Misunderstanding in a relationship

How everything is well with you! Your relationship is definitely love. You are in complete harmony with each other, helping with everything, sharing secrets. Every new day is not a bit like the previous one. He is so caring, he wants to help you with everything, always near you, when it’s sad, and when it’s joyful, it will gladly take part in your fun. It is a pity that all this is only a dream. In fact, in your relationship a lot of problems.

What is a crisis of misunderstanding in a relationship?

Once, however, not so long ago, everything was really fine with you. Friends simply prayed to your couple, enemies envied, and strangers around you could not hold back the smiles when you went with him by the hand along the city alley. What happened? Now, the former burning feelings have replaced the habit, you live side by side, you see it day after day, but there is no intimacy between you. Everything became trivial and tired to death. In psychology, this problem of couples is called the "misunderstanding crisis." Most often it occurs during long-term relationships. After all, gradually our feelings are transformed. Sympathy turns into love, love of love. Where love as a bright and passionate feeling becomes obsolete, a habit appears. Habit is a terrible condition that prevents us from choosing freely.

In fact, it is very scary and unpleasant to live with a person to whom there is no feeling, but a habit. However, the crisis is not always associated with this. Love does not have to fade away. Perhaps you are just a little tired of each other, of being together all the time. It's not scary, but unpleasant. Another reason may be constantly recurring events in which there is no diversity. Every day you have the same thing. As you could understand, many of the causes of the crisis are "cured." However, it is not easy enough and requires your strength of mind and endurance.

How to deal with misunderstanding in a relationship?

Admittedly, women are prone to haste in a relationship. Especially the code business concerns a wedding or cohabitation. If you don't want misunderstanding, don't push your man. Such conversations unnerve men, put them in a dead end. Indeed, often a man also wants to live with you rather, rejoice and worry together, but he is simply not ready for it. As a result, when you constantly remind you of what he cannot do, the man begins to lose his temper and only further away from you further and further. Think, maybe you should "loosen the grip" and everything will immediately become as before.

Often we do not take into account that men are big children. We do not like it when a loved one goes to play football with fellow students, prefers to meet with you (even though the latter was a few hours ago) war with a childhood friend, prefers to drink beer in a cafe with a friend, but does not go with you to buy some asparagus . If you don't want misunderstanding, do not restrict his freedom. Of course, you should not bring to the point of absurdity and accompany him to have fun with another girl, but at least in some trifles and codices should not be limited to it. Well, if you really need to meet on the very day when football is scheduled, just agree on what time it will be most convenient for him and you to cross. Or try asking him to watch football as he plays.

For every normal man, his family is holy. Whatever dad, mom, sisters and brothers, he loves them. Therefore, if you do not want a misunderstanding,do not judge members of his family. He himself can complain about them as much as he wants, tell him that they are all tired of them and so on. Your position should be credibility. Try to support the chosen one simply with common phrases that will be difficult to “stick” to the conviction of the persons listed by him. Well, if you find a way to distract him from dark thoughts. If the relationship with his family develops just fine, but you didn’t like someone, you shouldn’t talk about it persistently. Nobody forces you to communicate with an unpleasant person. Be smarter, restrain yourself.

Relationships are always hard. Each person is an individual, and in a relationship you have to adjust a little to someone else. Remember that your chosen one should appreciate what you are doing for him, otherwise you should not make a relationship with him and even more so adjust.

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