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A wedding is remembered not by the amount of champagne and salad eaten, but by fun and unusual entertainment tasks. Today the original bride redemption contests are in fashion again.. Do not know how to spend such a "prelude" to the wedding? Take advantage of ideas that will help cheer the heroes of the occasion and their guests!

The most expensive "product"

Original bride redemption competitions will help create a wedding mood.

A wedding is a celebration that combines tradition, official rituals, feast, dancing and fun contests. In the past, the groom had to literally “buy” his chosen one from their parents. Today, the custom of redemption has been transformed into an interesting, bright and funny fun, which will allow the future husband to show ingenuity and resourcefulness.

Original competitions for bride price will help to create a wedding mood already in front of the house (or entrance) of the bride and groom. Their organization is the duty of the witness and bridesmaids. It is they who invent the tasks and prepare the corresponding attributes for them.

Best Scenario Rules

No matter how original the scenario, the ransom will consist of 2 parts. If the bride lives in a block of flats, then part of the contests are held in front of the entrance to the staircase, and some - on the stairs. If she lives in a private house, then in front of the yard and in the yard.

The organizer of the ransom — a girlfriend with her helpers — is waiting for the groom's motorcade before entering. She should know the rules of contests well, speak them loudly and clearly and be able to improvise in the course of the action.

Pre should be "dress up" entrance. For this fit balloons, holiday posters, red hearts, wedding rings made of golden self-bonding. Attributes to each competition must be on the floor where it will be held.

Dirty entrance, "decorated" with indecent graffiti is not the best surroundings for the holiday. Therefore it is necessary to put it in order in advance (the same applies to the private residence).

How to make the ransom interesting and fun?

How to make a buyout interesting and fun

The initial stage of the holiday - the ransom of the bride - should be carefree and exciting for all the participants of the celebration. Choose tasks should be so that the groom had the opportunity to show themselves from the best side, and the invitees received a portion of a good mood.

Although it is better to pick up original buyback contests, the script should not include assignments that put the groom to a standstill and make him feel uncomfortable. To prevent this from happening, it is enough to connect the bride to the competition, because she knows her chosen one best of all.

To make the ransom go bang, use these tips:

  • calculate the time correctly. For the newlyweds not to be late for registration, and for guests not to get bored crowded in the stairwell, the ransom must last at most 30-40 minutes;
  • the ransom ceremony is not intended to “take away” as much money as possible from the groom and the witness. Therefore, candies, champagne, fruits, flowers, coins can be used as redeemed persons;
  • contests should not be too difficult. Not all grooms have a poetic gift or have the build, which will allow them to drive around on a tricycle. Pick up tasks so that five minutes later her husband copes with them exactly;
  • 2-3 contests are enough;
  • Do not use battered tasks. Down with dummy brides and brides in whom grandmothers and elderly uncles dress up! This is all long bored.

Fresh and original bride redemption competitions for the bridegroom

Fresh and original bride redemption competitions for the bridegroom

Such ideas of competitions will help with preparation of the repayment.

  • Serenade for the future wife. Prepare unusual "musical instruments": rattles, spoons, pots, grater, whistle. They should be distributed to the groom and his friends. To the accompaniment of such an orchestra, the groom must perform a love song. At the end of the serenade, the bride will thank her knight with a bunch of parsley or radish, thrown out of the window.
  • Gifts for his beloved wife. Than the young husband will continue to give his little wife, you can learn through this contest. The following attributes will be needed: target circle divided into sectors (each of them represents the year of family life), darts. In the center of the target it says “Everything!”, In the first circle - “diamonds”, in the second - “mink coat”, in the third - “cool foreign car”; in the fourth, the "journey to Paris," and so on. The groom throws darts, "choosing" gifts.
  • Boxing match. This competition will make jittery not only the groom, but also the guests. Have the bride show her strength. Choose a rival for him - it must be a large, strong-looking man. Wear both boxing gloves. After the “gong” (it’s enough to strike the lid of the pan with a spoon), the rivals must perform ridiculous tasks: unwrap candies, tie a bow, etc.

On the verge of happiness: competitions to buy a bride at the entrance

Since the entrance is stuffy and not too much space, short contests are held here.

  • Kiss favorite. Girls in advance leave the prints of their lips, make-up bright lipstick, on a poster, which depicts some Hollywood handsome. The groom should recognize the lips of his beloved. Every mistake will be "punished" by ransom. At the end of the contest, the friend tells the groom that his bride has not left her mark here, because she cannot kiss another man!
  • Keys to family happiness. Inside the balloons put a note with the words "champagne", "candy", "coins" (that is, denoting the "currency" of redemption). The groom chooses the balls and pierces them until he finds the word "key". If he makes a mistake, the payoff will be what is written on the note.

"Lives my joy in the high teremu": competitions for the purchase of the bride in a private house

The whole street is usually collected for the wedding, so the ransom begins from the road. You can use such tasks for redemption.

  • The traditional competition - "Cutting Wood". A couple of logs block the road to the bridegroom, and he must cut them to get to her fiancé house.
  • Go through customs. In the role of the main customs officer stands a goat. They put a cap on it. It is necessary to treat the animal so that it is allowed to go to the house of the bride.

Competitions for redemption give a lot of positive. It is they who set the tone for the upcoming celebration and help the groom relieve nervous tension in front of the most responsible part of the marriage. The main thing is to take into account all the nuances. In order for everything to go according to plan, the friend must rehearse the ransom the day before.

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