .d After hearing this, you will think at some point that it is. What are you afraid of? You are young, look amazing and will certainly find the one with whom you will live happily ever after. The only problem is that these thoughts are probably false. Try to accept the fact that no matter how hard you try to hide your feelings, pain and disappointment will overtake you. So think about what is best to experience all at once. If you want to cry - cry, anger has settled in you - be angry. Yes, at first you will feel like the most unhappy person on the planet, but sooner or later it will pass. Your life will come back to normal, everything will be fine.

If you are not used to show your emotions in public, do not. Nobody expects this from you. What do you care about others, be honest with yourself. In the daytime, you can laugh with your friends over your grief, pretend that you listened to their advice, and act as if nothing happened. But, left alone with yourself, give free rein to your feelings. If you have something to say to your beloved, and there is no opportunity to do it personally, say all the words out loud to yourself. Lick, cry and go to bed.

"In any strange situation, go to bed." This wisdom, which appeared on the Internet, as well as possible is suitable as advice in this situation.

Parting with your loved one

After parting, a person experiences strong emotions. Most often negative, of course. That is why rest is so necessary. Sleep will calm your brain and emotionally depleted body. Remember that morning is wiser than evening.

When the first wave of emotional experiences passes, begin to act.

First get rid of all things reminiscent of Him. Remember the movie "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind", where the main character wanted to erase his beloved one from memory. He needed to collect all the things that were somehow connected with the object of love and evoked memories. No one says that it will be easy. Difficult. But necessary. However, many leave a couple of things as a reminder of warm times and live well with it. But if these objects and photos make you cry or worry, get rid of them better.

Sad songs do not listen better. You have experienced a strong emotional shock. Why continue to mock yourself, tear the soul and spoil the exterior? If you really want music, listen to the classics or rock and roll. If you are a fan of something more modern, choose something fun, dancing, club. It is better to abstain from watching romantic films too. In this state will be more useful than any detectives, cartoons or comedy.

In the series "Sex and the City", Carrie says that after parting with her beloved, certain places, streets and even time of the day cause associations, and the city turns into a battlefield stuffed with invisible mines. This thought ends with the words: "You have to step very carefully, otherwise You will be blown into pieces." The worst thing is that it is. Therefore, think of other routes for yourself, and, possibly, change your daily routine. Do not walk around the places that are meaningful to you. They will inevitably cause unnecessary emotions and memories.

Do not lock yourself in! Be sure to walk with friends and girlfriends. Organize joint leisure. If you know for sure that you have a person who can listen, speak out. Only choose those who will not condemn you and give stupid advice. Need support, and perhaps altogether silent participation. Express your feelings to such a person, and you can tell anyone about the situation and events.

Take care of self-development. By this you can understand anything you want: work, study, hobby, sport. Firstly, these classes will not let you be bored (they will take your time). Secondly, they will bring you invaluable benefits.

Do not count on the fact that you will quickly manage to return to normal after a break. It is always bitter and scary. However, sooner or later the pain will go away, you will feel free and open to a new life and impressions.

Parting is always hard. It is not easy to be abandoned, it is also not easy to leave the one you loved. However, if the relationship has no future, it is better to let the person go so that he can find his happiness. Actually, the same as you.

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