Massage for the little ones

Now pediatricians and neonatologists strongly recommend all moms massage for babies. Someone is offered daily to go to the hospital for a massage, which is extremely inconvenient, someone is offered massage therapists at home, which costs a lot of money. And some moms are looking for advice on the Internet, which is also not very simple in such a huge amount of information. Let's try to deal with this difficult but so important necessity together. What is this baby massage? Why is it necessary? How to properly massage the baby, and at what age to start? The topic is very extensive, but I will not bore you with complex medical descriptions, but I will try to share my personal experience. I will tell about how my daughter and I met and loved such a pleasant thing as a baby massage.

The importance of massage

The pediatrician recommended starting massage with us from 3 weeks of age. And already closer to the second month he advised to try some physical exercises. More on this talk further. To begin with, let's see, why do such a small body massage at all? Closer to the month when the child's body is already a bit stronger, he adapted to the outside world, which is so different from the womb of the mother, he needs to help develop further. In order for all the processes in the body to work, as it should be, the baby feels good, we help him not only with our love, but also physically stimulate the nervous system, develop muscles and influence many of the development processes of each child individually. And also massage gives the baby a pleasant contact with the mother, positive emotions that contribute to the development of the psyche. If the whole importance of the massage is realized by you, then proceed further, but not to the massage itself, but to preparation. After all, so much needs to be taken into account.

General recommendations

First of all, it is important to understand that your baby is not at all the same as that of a girlfriend, a neighbor, or a mother’s friend or mother-in-law. Your child is different. Just because all children are different. All have their own characteristics of development, and the time of development in children is also different.. There are kids moving, and there are calm. There are large ones - they have their own physical features, and there are tiny ones, due to genetic features and heredity. Therefore, for each child should be your approach. And the massage for each need a different one.

With my daughter, I decided not to rush to do everything that is written on the Internet, and to invite a professional to the first session. An experienced masseuse explained to me in detail how to properly massage the child and what exactly my baby needs. And then I already managed on my own. And I must say, this is a very good experience. Many mothers, especially with the first child, are very afraid not to take it that way, to hurt, to push too hard - there are a lot of nuances. And when a good specialist was doing his job with quality, I felt calm for the child, and at the same time I carefully memorized everything I see.

Basic tips with which to start any massage:

  • The temperature in the room where you are massaging the baby should be comfortable for your baby. After all, during the massage, he is completely undressed and open. And after exercise his body is warmed up. Therefore, do not allow drafts, but avoid stuffiness too.
  • Massage should be done on a hard surface, not on a soft sofa or bed. If you massage the child on the table, be sure to put a blanket on the table, then an oilcloth, just in case, and a clean diaper on top.
  • To feed the child right before the massage is not worth it. Agree, who is pleased with a full stomach to do exercise? After feeding the child, wait at least 30 minutes, and only then proceed. Immediately after the massage, too, should not feed the baby. Let him rest for about forty minutes.

  • Use baby oil that does not cause irritation and allergic reactions. Oil is needed not very much, only so that the hands are not dry and easily slid on the skin of the baby.
  • Hands should be perfectly clean when you massage the baby. But it will not be superfluous to remind you that nails should be cut short so as not to scratch the baby. Rings, watches and bracelets are also removed. Be sure to rub your hands together so that they are not cold.
  • During the massage, the baby should lie with its legs towards you.
  • During the massage, be sure to talk with the child, amuse it, soothe your voice. Because for many children, unaccustomed physical actions cause discomfort. Turn the massage into the game.
  • For infants, the regime and systematic nature of everything that happens to them is very important. Therefore, massage should be every day at the same time.
  • The very first massage is 7 minutes, no more. Then, every one and a half to two weeks, we extend it for about a minute, so that by the 5th month the baby gets a full massage for 15-20 minutes.
  • Immediately after the massage, do not rush to dress the child, but simply cover the sheet and let it rest for about 20 minutes.

On the stages of massage, read the article Massage for the youngest: stages.

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