Overnight to grandmother

If the grandmother and grandfather live in another area of ​​the metropolis or in the suburbs, then, together with an invitation to visit them, a proposal for an overnight stay may follow. When there are children in the family, even an hour on the road in the late hours can be a tedious task. And the presence of a free sofa and all the amenities, in theory, should be consensual. But sometimes insignificant trifles can affect the convenience of children and parents. What should be considered when going to visit relatives with an overnight stay?

Of course, elementary rules!

Personal hygiene items

In principle, if you do not brush your teeth once, then nothing terrible will happen. But there are a number of other things that should not be forgotten. If the baby is still wearing diapers, then you should take them with a reserve. If the child has only learned to go to the pot and an accident may occur at night, then you should grab an oilcloth with a sheet or an absorbent diaper. Wet and dry wipes will be required for any age. With relatives, usual napkins can unexpectedly end, and babies miraculously manage to find a dirty place and get dirty.

Personal things

Undoubtedly, mom can find a t-shirt for sleeping in the bowels of cabinets at her grandmother and grandfather. Although it is better to sleep in your own. But what about children? It is necessary to take spare panties, T-shirt, T-shirt, socks and stockings. In this case, if the child spills something onto himself, he will always be able to change clothes. And after the shower change into something clean. Our family made a simple decision: bring a spare set of clothes for children. It includes socks, panty hoses, underwear, socks, T-shirts, T-shirts, sweaters, pants and sweaters. Now I always know that even with a sharp change in the weather they will have something to wear.

Linen and towel

Of course, many people assume that the grandparents will “give out” a towel and bed immediately after the end of the dinner. But, as practice shows, not everyone does this. In this situation, it is better not to go in search of the bed itself, but to ask when the accessories for sleeping and bathing will be allocated. And only after the offer to take them on the shelf itself, to go in search.

Water supply schedule

At one time we lived in the same village as the husband’s parents. But then they moved to the city, got used to its amenities. What was our surprise when we realized that the water was about to turn off. I had to rush to take turns to have enough water for everyone. Even in different parts of the city, there is a different order of water supply to the taps. It is better to find out in advance the nuances of the grandmother with the grandfather and to distract in time for the personal hygiene of the child. In addition, if a boiler is installed in the house, then there may not be enough hot water at all ...

First Aid Kit

There is always the likelihood that the baby will get hurt, a cold will begin, a tummy after grandmother's nourishing food and other unpleasant options will begin to hurt. It is better not to hope for "chance" and take the most necessary with you: an electronic thermometer, antipyretic, adhesive plaster, nose drops, something for the stomach and a means to stop the blood (if it is cut by something sharp).

Baby's favorite toy

This does not mean that you need to drag a mountain of dolls or machines out of the house. It is enough to take one toy, with which the crumb loves to fall asleep or play. This will help and easier to move the road, and bring the element of heat into the house to relatives.

Wallet with money

Even if it is assumed that a mother with children will be taken by car back and forth, unforeseen situations may arise. For example, a child may suddenly end in diapers. Or on the table there will be no food that suits him by age. In this case, it is necessary to immediately go to the store for shopping. And it is better if the parents' money goes to this, because they did not specify the menu beforehand or forgot to take a sufficient number of essential items.

In fact, any situation can be successfully solved together. So I wish you mutual understanding with all your relatives and friends!

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