Maternal love - what are its consequences

Today, many women give birth at a still young age. They do not understand that they are taking a huge responsibility. No, not material! And the responsibility for a new life and the formation of Love in a new man, because ALL of his further fate depends on how the mother loves her child. And what is the "right to love" your child? Has anyone told us about this? Not. Only our parents loved us and only by their example can we do how they ... and who taught them?

Let's figure it out. After all, everyone loves in different ways. Someone loves ardently and passionately, someone is calm, someone is too intrusive. All express their feelings differently. Someone through words, someone through gifts, someone through actions, and someone does not know how to express them at all (although they are somewhere deep in the heart). How did they love you?

Types of Maternal Love

  • Material love

In this way, the mother thinks that if she washes, feeds the child, changes diapers, bathes, caresses diapers, carries them to the doctors, it means that she loves him. She buys him things, beautiful clothes, buys everything you need. But at this level of life, her love ends (she does not know how to express it differently).

As a result of such love, people grow up seeking material values ​​and for them the lack of money and poverty are equal to the absence of love. If this is a daughter, then she is looking for a rich man who can also love her as her mother loved. But there is a reverse case: she starts protesting against money and finds a poor husband and suffers all her life because she denies money and is sure that where there is money there is no love, because mother gave her a perfect example of material care, not knowing how to express her feelings otherwise .

And if this is a son, then he believes that without money no one will love him, because money for him becomes almost equivalent to the word Love. When he has a lot of money, he thinks that he can buy everything and everyone. And he suffers himself, saying that everyone needs only money from him, but he wants to be loved just ... just like he doesn’t know how to love.

  • Spiritual love

Here the situation is completely opposite. Such a mother does everything with love and warmth of the soul. She feeds the child, putting her love, she sings lullabies (thinking not about how tired she wants to sleep), with love, she does not move away from the baby, because she knows and understands that the further life of the child depends on her behavior. For now - the whole world for him is She. And if she gives the baby love, he will understand that the whole world loves him and in the future everything will be easy for him. And then he can love someone when he grows up. And also disinterestedly give your love to the second half. And, as you know, true love will never be left unanswered. It is like a child's smile, an Angel's smile ... if you see her, then it is impossible not to smile back at him!

She will never allow me to say or do something bad to the baby, lose my temper, shout or hit. She only gives love, how a real woman should behave. (should bring a man).

  • Strong and passionate love

Under it means excessive care and custody. Before going out on the street, the mother puts three hats on the child, wraps it in five diapers, and then wonders why, at the slightest breeze, the baby blows and he is sick. In a house with such a mom, when the baby sleeps, everyone is immersed in complete silence (God forbid to wake him up!), The baby becomes very demanding and at the same time weak and not independent. And when he grows up, he faces a "cruel" reality, because no one in the world will run after him and blow away dust particles just like that. As a result, such a person is looking for a loved one (favorite) who will continue to function as a mother. Instead of becoming independent. Or it remains to live with the mother until old age and there is no personal life (love) ...

Or runs away from such a mother and the sooner the better. To finally become independent and happy!

  • Cold love

This is the love of a mother who is busy with something. She takes care of the child, but for a long time leaves him alone. Provided to himself. Such love has very contradictory results. On the one hand, the baby feels abandoned and lonely. But on the other hand, he early becomes independent, mother does not impose his false beliefs on him and he grows by himself. But then it is difficult for him to show his feelings, since he did not see how their mother manifests. Such a person realizes himself in those areas where there is recognition and a lot of attention. He asserts himself in society, compensating for the fact that he was not given at home.

And it also happens ...

That love for a child does not arise ... Why? Because we ourselves do not know what love is. Because the way our parents loved us was not perfect. And we do not know how to behave. We can subconsciously behave like them, (for example, they loved us too much), or take and do the opposite (and behave too cold). But both of these behaviors will not lead to anything good. True love is the golden mean. And you can learn it. Learning to selflessly give your warmth and joy to others.

Remember that you are a whole world for a child, that your every action lays his fate!

It all depends on you, moms. And it depends on you especially the generation of men. And then everyone complains that there are no normal suitors! But masculinity and their success depends on the femininity and love of the mother!

Love your children sincerely and with all your heart and then Angels will grow out of them.

Especially for - Mercury

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