On the train with the baby. recommendations

As you know, you can get to another city in a different way: by car, bus or train, fly by plane. Everyone chooses their own mode of transport, convenient for the trip. But when children appear in the family, the selection process is made many times more difficult.

A train is usually an affordable way to reach your final destination. Not all cities have a railway, but where it is, constant traffic is in full swing. What to do if the trip with the child can not be avoided? Is it really necessary to prepare for the fact that it will be "fun" not only for parents, but also for random fellow travelers? Maybe you should make the trip fun and exciting?

Recommendations to those who decided to ride the train

  1. It is necessary to make a list of things. On the one hand, it is quite difficult to completely enumerate "a green blouse - 1 piece, black shorts - 2 pieces, etc.". Children very quickly get things dirty, and at the last moment what is available is collected from the net. On the other hand, the lack of a list can lead to a large list of what will be forgotten at home. Therefore, it is necessary to find a "middle ground". A week before the trip, write something that immediately comes to mind (mobile, charger, tickets, wallet, toilet paper). Then in the process of fees supplement it with comments. Children's clothes can be listed in general terms (shorts + T-shirt - 2 sets), and already in the process of folding things into bags and suitcases, choose a specific model and color.
  2. It is better to take more food than less. In some ways, this advice makes sense: when there is no place to go out, the cookies from the conductors are much more expensive than what is sold in the store, you need to stock up on food in advance. At the same time, one should adequately perceive his capabilities. For example, on a trip of about 3-4 hours you can take a few sandwiches, fruit, cookies, yogurt boxes and stock up on drinking. In a longer way, you need to consider options for a full meal (you can boil potatoes, lean meats, take tomatoes or cucumbers).
  3. Think over the issue of leisure. For a child, like an adult, it is quite tiring monotony in life. And if at first the study of the car, the coupe and its own place takes some time, then in the future you want more space. If you do not think about how to take the children, you can get a bunch of uncontrollable energy. In the absence of interesting games, the children begin to run, make noise and come up with active activities for themselves. Believe me, it's better for parents to plan what the child will do in order to disturb his fellow travelers as little as possible. Sheets of paper with pencils will suit many children over the age of 1.5-2 years old (there are also special drawing pads followed by erasing the creation). Transforming robots will interest kids older than 2 years. Cars are suitable for both children who barely learned to sit and preschool children, regardless of gender.
  4. For the average population, the best option would be the lower shelf in the compartment. The advantages over the second-class car are quite understandable: fewer people walk past the place where the child sleeps (respectively, the risks of unplanned awakening are reduced), if necessary, you can always close the compartment door to limit the movement of the baby. This will facilitate the life of not so much a child as his parents.

A positive attitude, a desire to drive well and a well-thought-out of all the little things will help to survive a fun trip with a child in a positive way. Travel safely!

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