Names of girls on the church calendar

How do you call a ship ... then you know further. Choosing the name of the child, you just need to analyze a large amount of information. First, it is better not to give the child the name of the relative who died, no matter how much you love him. Your baby will have to go through his life on his own, so his name should be “his own”. Secondly, one does not need to be creative and call the child abbreviations from the initials of the presidents or other famous personalities. This may subsequently lead to the fact that the child is faced with ridicule or nagging others. Well, and thirdly, the name, patronymic and surname must be consonant. Today ordinary people have exotic names: Eleanor, Ilona, ​​Venedict. The stars of our show business, on the contrary, tend to simplicity and primordial “Russianness” - Aglaia, Thekla, Prokhor. What's better? Nobody will tell you this, but one thing is clear - Ilona Ivanovna Ivanova is too pretentious.

Finding the right name for the baby is not easy: the father does not want, the mother will be against it. Here for such controversial moments and there is a church calendar. Before all the children were called according to the calendar calendar, and there were no problems, as in general, and a choice. Everyone knew that child guarding the guardian angel, helps him in all his endeavors. And then the baby himself is pleased to realize that his name is not a random set of letters, but a conscious choice in accordance with his date of birth.

Of the month



Anastasia, Claudia, Agafya, Melania, Domna, Ulyana,

Eugenia, Appolinaria, Maria, Leonidia, Tatiana,

Felicata, Nina, Agrafena, Aglaia, Anysia, Theodora, Polina, Irina, Vasilisa.


Agnia, Xenia, Inna, Rimma, Evdokia, Anna, Agafya, Efrosinya, Maria, Zoya, Svetlana, Valentina, Christina Marfa, Aksinya, Pavel, Anastasia, Theodora, Veronika.


Antonina, Marianna, Theodora, Regina, Evdokia, Marina, Margarita, Uliana, Anastasia, Galina, Christina, Christina, Cyrus, Vasilisa, Iraida, Nika.


Anna, Daria, Alexandra, Claudia, Svetlana, Uliana, Theodosia, Lydia, Praskovia, Alla, Larisa, Irina, Galina, Anastasia, Vasilisa, Maria, Tamara, Eva, Susanna, Nika, Sofia.


Alexandra, Valentina, Elizaveta, Maria, Kristina, Zoya, Irina, Taisiya, Glyceria, Muza, Claudia, Faina, Julia, Susanna, Tamara, Evdokia, Euphrosyne.


Alain, Nelly, Sophia, Helen, Euphrosyne, Theodosius, Ulyana, Valeria, Maria, Kira, Antonina, Claudia, Christina, Akulina, Anna, Thekla, Kaleria.


Angelina, Inna, Uliana, Evdokia, Irina, Zhanna, Efrosinya, Anna, Julianna, Elena, Agrippina, Olga, Maria, Sarah, Valentina, Alevtina, Marina, Margarita, Julia, Rimma, Efimiya.


Anita, Maria, Magdalen, Svetlana, Christina, Anna, Praskovia, Seraphim, Susanna, Valentina, Milena, Evdokia, Nonna, Susanna, Concordia, Uliana, Olympiad.


Anfisa, Natalia, Anna, Rufina, Vasilisa, Nadezhda, Elizaveta, Raisa, Theodora, Domna, Lyudmila, Faith, Love, Sophia.


Ariadne, Irina, Sophia, Euphrosyne, Marianna, Veronica, Pelageya, Taisiya, Anna, Zinaida, Praskovia,

Jonah, Thekla, Virinea, Evlampia, Ustinia, Zlata.


Alena, Glyceria, Elizaveta, Kapitolina, Praskovia, Anastasia, Anna, Elena, Maria, Nelly, Efrosinya, Claudia, Theodore, Matryona, Uliana, Neonila, Zinovia, Natalia, Cleopatra.


Angelina, Augusta, Catherine, Varvara, Anfisa, Anna, Marina, Uliana, Zoya, Cecilia, Olga.

Any parents, when they learn that there will be more than two of them, somehow begin to reflect on the name. Some, especially conscious couples, even try to conceive a child so that he is born under a certain sign of the zodiac. Whenever your baby is born, whatever he would have to be - a Capricorn or weights, think of his name seriously. And then you will tell your little son or daughter how his name was born.

Sacraments are not a set of binding rules that all parents must follow, especially in our time. It's just a chance for some babies to avoid being called Witolds Evgenievich and Rosalie Ivanovna. As the famous psychologist Dale Carnegie wrote: own name for any person - the best, most beautiful and melodious sound in the world. So give your child "his name", which will not spoil his life and career, but, on the contrary, will help!

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