Meet his parents

You always thought that meeting with his parents would be in the distant future and you have nothing to worry about. But here your beloved declares that the time has come to introduce you to your parents. Are you shocked by such a statement and do not know how to behave in this case? To begin with, you should be glad, your boyfriend has the most serious intentions in your direction, and even if there was no official proposal to marry, it is waiting for you in the near future. At such a moment, it is worth considering whether you see this man as your future husband, ready to share life with him and raise children? If not, then there is no need to make acquaintance, you can tactfully refuse it. But if your answer is without a shadow of a doubt, yes, then of course you need to meet his parents and make a very good impression on them. How to do this, read our advice!

It is important to win the sympathy of his mother

Of course, you shouldn’t forget about his dad either, but nevertheless mom plays a crucial role in the assessment of the future daughter-in-law, so you should like her. Remember, what girls love moms? That's right, modest, decent and educated, even if you are not a modest girl, then try to at least seem like that. But without overdoing, a strong play will be immediately noticed by the stern mother.

Do not rush to make gifts

The first acquaintance - this is not the case when you need all zadarivat. It may seem to your parents as a swooping in front of them, or they will think that this is how you try to disguise possible flaws in yourself and start looking for them in you. In addition, you still do not know their tastes and preferences and you just can not guess with the choice of a gift. And then the future mother-in-law may find you a tasteless girl or a squander who spends money unreasonably. So it is better to leave the idea with gifts for the times when you get better acquainted with the family of your young man.

Smile more

Who would love the sister-in-law entering the house with a sullen expression on his face and looking around displeasedly? Of course, no one, therefore, as soon as you enter the house, immediately smile and throughout the course of your acquaintance, pretend that it is incredibly pleasant for you to be in this society. You may meet a little officially, but in this case do not get lost, and continue to keep warm and smiling. Very often, insidious parents specially arrange a test of strength in the form of a harsh meeting, so, no matter how tricky questions they ask you, no matter how much they look, be nice and friendly. But of course, frank rudeness in your address should not be tolerated either (unfortunately, this also happens if the bride doesn’t like the bride of her son at first sight).

Take care

After introducing each other, the whole family will sit back in their seats at the table. Here it is also worth remembering some points. If the table is not completely covered, be sure to offer your assistance in cooking and after the end of the evening, offer to make up the dishes. During the feast, do not drink with the men, one or two glasses of wine is enough, and then give up alcohol, saying that you practically do not take alcohol. At the table, pay attention to your beloved, carefully ask him what to give him. Your boyfriend’s mom will definitely appreciate this, and will understand that her child passes into reliable hands after her.

Praise the mistress for a delicious table

Be sure to note how everything is delicious and neatly cooked. But do it without sweet flattery, there’s no need to extol even chicken in the soup, it is enough just to say that you liked it very much and ask for the recipe of one favorite dish. So strict mother will see that you are interested in cooking, and this is only a plus in your direction. And of course, this will emphasize her culinary skills, and this is an important compliment for any hostess.

Emphasize Husband

Still, the man in the family is the main one, and you have to show it. When you are asked about future plans, give answers so that they directly intersect with the plans of your future husband. And from such moments as, for example, that you often like to spend the night with your girlfriend or go alone on business trips - it is better to remain silent so as not to injure his mother’s psyche with terrible pictures of his wife’s debauchery, which can be drawn in her imagination.

Do not say bad things about your family

You are sure to be asked about your family, here tell only the good, and keep the bad with you. Emphasize what wonderful parents you have and you would love to meet two families.

Be careful of what you say.

You can inadvertently blurt out something, and the mother-in-law will be offended, and the relationship will be strained. Therefore, be careful, for example, when viewing family photos, do not even think about it: “You were so beautiful in your youth.” Such a statement implies irretrievably gone youth and beauty.

The main thing is not to worry much about the upcoming acquaintance, most likely your future mother-in-law is not an evil shrew at all, but a loving mother who is also worried before meeting with you. Try to talk to her on simple women's topics, for sure you will find a common language. Any mother always recognizes the true attitude towards her son, and if she sees that you really love him, she will easily forgive you for many flaws. Well, after dating, it's time for you to think about the next joint meetings!

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