Men's fears in relationships

Some women do not even think that men can have fears, and almost every man has them. And although men rarely talk about it, their own fears constantly haunt them. Fears are the result of complexes and are often a stumbling block in relationships., but you can fight them, the main thing is to know how.

Male wedding fear

As soon as it comes to the wedding, the man immediately presents a terrible picture of family life - a wife in hair curlers, Sunday trips for relatives and a huge burden of responsibility that falls on his shoulders. He thinks that he will no longer be able to sit quietly with friends in his free time, and with the birth of a child, he will have to forget about the parties at all.

How to deal with such fear? Show your man that marriage has its advantages, you will become husband and wife and you can always receive support and care from each other, give tenderness and love, and family responsibilities can be distributed so that no misunderstandings arise. But of course there are everyday concerns in marriage, from which one cannot get away, but if there is love, then all these concerns become even a joy.

Fear of failure in bed

Any man wants to look like a lover hero in the eyes of a woman, and not to those about whom various scornful stories go, so he is afraid to disappoint a woman in bed. Such fear can arise for various reasons - from the experience of past failures or simply from self-doubt. Such fear is usually expressed harmlessly and even benefits the man; he tries to maximize his sexual qualities in bed, but sometimes against the background of such fear, sexual impotence can also occur. In this case, a woman should not focus on this, but rather make the man understand that she is happy with everything. It’s trivial, but to overcome such fear, tell the man more often that he is your best lover. Even if this is not the case, flattering is not at all difficult.

Fear of "losing" the former of his girlfriend

All men are rivals by nature and it is important for them to be better than others, especially when it comes to their former girlfriend. What is there to do? Oh, nothing, just don’t mention your ex with him, much less say that they were superior to him in some way.

Fear of sexual disease

Few men engage in unprotected sex unless it is sex with a non-regular partner. And this is rather not fear, and not meticulousness, but concern for one's health, and there is nothing abnormal in this. Therefore, it is not surprising if your new partner raises the issue of protection; rather, on the contrary, it characterizes him as a responsible and serious man.

Fear of a sudden pregnancy girl

Any man understands that once he will have to have a family and children, but all this seems to him somewhere in the distant future. And at the moment a man is afraid of being unprepared for such an event as an unplanned pregnancy. It is only for the girl to report that she has a two-week delay, malaise and increased appetite, as he immediately changes his face. You should not joke with your man like that, but if you don’t want the news of the pregnancy to catch you by surprise, nobody has canceled the means of protection.

Fear of disapproval of mom

There are moms who are very long retain influence on their sons. They tell them what to do, where to work and with whom to meet. And often men who are very attached to their mother are afraid to get her disapproval of one or another act. This is certainly an unhealthy situation when a man goes through life, adhering not to his views, but to the views of his mother. But what to do if you get just such a copy and you love it no matter what?

There are many options for action, and much depends on the situation. You can try not to react to the opposition of his mother and the fact that your man puts her opinion above your own relationships, it is possible that in response to your inaction, your mother will simply calm down, because she will have no one to fight the war with. And you can try to put your chosen one before the choice, or my opinion, or the opinion of my mother, maybe even then he will think that he may lose you.

Fear of making less spouse

Now no one is surprised that women earn on a par with men, and even sometimes more. They are not surprised if this does not concern themselves, but only in a nightmare a man can imagine that his companion is earning more. It puts pressure on him every day and infringes upon his dignity. What is the way out? Or to motivate a husband to find a better paying job, or to accept the fact that past standards have long lost their meaning and in a family it is not necessary for a husband to earn more, show him that the amount of his salary does not affect your attitude and love for him.

Fear of confessing love

It is terrible for both men and women to confess their feelings, but what if they do not reciprocate. But for men, it is even more terrible to do this, if only because it’s accepted that they should be the first to confess their love and, moreover, such words are a feature after which your relationship moves to a new, more serious stage. You can help your companion say a love confession if you yourself hint to him that your feelings are quite sincere.

Male fear of breaking relationships

All this comes from self-doubt, or from the over-importance of another person, then the fear of losing his beloved seizes a man. But such thoughts attract such behavior and a man becomes a henpecked, does everything to satisfy the needs of his girlfriend, but does he think that such sacrifices are not always necessary for a girl? Here it is important to make it clear to the man that you appreciate him and what he does for you, but in the relationship you need a balance of "hot-cold". Of course you don't have to say this directly, you can just hint.

How many men, so many fears. A woman can help a man overcome his fears, but the main thing is to take a man with all the flaws, complexes and fears, then your companion will be honest and open with you. Learn to listen to him at the right moment, and together you can overcome all fears.

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