Options for working at home for women

Now more and more popular work at home. Some use this opportunity in the form of part-time work to the main work. Others, due to some life circumstances, work only at home. What are the types of work at home? What does an employer offer?

Writing theses and term papers

If you work as a teacher of any discipline, or just well-versed in any subject, you can safely advertise the offer of your service. Yes, at first, perhaps, there will be not so many customers, but over time, when students begin to send your phone to each other, you will acquire your own clients, who will bring a steady income.


Now a large number of publishers, including foreign ones. Having carefully studied the Internet, you can contact two or three such publishers, and offer their services. But remember to work as a translator, need to know the language perfectly! After all, can be caught speech turns, which, if translated literally, sound like nonsense!


If you do not have the opportunity to go to future students home, you can try to find students, who agree to go to your house. But in this case, as in the previous one, you should know the subject perfectly. As an advantage there will be a pedagogical education.


Now there are many sites on which people are looking for, ready write a script for television series. This is work to order. And you can write something for the soul, and try to sell to the publisher. But you must be prepared, first of all, for two things. First, no one is waiting for you with open arms in publishing! And if you refused one of them, it does not mean at all that you are not talented, it’s just that the publisher now does not need books of this genre. In this case, need perseverance

Secondly, the publishing house is interested in constantly writing authors. They have no reason to release one novel, and then wait for years for you to write something else. Therefore, if you are determined to become a writer, be prepared for daily hard work!

Copyright, rewrite

If you do not feel the strength to write a novel, you can try yourself as a copywriter or rewriter. A copywriter is the person who, on the instructions of the customer, writes articles for a website or magazine. And the article he takes from his head. That is, he writes based on his experience, knowledge and thoughts.

A rerayter is a person who rewrites the finished text, which is given to him, so that the words do not repeat in one and the other, but at the same time preserve the common meaning. Please note that a copywriter is valued more, and, accordingly earns more.

Typing from audio recording

The job is to send you an audio file. You need to listen to it, type the text. The work is painstaking, as often come across records of ships. And there are many specialized words. And for such work, most often, they take people who have experience in such work.

Creation and design of sites

If you are familiar with how to create a website, then you can earn a lot on this! And if you can also make a design for it, then you attacked the bottom of the gold! Because the sites are now being created every day. To the customer chose you from a variety of applicants, it is worth, at the initial stage, to reduce the price of the service. And, having gained experience, install the usual one. If you still do not know how to create a site yourself, nothing wrong! The Internet is full of information, there you can learn.

Create your site

He can be on any topic. Women, men, children, technical - it does not matter. It is important to fill it with interesting material. And when the site will start to be in demand - You can find advertisers and offer them to advertise on your site. They will pay you for it.

Creating an online store

More interesting for those who want to earn, model. Besides the fact that your site will advertise, you also earn on the sale of goods, presented on the site. Think well what kind of product it will be, whether it will be in demand. Consider delivery options - and act!

Money clicks

Work, if you can call it work, is to click on advertisements on sites. For each click you get paid money. But in order to earn more or less decent money, you will have to sit and click for days.

This is what concerns the earnings with the help of a computer and the Internet. Now consider options for working at home without a computer and the Internet.

Label cutting

The job is to send you printed labels, and you cut them out. You get paid for it.

But unfortunately, lately, there are many scammers. And they work according to this scheme. Before sending the material, the employer may ask to pay for it, explaining that he cannot be sure that you will not be lost with these materials. But, in most cases, the employer disappears, having received money. He, of course, can even send the material, only in fact, he will sell it to you.

Assembling pens, beads, bracelets

Almost the same as the previous point, only in this case, you risk to get a bunch of beads or caps for pens, but for your own rather big money.

Growing mushrooms in packs

Again, for the money, you get the soil, seedlings for mushrooms and the technology of their cultivation. And then watch your harvest. The work is good only if you agree in advance who you will supply these same mushrooms. Because you are not actually given a job, but opportunity to start a business.

Work as a sales manager on the phone

You will have to ring up people (phone numbers will most likely have to look for yourself) and offer them a variety of goods. For the work they pay a percentage of sales. If they pay, of course. But there is a big risk. If you sell something illegal or of dubious quality, then representatives of Rospotrebnadzor, tax and police can "drop in" to you!


There is plenty of room for imagination! It can be anything! Knitting, sewing, weaving, crafts and pictures of straw and much more! Just before you start, decide how you will work. Whether to create a product first, and then implement it. Whether to advertise and wait for orders!

Decide which option is closer to you. And carefully study the ads! Weed out immediately those that promise rapid enrichment. For "just like that" no one will pay!

Good luck in your professional development!

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