Obligations of the witness at the wedding

Wedding day is the excitement of a whole bunch of women: mothers, grandmothers, the bride herself, the bridesmaid, and, of course, the witnesses. Where without it. The witness at the wedding is a loyal friend, a great helper, a psychological controller, a sensitive ally. In short, on the witness lies almost everything. And this is a big responsibility, which is very tangible, especially before the most important day.

Consider a common situation: you were asked to be a witness for the first time in your life. What questions immediately arise in my head:

  • Who is the witness? Do I know him? How will we behave together? Do we get along?
  • How are wedding scripts written? Which contests are best done and which ones are not?
  • How to deal with toasts?
  • What to give young?

This is a smaller part of what future witnesses think. Let's start answering questions in order!

Obligations of the witness at the wedding in relation to the witness

Most likely, you will not know the witness. And it's not scary. Your duty is not to get acquainted with your companion for the evening, but to find a contact. To do this, apply all your communication skills. Keep everything in general in your hands, but also give the witness a place when “his exit” comes. Look at the material component: all passports, documents, rings - such things are better controlled by a woman. We are more responsible, everyone knows that.

Control and assistance from the witness

Your direct responsibility is to be with young people right at the wedding all the time and before the ceremony you should actively help your parents in organizational matters. The bride should not seek you with your eyes. You may need at any time.

Remember at least one wedding to which you were invited as a guest: there almost the entire ceremony is controlled by witnesses. Many contests simply cannot do without witnesses. Moreover, there are specially designed activities for them. If you already have a shy temper and a quiet disposition, at the wedding you will have to abandon this pattern of behavior. Do what you want, but shake your mind a little and get ready for competitions and skits. Yes, it is not easy. But it is your duty. And once you have agreed to be a witness - there is nowhere to retreat, your girlfriend, who believes in you and hopes for your help, will have to retreat.

Duties of the witness in organizing the wedding

In some modest weddings, the role of the toastmaster is played by a witness or a witness. If this is your case, then get ready to search. Next, let's talk about scripts. Create, so to speak, a business plan, a script for the whole action. This is easy to do if you dig around on the Internet, find a couple of scenarios and adapt them for a specific event.

The most important thing you need to know is the number of guests, whether the wedding will be modest or vice versa. And also, what percentage of youth should attend the ceremony. It is very important. For young people and for the older generation, contests and jokes should be different. You understand that grandmothers will not roll eggs in the leg of grandfathers. Think over and fun time, guests should not be tired or bored. Your program should be quite rich, and at the same time unobtrusive.

Toasts from witnesses at the wedding

Toasts for young people are a real challenge, especially if you are not used to making such speeches. Find in advance or make your own congratulations, and not one. Do not try to memorize, like lessons in school. Then just do not remember. Just keep in your mind those turnovers that would like to say at the table or in the registry office. Most importantly - do not worry.

Important trifles in the duties of the witness at the wedding

Needless to say, the witness should keep an eye on the bride's dress. Make sure the bride feels comfortable in her wedding dress and shoes. It just seems trivial.

Bride hysteria can be avoided if you prepare for the wedding in advance. And if you know that your “ward” is a very sensitive person, prepare handkerchiefs (they will also need parents). Get used to the fact that brides are naughty people. They are very worried, worried. Someone even has a nervous breakdown. Your duty is to support your friend and not lose contact with her. You should not be surprised at night calls with questions: “Can it all cancel?”. These are the fears of the future wife. Soothe her is your task.

Feel the moment and constantly tell the bride about her attractiveness. She wants to hear that on this day she is the most beautiful, bright, gentle and happy. Discard all her doubts. Be the guardian angel and second mom for the bride if you need to!

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