My husband does not understand me. what to do

Increasingly from the female mouth this phrase sounds: "My husband does not understand me!" Let's try to figure out for what reasons such situations arise, and what to do so that the husband begins to understand you.

In fact, it becomes really scary for a woman to become aware of the fact that her beloved man has ceased to understand her. But this was not always the case! What happened? Why does a man suddenly cease to understand a woman, and refuses to compromise?

Why does a husband stop understanding his wife?

The reasons, in fact, not so much. Of course, much depends on the specific situation, and on the person himself. But there are some common cases when a man stops understanding his woman.

  • Man and woman are different creatures. They have completely different views on life. In addition, the opposite sex has a different psychology. Therefore, a man may, in fact, not understand what a woman is trying to tell him.
  • The next reason is not as optimistic as the previous one. It is also possible that your man simply does not want to understand you anymore. He does not bother with thoughts "What did she say and what does it mean?". It is easier for him not to think about your words.

  • It also happens that a woman tells her man about something not directly, but with hints. But men do not always understand the hints. They should receive clear and clear information. Otherwise, it will get stuck on the road, and will not reach understanding.
  • Another option, why the husband does not understand you - it is simply advantageous for him to pretend that he does not understand you. When you say, for example, “What a pretty baby in a stroller!”, He can and understands what you are talking about, but then you have to develop a topic that he may not like. It is much easier to pretend that he does not understand what you are hinting at.

With the reasons of misunderstanding by men of the wives we have understood. Now let's think about what to do in this situation. How to make your husband understand you again?

What should I do to make your husband understand you?

  • First, stop seeing problems in a way where they may not be. Do not wind yourself. If your man did not understand what you wanted to tell him, do not go into hysterics with a cry: "You do not understand me!". Try to bring to him all the information again.
  • Such a situation is possible: you want to see surgical cleanliness at home. For this reason, when you come home from work in the evening, you start attacking your husband because he put a pile of dirty cups in a row and did not even bother to wash. But look at the situation from a different angle. After all, it was YOU, and not him, who wanted purity. And if it is so hard for you to support it, reduce your demands, do what you can do.
  • If you are worried about the fact that the husband does not understand you and does not support you in matters of proper nutrition, then you should know that YOU want to eat right, but not him. It is not necessary to tell your beloved that you are going on a diet, but he should support you momentarily. This is your decision, and he has nothing to do with it.

  • If your husband does not understand you, when you want to discuss your girlfriends, you can understand him. He does not know them as well as you know them. In addition, it’s better if he doesn’t have a desire to discuss your girlfriends, than he will start to raise this topic first.
  • Sometimes you want to indulge in romantic memories of a time when you were not married yet. About your endless walks, about joint sleepless nights. But men do not like to live in the past and to indulge in memories, even when they love a woman.
  • One of the key points for your husband to understand you is to learn to understand him. Do you always listen carefully to what he tells you? Do you always understand what he meant? And, perhaps, your man himself wonders: "Why did my wife stop understanding me?"
  • No need to look for a double meaning in his words. He said what he said. And if it seems to you that he meant something else, directly ask him about it. Then there will be no long suffering with the thought: "What did he mean by that?"
  • Learn to express your own thoughts and feelings. If you always do it right, with time, your man will do the same. Then it will become much easier for you to understand each other.
  • Do not interrupt the husband when he tells you something. Perhaps in a subsequent monologue, he will develop a thought, and you will understand what you did not understand at the beginning.

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You once married this man. And this means that earlier you did not think that your man does not understand you. Try to do some of the steps mentioned in this article, and most likely, mutual understanding will quickly return to your family.

Mutual you love and understanding!

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