Female friendship at times does not lend itself to male logic. Joint gatherings, chatter on the phone, a constant discussion of everything and everyone. Is it really bad these conversations "about nothing"?

Scientists have repeatedly investigated the female and male logic, tried to somehow explain the reaction to a particular situation of different sexes. But the conclusions are very interesting, especially considering that a significant part of scientists are men. One of the main conclusions (which I would like to mention) concerns the fact that women need to talk more.

Imagine the situation: a woman married, stopped communicating with her friends, closed the circle of interests only on her husband. After a while, either the husband will get tired of constant dialogues with his wife, or the spouse will not know where to put his energy and will start to feel ill at home. In the future, it threatens the collapse of the family or coexistence together with the constant clarification of relationships, cavil and discontent.

What is the advantage of talking with friends? If girls tactfully do not demonstrate their awareness of some personal details, they take on the role of the “master of destinies” less, same-sex communication has many positive aspects:

  • The wife has the opportunity to speak out. When the limit of voiced words is exhausted, a woman at home does not load her husband with unnecessary talk about "who in which clothes went where." Conversations can relate directly to their common interests, particularly bright events of the day.
  • There is a splash of emotions. Sometimes I want to complain about my husband: he throws his socks in there, and he picks something else in his teeth with his fingernail. At the same time love does not go anywhere! After talking with her friend about this and hearing that her pious one is no different (or slightly worse, better), she stops the conversation with a calm soul. Emotions came out, the situation is not as gloomy as at first glance. By the return of her husband from work waiting for him a charming wife with a great mood.

Thus, husbands are not always aware that they were offended for something. This is from the series "she invented herself - she herself was offended." But "she stopped being offended herself" happens very rarely. An experienced girlfriend can help in this, who will say "it happens worse" and turn her train of thought into a calm channel.

  • Full support and understanding. The woman is the best understand some excitement in the soul of another. This may include anxious waiting for the start of critical days, and concerns about the position at work, and the surge in prices for the most popular product groups. As a rule, it is women who like to go shopping just to "take a closer look" at the thing, which although I can buy it "probably in the next life, when I will ..."
  • Experience exchange. Describing your situation you can hear "one friend of my acquaintance," and then - what it all led to. This will not be a guide to action, because in parallel, girls can breathe and offer at once a dozen options for the development of events, laugh almost all of them and calmly disperse.

Many husbands, instead of just listening and clarifying "What did you think to do?", Give practical advice. Maybe this is right, but not for a woman. She often is important the process of conversation.

  • A man is entitled to the same communication. He can quietly drink beer with friends while his wife is chatting with girlfriends. This creates a feeling of free space, which is necessary for everyone. After such gatherings to return to the cozy family "nest" is doubly pleasant. But both partners should create coziness and warmth in the family, not just one. So if one is allowed something, then another too.

It is necessary to treat the chatter with friends indulgently. But if these conversations lead to a quarrel in the family, a frank dialogue between the spouses should be held. A jointly developed strategy will help avoid a crack in the relationship.

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