For each child, dad and mom are equally important. You can never ask the child a question: "Who do you love more?". This will be a great stress for him. Mom and dad perform completely different roles for the child. In their significance for their child, they are equally important.

Mother and father

Mom is not only the main source of security, but also life itself. Up to three years, children do not separate themselves from the mother at all; they are one with her. Her behavior is copied whenever possible, is constantly studied and is an example to follow. Remember: it is mother who teaches tenderness and love.

Dad - is the main source of knowledge about the world. His constant leaving for work and appearance in the evening are perceived as an important part of the adult world. For a child, dad is always strong and brave, regardless of his real physical data. The father can easily teach how to live in this world in general, how to behave not only in a normal situation, but also in an extreme situation. Dad shows the inner power of managing emotions. This further helps the child to more easily adapt to the surrounding life.

Of course, in the modern world, the roles of mom and dad are often confused. If a mother brings up a child, she has to teach herself everything that is necessary. And when a woman is forced to work hard, there is no place for love and tenderness. Although, if you wish, you can always make time for your baby.

In some families, fathers do not pay much attention to raising their children. But let's not talk about the problems in the modern family, but about the significant role of the father and mother in the life of the child as a whole.

Do not compete for the love of the child!

If parents have disputes regarding their headship for the child, this indicates a serious conflict between them. The child has nothing to do with it. Most likely, someone just does not like the place that he occupies in the family. Even if you want to find out the relationship between themselves, you can not interfere in them child !!! He loves each parent, regardless of his habits, character, and social status. Like a child, and a growing up teenager, the conflict between the parents is often incomprehensible and alarming. Each quarrel begins to be perceived on a personal account, the child often feels guilty. But this is completely groundless!

Do not treat the upbringing of the child as an exciting competition between them. Is it possible to measure love by the quantity and value of gifts? Show love and care, no matter how strong the marital bond. Then the child will only have pleasant memories from childhood. In a benevolent setting, it is easiest to develop in every way

Consider that children behave in the same way as their parents. If you care about them, make them learn and get knowledge that they will come in handy later, but treat children without love and understanding, then do not be surprised at cool relations. Every child feels fine when he has become a burden for parents and is trying to attract increased attention in any way he can.

Today's life keeps parents in a rather intense rhythm. Fatigue, irritability, a huge mass of problems do not always give a friendly attitude to our children. Yes, and children often do not resemble obedient angels. This leads to the appearance of a negative. And in this situation, if one of the parents starts to get bogged down on children because of problems at work, and the second one is “sorry” for each child and indulges each child, the bias in family relations begins.

Children are the same people.

Children are not criminals brought up by "good" and "evil" policemen. To maintain balance, one should carefully develop general rules in the family: what is allowed, what is prohibited, how punishment occurs. If both parents closely follow and maintain the established rules, the child will be psychologically calmer. And the number of riots aimed at checking the strength of the boundaries of what is permitted will be reduced to the minimum number.

Remember that children are the same people as you, only small ones. Respect and love them. Do not make them a tool in the disputes of the father and mother. You can easily solve all your problems without their participation.

Especially for Angelica C

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