Men's fears

Men are the stronger sex, defenders of the fatherland, and indeed hope and support. What fears can they have? But no ... Men are also people, therefore fear is also known to them. We, as a weak, but wise sex, of course, after reading this article, we will not run to tell our faithful that we now know what he is most afraid of, but take this information into our notes and observe “from ambush” and act neatly. We will not pull and start! So, men's fears.

Main male fears

  • The most important male fear is known to most women firsthand. Well, who did not laugh at the jokes about how a man suffered a fiasco in bed? Yes yes exactly sexual insolvency men fear most in the world. If this happened to them at least once, then everything ... The fear that failure will happen again will always haunt them. They do not know, stupid, that these fears often spoil everything.
  • Unplanned pregnancy partner- akin to the Apocalypse ... Oh, how they are afraid of the phrase "you will soon become a dad" ... Men at that moment seem to give birth to triplets themselves. After all, the appearance of a kinder for them is equivalent to the loss of freedom, peace, sleep ...

  • For the same reason arises and fear of marriage. To marry is to voluntarily put on the shackles of family ties. Neither came when you wanted, nor overnight fishing, nor flirting with a secretary ...
  • But if the stamp in the passport still appeared, the fear of marriage changes to the fear of losing male authority. Earn less wife - what a horror!
  • From this smoothly follows the fear of being abandoned and stay alone.
  • And finally, global fear, even phobia - to live life in vain.

Small fears of men

  • These are fears make a declaration of love and be worse than your ex-boyfriend. For example, what does IT say if I don’t get a shelf? Reproach? Remember your Vasya, the wizard? Etc.
  • In their erotic fantasies, guys imagine fervent nurses ... And when they meet with them in their natural habitat, in the clinic, then there is no need for eroticism ... The syringe in their hands is worse than the Jedi sword ... In general, lovely ladies, our dear men They are afraid of injections, blood donation, and in general any other tests. Take note of this and carefully prepare the ground before sowing the seed of fear in the soul of your beloved before going to the hospital.

  • Baldness, growing a belly like that of his father, and others who are not the best qualities of their parents are afraid of inheriting men. From the age of fifteen they are so afraid of losing their hair, they are so shaking over their hair that by the age of twenty-five they fall out on nerve soil. And with what trembling centimeters their bellies ...
  • Even sometimes there are such fears as the fear of changing diapers for children, keeping babies in their arms ... But alongside a wise woman, these fears disappear.

Well, here we are a little bit and shed light on what our men are afraid of. But only tssss ... They are not words! To learn how to help your man fight fear, read the article Fears of Men in Relationships: Causes and Overcoming.

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