Men's weakness

"Football, cars, women" is a homogeneous series that has become an axiom, referring to men as the notorious "cinema, wine, dominoes". For the passion for football and for other "sins" we blame our men for what it is worth. Is it deserved? Yes, we are extremely annoyed when a loved one sits in front of the TV for hours, shouting something ominous to poor soccer players. Or when he stays in his garage for days, going through some motors and other things that are not clear to us, we also get psychotic, but it never occurs to us that for most men such a pastime as air is vital. And these are not at all shortcomings, but simply men's weakness. Yes, weakness, as paradoxical as it may sound with respect to the stronger sex. And we, women, as a wise man, should understand the call of a man of nature with understanding!

Dear "toys" men

In men is greatpassion for expensive cars. Men are the same children, only their toys are bigger and more expensive - did you have to hear that? Of course! And I also had to notice how a good half of his salary goes to “lotions” for a “swallow” ... What to do is a man without his car, like a bird without wings — neither self-confidence nor sense of freedom.

And all equipment for fishing and hunting? More than once, probably, these husbands' hobbies cursed when fishing gear fell from the mezzanine on your head. But what can you do, primitive instincts make themselves felt - to drive a mammoth or to catch a crucian is not important, it’s not the result that matters, but the process itself. This is a strong sex in the blood, you need to accept, because against nature, as they say, you will not trample.

From the hobby hobby follows fascination with different types of weapons: cold, firearms, as well as his collecting. A man just give way - he will live in an arms shop, and sleep in an embrace with some Makarov, or rather, with his gun. Here he is with a courageous look with a sword with his sword, and here he gently strokes it, like a native creature. What can you say? Weakness, the usual male weakness associated with the desire to be a hero, protector, hope and support. The same reason and the weakness of most men to view militants with countless bloody scenes and demonstration of fighting techniques. They seem to represent themselves as the main character, the savior of the world, as we sometimes imagine ourselves in the place of the main character of the melodrama.

Arsenal of tools - the weakness of a real man

Have you noticed that your beloved has a bunch of wrenches, hammers, hatchets, drills and jigsaws? Moreover, the presence of all this in the arsenal of a man is in no way connected with the degree of his “hand”. That is to love everyone tools and working with them are different things. They buy them, put them in boxes, or place them on special racks in the garage, and then gladly sort them out, put them out, wipe them ...

Male attachment to old things

Speaking of racks and drawers ... Old things Is your guy crammed with all these pieces of furniture? He does not wear them for a long time, but does not give them away? This is another weakness inherent in men. On a subconscious level, they believe that "once in these pants and won in that T-shirt, lucky, they should be kept as talismans, they bring good luck." In some ways they are right, because if you believe in something, then setting up a success will help. Therefore, well, select your favorite pair of shelves in the closet, and let them keep their “talismans” there as necessary.

As for football, this is also a weakness, as for us, TV shows with a thousand seasons, but beer and roaches are inalienable attributes for watching matches, they do not belong to weaknesses, this is a pernicious habit. So on this occasion, you can make some noise and make some noise.

In general, you need to be smarter and try to treat the weaknesses of the beloved with understanding. Try to show at least a little interest in his hobbies, and then you will become his main weakness!

Be wiser, love yourself and loved ones near you, understand and take care of them!

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