Means of savings when buying children's things

When a child enters the family, expenses grow exponentially. Sometimes there comes a time when you need to save money. What can you save your expenses on?

  • Shopping in second-hand.
  • View interesting ads.
  • Purchases on sales.
  • Orders in online stores.

Many things you can buy already used. These include:

  • Clothes (except underwear).
  • Furniture: cot, playpen, changing table, children's high chair.
  • Stroller, bike, scooter.
  • Car seat.

Clothes in second-hand

To buy second-hand things worn by another unknown person, you need to carefully: not only look at the general condition, but also on the presence of barely visible stains, tissue damage. It is better not to take things in bad condition, because the restoration may take more time and effort than to find a better option for the same price.

Purchase by ad or online store

Many sites on the Internet now provide this service. You can choose your favorite item from the photo on the site. Plus: you can find things that were practically unused, but at a reasonable price. Minus: the right thing can not be found immediately, and the seller from another city will cause fear rather than trust.

The best advice is to pay for the goods upon receipt. Due to this, you can avoid fraud by unscrupulous sellers.


It is very profitable to buy clothes and goods for children in retail stores at sales. Undoubtedly, it will be a bit more expensive compared to market offers. But the high quality of the product will become a more profitable investment than one-time dubious savings.

Large children's stores often sell off some products at a significant discount. A significant drawback is the time spent on constant shopping. In addition, on sales, the choice of things is very limited.

Communication with friends

In this case, a double situation arises: on the one hand, a concession from a familiar person is expected, on the other - no one has repealed the laws of the market. And sometimes it is quite difficult to refuse a loved one just because the goods turned out to be of inadequate quality. Therefore, this method of economy should be treated with "caution": as if later it did not back up the deterioration of relations ...

Bulky items

Furniture and stroller should not be broken. Since the best repair will not be able to restore the original characteristics of the item. And if the cabinet structure is more or less clear, and its reliability can be checked visually, that is, it is worth revising several times.

  • Baby car seat after the accident significantly reduces its protective properties. Check the quality of seat belts, all mounts.
  • In the former wheelchair wheels can barely stay on the axis. This may be due to the residence of parents in rural areas or careless driving up the stairs and bumps. Carefully inspect the joints of the wheels, not only in the stroller, but also in the bicycle, moped, scooter.

There are things that you should buy only new:

  • Hygiene items: toothbrushes, washcloths.
  • Footwear.
  • Underwear.
  • Bed linen, towels.
  • Nipples, bottles for food.
  • Children's mattress.

Everything that directly concerns the body of your baby should be new and preferably of good quality. Everyone knows that through these items you can easily become infected with a disease. To avoid this, do not use someone else's toothbrushes, towels, nipples, linens. But the use of someone else's shoes can lead to incorrect formation of the foot.

Discretion and attention to shopping, careful selection of the store and the seller will help you save your budget.

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